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Zersetzen was developed by the former East German secret police (the STASI) to persecute dissidents. Today some of our own Spy Agencies (including Canada’s CSIS and the UK’s MI5 / MI6) are using Zersetzen techniques to bully innocent citizens and whistleblowers for private power elites – and in situations that have nothing whatsoever to do with national security.

Sometimes called Cointelpro or No-touch torture, Zersetzen combines character assassination and slander with intimidation, harassment, surveillance, cyberbullying and threats. It is designed to cause “severe and prolonged” suffering and to “poison every aspect of a person’s life”

Watch this VIDEO for a blueprint on Zersetzen:

Included in this Video are the actual training slides (leaked from a UK Intelligence organization) that they use to train their Operatives in Zersetzen. As you can see, the slides clearly show that the stated objective of a “Zersetzen” persecution is, in their own words, to create “Physiological, Cognitive and Affective stress” using techniques (again in their own words) that are designed to “Destroy" "Disrupt" and “Discredit” their targeted victim.

This is the language of a Stasi or a Gestapo! It is the language of a Secret Police! it is not the language of state agencies that are supposed to defend democracy and adhere to the rule of law. It is a growing international problem. These USA, UK and Canadian Spy Agencies all work together under the 5-Eyes intelligence agreements.

Watch this Video and you will see 100 reasons why we need better control over our Spy agencies.

Roderick Russell


Watch the Video


Threats in the name of His Royal Highness, a car rammed into our house, and menacing phone-calls to our children –  This all happened to my wife and I following a meeting we had back in 2005 with journalists from the Guardian at their office in Manchester, England.

We had gone to the Guardian with evidence that the UK’s Spy Agencies (MI5 & MI6) were being used by power elites to intimidate and harass innocent citizens, and that a UK Government Minister was covering-it-up. Shockingly, it seems to us that the harassment that followed this meeting occurred because the Guardian itself, or an employee, had fingered us to the security agencies.

Recently some of the Guardian’s readers have voiced their surprise at its hostile attitude on so many of the issues that they believe a truly “liberal” paper should actually be supportive of – For example, the Guardian’s extraordinarily negative reporting on Wikileaks just says it all.

We wondered if our experiences might help explain some of the contradictions between what so many readers expect from the Guardian, and what is actually being delivered. Of course it’s well known that in the UK there is collusion between the mainstream media in general and power. But, our personal experiences with the Guardian also suggest another answer – the Guardian is too close to British intelligence.

UK Media - Censored by Power-Elites & MI5 / MI6

For years the UK mainstream media has had an all too cozy relationship with MI5 and MI6, the UK’s secret security / intelligence agencies. It’s not a right-wing or a left-wing issue; it’s across the board.

As a whistleblower said about MI6: they are “running a spy in every newsroom.” And that’s how fascism develops. It is not just brown shirts and bullying thugs on the street – it’s power-elites who get above the law, who can hijack control of the security / intelligence apparatus and use that power to neuter the mainstream media. Off course the mainstream media is the key thing here, it is the vehicle that allows the political status quo to continue. If the big papers and TV stations deliver the same key messages, then the bulk of people will believe them. Not just those who would have fit George Orwell’s description of a “Prole”, but a fair few supposedly intelligent people as well. Control of the mainstream media really is crucial.

In Britain, where the Guardian is based, the secret intelligence service - known as MI6 (UK equivalent of the CIA) - even has a special unit called “I/Ops” whose purpose is to manipulate and control the media. But don’t take my word for it; here is what knowledgeable experts on both the left and the right of the media have said about censorship in the UK:

Rupert Murdoch recently tweeted “no such thing as free press in UK”.
David Leigh of the Guardian wrote in British Journalism Review Vol. 11, No 2, 2000 –  “British journalists - and British Journals - are being manipulated by the secret intelligence agencies" … “The truth is that they [i.e. MI6’s I/Ops unit] are very deliberately seeking to control us”.
In 2002, the Guardian quoted London-based publicist Max Clifford saying – “I censor things as well… For every story I break, I stop a dozen”. This September, the Economist quoted Mr. Clifford saying - “It’s much easier to stop stories these days … Stories which ought to be coming out, in the public interest, aren’t”
One suspects that these relationships between UK journalists and their security services are usually nothing too sinister – a few nice lunches, MI5/MI6 written articles and leaks that make a journalist look good, a little extra money, a nod ahead for one’s career for those who play ball with the security agencies, etc.. And for those who don’t play ball? – Well, perhaps they find their career stagnates - though a full blown Zersetzen persecution can result for those who really scare the security agencies.

