After a few years off of the Daily Kos ChitChat, I decided it was time to once again voice my observations. (before I really take it out on an unsuspecting bystander.)

So to begin with, being an old white dude, I should start by asking " what the hell is up with the old white dudes?".

Back when we were not old white dudes but just dudes we were a bit more amiable, even when discussing big issues such as the Viet Nam war and Civil Rights. With some exceptions we did actually have conversations and, again with some exception, did not resort to name calling, and  actually got something done for the greater good. We had huge goals, great callings and enormous challenges; and we got through it and hopefully moved to a better place.

Somehow, over the years many of those same people have forsaken those lessons learned, those principles of looking out for society as whole, caring for the sick and impoverished and making our government and country a better place than it was yesterday.

Representation is no longer of, for and by the people but by and for special interest. Hating what you don't like or understand is the new normal as opposed to finding acceptance.

Being a christian (small c intentional) has become synonymous with hate rather than love. Being a patriot is synonymous with hating everyone who disagrees with you because you have a bigger flag than the actual veteran who knows of what he speaks.

We live in a scary place once again; our government is dysfunctional, our country and its people (remember 'we the people'?) are is disrepair. The world is still a threatening place and I fear that the current crop of leaders we have to rely upon are too busy thumping their collective chests and not up to the job of saving the union.  

So, my friends, I ask you WTF happened.