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Mon Mar 30, 2015 at 06:15 PM PDT

Facebook and a Transplanted Hoosier

by rodseaney

As a transplanted Hoosier, I finally decided to use Facebook for a mild political statement.

The Pence Hoosier law is about religious power, not religious freedom. Tolerance is not enough for a religious group that wants to dominate future laws and practices. A UCC minister said it some time ago: Such fearful people see their religious liberty at risk because they want status as the official American faith and because they want to bully gays with impunity. (see

I haven't had comments yet, but I'll post them if i get any.


Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 07:42 AM PDT

George Will and the R's Bench

by rodseaney

On Chicago's Very Own WGN News this Monday morning, George Will dutifully plugged his new baseball book A Nice Little Place on the North Side, about the history of Wrigley Field. He was as earnest as a freshman presenting a research paper (did you know that Jack Ruby was a young Wrigley Field vendor?  That Franklin Roosevelt was present when Babe Ruth allegedly called his home-run hit? That the first vines were a species of bittersweet?)

Then Robin Baumgarten asked him if he had any thoughts about the coming presidential election, and he came alive like a grandma with a purse full of pictures.  The Democrats, he said, had Hillary Clinton and no plan B, while the Republicans had a deep bench--of governors.  He even used a map: Scott Walker and Rick Snyder to the north, Kasich to the east, Rick Scott to the south.  (He didn't mention the west--Brownback seems a bit of joke now.)

I like his writing.  He learned his freshman composition well, and uses a graceful style. But he never learned about unsupported generalizations or replacing logic with metaphors.  His bench might fit the old Indianapolis Clowns (my apologies to their former League), but they all hit shallow and to the right.


Fri Jan 24, 2014 at 04:45 PM PST

Four Illinois Gov Hopefuls Debated

by rodseaney

    Last night, Thursday 23 January, the four Republicans running for their primary’s governor nomination debated at WTVP in Peoria.  The debate and live blog comments are available at the Sun-Times site < > and at Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax blog, < >.

The comments there provide more enlightenment than the debaters.

My own comments below the Orange Spaghetti Monster.

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