Denis Lehane’s persecution at the hand of the secret security agencies is described in his book “Unperson a Life Destroyed”. He was a rising journalist who allegedly refused to work undercover for the CIA and MI5 who, in revenge, spread false rumours that he was “insane, an alcoholic and a serial rapist”. Ultimately they got him wrongly locked up in a lunatic asylum. When top journalist Philip Knightley (twice UK Journalist of the Year) penned an article about Lehane’s experiences, the Guardian refused to publish it.

Zersetzen, also called Cointelpro - Lies, Intimidation, Threats

It all started for us when I chose to leave Grosvenor International, a company –  with joint head offices then in San Francisco and Vancouver, Canada –  that was both owned and managed by power elites that are, for example, very close to Prince Charles.  To my surprise I found myself unable to get further employment in Canada where I was based. I had been blacklisted. Over ten years later, perhaps to get me to shut-up, a campaign of harassment began: vehicles driven at me, computers wrecked, threatening phone-calls, surveillance, phone taps, mail intercepts, shots fired, overt stalking , etc. – much of it witnessed by third parties.

Eventually I fled to the UK to try and put this behind me; only to find that it all got worse. I went through all the normal channels and complained to Police, Politicians without effect. The more I complained, the more it was covered-up, and the more we got threatened. In former East Germany, the secret police, the Stasi called this type of activity Zersetzen. It is also called Cointelpro. I have written a research paper, highlighting our own experience as a case study, which can be viewed on:

Threats Followed Our Meeting at the Guardian

So what happened when we took our story to The Guardian back in 2005? Well, we knew that there was a risk in contacting the media. We had already been threatened not to. So we were very discrete, avoiding email, mail and our own telephones, and keeping our contact to three personal visits and several phone calls from a public phone box.

Our first meeting was with a trainee journalist where we described how our family was being illegally persecuted (Zersetzen) by MI5/MI6, and handed over the documentary evidence that proves that a UK Cabinet Minister was covering it up. The trainee advised us that he would brief a more senior journalist and I know that he passed our documentation on. Two hours later, returning home (March 24, 2005) from The Guardian’s Office, my wife and I were threatened in the name of “His Royal Highness”.

I ignored the threat and continued to contact the Guardian. So a week later my eldest son received a series of very nasty telephone death threats which he recorded (UK police crime number 20/E2/3302/05). Some of these threats include nasty racist and sexual innuendo. Here is an example of some of the milder threats that the police also have a recording of:

“Watch your back” ….. “I’ll rip your F*** head off” ….. “Best prepare for your knee capping. Now F* off” ….. “F* you, you’re F*** dead”
That same night my wife got two weird text messages on her cell phone and 24 hours later, in the middle of the night, a vehicle was smashed into our house in Manchester in which we and two of our children were sleeping. Threatening one’s children is a characteristic of Zersetzen.

Meanwhile our documentation disappeared from the Guardian’s “secure” office in Manchester. A year later, copies of this same documentation would disappear from a Judge’s court papers. Disappearance of documentation is a known hallmark of the UK’s MI5 Security Agency.  This documentation contained a series of letters from UK Cabinet Minister Hazel Blears – politically responsible for MI5 and special branch; basically the UK’s secret police – where her many written excuses for not investigating all contradict each other and are all provably untrue (indeed a courageous Member of the UK Parliament pointed this out to her by letter).

I subsequently met with their then Northern Correspondent, David Ward, and showed him a copy of the letters from Minister Hazel Blears that had disappeared. He told me that he would recommend that an investigative journalist be put on the case. The Editor turned him down

The Guardian - Just too close to British intelligence

As Hugo Young, former Chief at the Guardian / Observer newspapers said of Britain’s Spy agency MI6 - “They are not afraid to announce their central role in government.” In the UK there are no constitutional provisions for freedom of speech and the powers of the Crown (i.e. State) are so ill defined that MI5 / MI6 can operate with impunity as a secret police above the law. As others have reported, politicians in the UK are scared of their own security / intelligence apparatus; so there is also a lack of competent political oversight of these agencies.

My personal involvement with the Guardian was solely because, through no fault of my own, my family had been targeted illegally for a Cointelpro / Zersetzen style persecution by power elites.  Naively, I believed that the Media would have a strong interest - indeed a duty - in reporting serious infractions in rule of law, particularly where a Cabinet Minister was involved in a cover-up. It is a sad reflection on society today that it is not the corrupt who get attacked but those who expose the corruption.

As Noam Chomsky stated: ‘The basic principle, rarely violated, is that what conflicts with the requirements of power and privilege does not exist.’

