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I am from a proud military family.  My grandfather, father, and only brother all served, so you know I have deep respect for those who serve our nation in the military and have a determination to see that they are given everything they need in combat and all that they deserve when they return from battle.

Unfortunately, my opponent's record has not been very good on veterans' issues.  According to Project Vote Smart, in the 2006 ranking of Senators by the million member Disabled American Veterans,  Senator Grassley received only 40%, the third lowest score.

More info, and my plan, after the flip.

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We live in a nation where leaders write laws that give corporations tax benefits for shipping our jobs overseas.  

We live in a nation, where, last year, the top 25 hedge fund managers made on average $1 billion -- the combined salary of 20,000 teachers. But teachers pay higher taxes.

We live in a nation, where the average CEO makes 400 times the average worker’s salary. A generation ago, the average CEO made 40 times the average worker's salary.  

We live in a nation where Senator Chuck Grassley wants to give millionaires $300,000 tax breaks. He says it will help improve the economy.  That trickle-down theory just doesn’t work. He said the same thing in 2001 and from 2001 to 2007, the median wage kept dropping.

We live in a country where, unfortunately, patriotism has been hijacked by greed.  

At a press conference yesterday, I proposed three principles that I will work for in the United States Senate.

My plan is after the jump.

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Today, in Sioux City, I'm going to unveil my comprehensive plan to reduce the federal deficit and national debt, but I thought I would post here first.

Like most Iowans -- and Americans-- I am worried about our growing national debt. I have five grandchildren, and I don't want them saddled with the mistakes made during the past decade.  The deficit is also a serious problem.  We must use Iowa common sense.  I want to eliminate the deficit and the national debt, but not on the backs of seniors citizens, middle class families or out of work Iowans.

Senator Grassley has added to the deficit problems by ushering in the Bush tax cuts,fighting two wars off the books, leading the charge on wasteful funding like the "bridge to nowhere", and recklessly voting for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout -- with no strings attached -- to the big bankers who drove our economy off a cliff.

Many politicians today are born-again debt and deficit reducers, and he is is one of them.  

He created this problem and now is trying to point his finger everywhere.  What he should do is look in the mirror.  While he has been tweeting, I have developed a plan to reduce the deficit.

My plan is after the jump.

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For decades, Social Security has served as a safety net for millions of American. This funding lifts seniors, children and persons with disabilities out of poverty. It has become a critical program – speaking to the shared values we, as Americans, stand for: helping others, looking out for our neighbors and for the neediest among us.

I am fundamentally opposed to Chuck Grassley’s extreme plan to privatize Social Security and throw the safety net for hundreds of thousands of Iowans into the reckless hands of Wall Street bankers and I need you to join me in demanding the Deficit Commission stop any plans they have to privatize this program.

Our campaign put this video together to inform people about Grassley's thoughts on Social Security -- It's shocking.

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What's worse than that?

If I am not successful in defeating Sen. Grassley, and at some point over the next six years the GOP reclaims the Senate, he could Chair Judiciary.  

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Despite the enormity of the disaster, the media seem to have forgotten the Gulf Oil Spill. That's a shame, because, on Tuesday, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals reported that 324 people, 241 of them who were involved in the oil spill cleanup itself or offshore work, have reported illnesses related to oil or dispersants used during the cleanup effort in the Gulf.

And these disturbing reports seem eerily familiar to me.

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Can you believe this?  Senator Grassley attacked me yesterday for going to Netroots Nation while he's hosting a $2,500 a plate PAC breakfast fundraiser in Washington.  

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Thanks to all of your of your support, we won our primary last night! It's not just a win for our campaign, it's a win for progressives nationwide. We've earned the right to challenge Chuck Grassley, and together, we're going to give Chuck Grassley the race of his life, fueled by grassroots supporters like you.  

There's so much to do now that the general election has officially begun, but I really wanted to drop by today to say thank you, re-introduce myself, and talk about how we're going to beat Chuck Grassley this November. I'd also love to answer any of your questions and would be very happy to listen to your advice and suggestions, too!

Video of my thank you speech from last night is after the jump.  

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Tue May 25, 2010 at 07:37 AM PDT

IA-SEN: [Video] Our first ad!

by roxanne conlin

I always knew Chuck Grassley was going to be vulnerable, and that the way we’d beat him is to help our fellow Iowans see that he’s not working for them -- but for his Washington lobbyist and corporate friends instead.

Sure, it took a long time for the DC establishment to catch on, but they’ve started to pick up on what’s happening back here in Iowa. Desmoinesdem was on it back in February, and Chuck Grassley’s numbers have been tanking ever since.

He’s starting to notice too.

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They said it couldn’t be done, but this Heartland progressive has pushed Senator Chuck Grassley down to 49 percent, just 9 points ahead of me in a head-to-head matchup.  

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StuHunter has been doing a great job of cataloging the crumbling of the GOP's filibuster on the financial reform bill, but this story is far from over.

And, Chuck Grassley stood right with the rest of the Senate GOP, despite his vote last week on derivatives. Given the millions he's received over the years from Wall Street, we're going to do everything possible to push him into supporting real financial reform.

Video after the flip.

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Yesterday, the U.S. Senate voted 57 – 41 to not even debate reforming our nation’s broken financial system. And you can bet how Chuck Grassley voted after getting millions in political contributions from Wall Street.

He wouldn’t even consider it. Who is he protecting? Who is he listening to?

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