Sadly, it does seem that a hallmark of today’s mainstream media is that, where establishment power elites are involved, journalism is more about propaganda than reporting. Too often our media practices censorship, placing undue deference to authority ahead of truth. Censorship today, and the moulding of public opinion, is not of the blatant kind that it used to be; it is not Völkischer Beobachter - it is far more subtle! But nevertheless, it is clear that the UK’s mainstream media, such as the Guardian, is all too easily censored by the UK’s intelligence agencies.

But the Guardian went further than just censorship with us. The evidence suggests that the Guardian, or someone in their offices, fingered us to the UK’s security / intelligence apparatus and did so in the knowledge that further intimidation and harassment would be a likely result of their actions; which indeed is what happened.

The Guardian did not reply to my emails to their Editor requesting an on-the-record statement about my allegations.


A year ago Sir Jimmy Savile died aged 84.  According to his obituaries in the UK media, Savile had been an iconic British broadcaster, a tireless worker for charity, and a close friend of many of the rich and famous including Prince Charles.  

At the time of Savile’s funeral, the UK Press from the leftwing Guardian to the rightwing Telegraph had eulogised Savile as “a lovely man”, “a national institution”, an “adornment to British public life”, “a friend of royalty and prime ministers” and that “he acted as an unofficial advisor to Prince Charles for several years”. Indeed it was reported that Prince Charles had “lead the tributes to this TV legend”.

As Savile had had written on his tombstone - It was good while it lasted.  But it couldn’t last for ever.

Allegations of Pedophilia

A month ago the media’s story had to change as a flood of allegations accused Savile of being a serial pedophile.  

BBC Presenter Jeremy Vine has described former BBC Presenter Sir Jimmy Savile as “one of the most serious predatory paedophiles in criminal history”. The BBC Director General has made a “heartfelt apology” to the victims, and a senior police officer has described Savile as a “predatory sex offender”.

On Oct 7 2012, the Daily Mirror wrote - “for four decades Savile reportedly molested and raped children as young as nine” because no one stopped him. His high level contacts had made him untouchable.

So untouchable that it is claimed that Savile, and Gary Glitter (jailed for abusing children in Vietnam), allegedly even used Savile’s dressing room at BBC headquarters for alleged sex with underage girls. But it gets worse. Savile was involved in charitable funding of at least six Orphanages, Children’s Homes and Psychiatric hospitals. He kept private rooms at several of these institutions and it is alleged that some of his victims came from these same care institutions.

The Cover-up to Pervert Justice

This story is all over the UK mainstream press and you can Google “Jimmy Savile” to view the horrific details for yourself.

But the story one can’t view in the UK Press is the cover-up amongst elites that protected Savile from justice for over four decades, as the UK press is too scared of its power elites to get into this.

What is surprising is how many people actually complained over the years.

The Daily Mirror records how “Charlotte”, a special needs school student, complained of being sexually assaulted on school grounds by Savile -- She was dragged away, put in an isolation cell, and told to apologize for making the accusations.  Many complained over the decades; yet none were listened to. A former Sunday Express Editor admitted knowing about Savile 45 years ago - and I suspect many other journalists knew as well, as Savile’s pedophilia was somewhat of an open secret.

But complaining was pointless - and perhaps dangerous - because Sir Jimmy Savile was a very well protected man.

No such thing as Free Press in UK - Savile was a protected man

The first question is why didn’t the press do something to expose this monster years ago; after all his offences go back 50 years and many knew about them? The sad fact is that in Britain the rich and powerful get away with almost anything, including pedophilia, and the UK press have long been cowed into submission. Britain’s largest press baron, Rupert Murdoch, confirmed this recently when he tweeted “Needed to demonstrate no such thing as free press in UK”.

Besides Britain’s libel laws are so draconian that they seriously impact freedom of speech and of the press in favour of establishment elites. It wasn’t until Savile died that they were able to pluck up the courage to start printing the long known truth.

There now seems to be witch hunts for scapegoats as power elites try to divert attention from themselves. Firstly it was about Savile: removing his tombstone, cancelling his honors, etc. When that wasn’t enough to satisfy the public ire, the attempts to find scapegoats turned to the media’s failure to report the story, or the police’s failure to investigate.

But increasingly it seems that Savile was a protected man. One senses that the real question should be the role of the Intelligence/Security services [MI5 / MI6 in UK] and establishment elites in the cover-up.

Jimmy Savile, Politicians and Royalty

Sir Jimmy Savile’s extraordinary relationships went indeed into the highest levels of the UK Power Elite. Some of these close relationships have already been described in this article, but there is far more to them than that. Savile was for years a regular guest of Margaret Thatcher at her official country house when she was Prime Minister.

Savile was close to Royalty, as well, and a frequent visitor to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Highgrove (Prince Charles’ estate). Indeed Prince Charles had visited Savile at Savile’s retreat in Glencoe, Scotland. There was even a Christmas card in which the Prince wrote “Jimmy, with affectionate greetings from Charles. Give my love to your ladies in Scotland”.

The Daily Mail reported in 2011 that Savile had “been used as an intermediary in an attempt to resolve the differences” between Charles and Diana. Indeed the late Princess Diana described Savile as a “sort of mentor to Charles”.

Sir Jimmy Savile, Pedophile - Protected by UK Power Elites

With these cosy friendships with top politicians and royalty, no wonder Sir Jimmy Savile felt himself to be above the law in England - and the truth is that he was above the law.

It’s not just the allegations of Pedophilia against Sir Jimmy Savile that are so shocking, but the fact that these crimes appear to have occurred over a 40 year period that makes them even more appalling.

The sad fact is that in the UK and Canada the secret Intelligence/Security Apparatus are known to see part of their role as operating outside the law to illegally protect establishment elites from justice when they do wrong.

BBC Presenters are always vetted by the secret intelligence/security services, and friends of royalty and top politicians are also known to be vetted on a regular basis - Savile was both. So it is inconceivable that MI5/6 were unaware of his pedophilia since it had been going on for so long - theirs was the role that hid the truth and protected Savile from justice.

An Intelligence Service should be about the quiet collection of information and its analysis; its objective should be getting at the truth. Contrast that with a secret police service who are spreaders of lies, harassers, and bullies; their objective is to hide the truth.  My own personal experience is that, in the UK and Canada, the State’s secret intelligence / security apparatus have crossed that line from being honest services that serve the public interest to becoming bully boys for Power Elites.

UK Elites Cover-up Pedophilia using MI5/MI6

Nobody - not the public, not police, not journalists, not the judiciary - would dare report a man who is being illegally protected by MI5 or MI6.

As many have written there are those in MI6 who see their loyalty to be to the Queen and not to Parliament or the government of the day. They see part of their job as protecting Power Elites from themselves. I have written a research paper, based on my own experiences of this, and on a presentation I made at McMaster University on the subject:

It is hard not to opinion that where these UK Elites are involved there is a heedless unconcern for any form of justice. It is even harder not to opinion whether the UK’s Security / Intelligence Apparatus and some of its power elites are fit for purpose.

Sir Jimmy Savile was a serial child abuser who mixed with royalty and politicians, and appears to have been shielded from prosecution by the police, the BBC and the security services. Those who protected him from justice are just as guilty as he was.  


Something has gone very wrong with the secret security / intelligence apparatus in Canada. CSIS is out of control and Canada’s politicians seem too scared of them to ensure proper oversight.  

While it’s true that rules and regulations may bind ordinary citizens, many examples prove that power-elites need not concern themselves with such petty details if they are close to their own security / intelligence agencies. This article describes how, where CSIS is involved, Canada’s entire legal, government and policing system seems to shut down.

A very Orwellian story - when security / intelligence agencies start using Stasi-style secret police tactics against innocent citizens everybody’s liberties are threatened.


A recent disclosure from Wikileaks reports that the Former Director of the Canadian Intelligence Service (CSIS) admitted to a  U.S. official  that CSIS is "vigorously harassing" known Hezbollah members in Canada. At first glance this sounds OK – but lets think about its implications? An honest spy service is about intelligence and information gathering; not torturing, intimidating, harassing, threatening – this is the role of a secret police. Apparently former CSIS Director Judd does not understand that in Canada one is supposed to charge those whom the authorities believe are law breakers; not arbitrarily torture them instead.

CSIS use a no-touch torture technique that was developed by the former Communist East German secret police, the STASI, to persecute dissidents. The Stasi called it Zerzetsen; CSIS calls it "D & D" (disrupt and diffuse). Here is an example of its use against an innocent family in Canada:

Either you believe in Rule of Law and Democracy, or like Canada’s CSIS and the Stasi you don’t.

Roderick Russell


The research paper "ZERZETSEN TORTURE REPORT" provides a blueprint on the illegal use of the "Zerzetsen" no touch torture technique against whistle-blowers and enemies of rogue elements in the establishment elites. The UK’s MI5 and MI6 intelligence agencies, Canada’s CSIS and the CIA today practice Zerzetsen with impunity. Zerzetsen is a process of character assassination and threats – its purpose is to poison every aspect of a person’s life. Click on this URL to view the recently issued Zerzetsen Torture Report:

Zerzetsen, which means "Oppression by systematic decomposition", is not the old fashioned bloodier medieval form of torture, but a more modern Orwellian 1984 equivalent that was developed by the former GDR Secret Police "The STASI" to  cause "severe and prolonged suffering" without leaving marks.

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