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Sat Nov 22, 2014 at 08:51 AM PST

The can.

by rpape

I have such sympathy for poor republican leaders. Having to speak out of both sides of their mouths has got to be exhausting.  To keep their jobs, they must vote in line with the greedy pigs of the 1%, yet stand guard against the any progressive ideas that will confuse and enrage the red state cattle.
Immigration is the ultimate example of this double edged sword.  Big business relies upon both the purchasing power of all humans, (even immigrants!) as well as the cheap labor they provide.  Our buddy Clint in Alabama however, wants to guard the border himself to keep out illegals.  Clint thinks his family started this country and all others be damned.

So how do they do it?  How do they manage to keep immigrants here while creating an illusion of a tough stance?  Kick the can down the road.  Blame gridlock. Blame bi-partisan bickering.  Blame anyone...just do nothing.  This way the immigrants get to stay without any legislative action that would look progressive.  Perfect!
John Boehner has blocked the house vote on bi-partisan bill for 15 months because he knows it will pass.  This would anger Clint.  Can't anger Clint.  Clint makes up the 45% of the country who vote against their own economic interests.  Clint takes the bait...getting riled up about gay marriage, guns, immigration, the flag, God... anything FOX news plants in his head.  So blame gridlock and a dysfunctional congress...everyone is satisfied.
Unless a president, who actually cares about the quote on the statue of liberty, actually practices christian beliefs and cares about family values, actually practices all the platforms  republicans live by...decides to pick up the can.


Fri Aug 29, 2014 at 08:30 PM PDT

The 10 O'Clock "news"

by rpape

For three consecutive days, I have reluctantly watched the local news in Chicago.  After the inevitable South side shooting report reminds us what animals these people are, the cattle are fed their nightly report on gas prices.  A photo of some unsuspecting dude pumping gas accompanies the Lundberg survey, which indicates gas prices have dropped 3 cents in advance of the holiday weekend.

I can't help but notice today that all four of my local stations have $3.79 proudly displayed on their signs, up from $3.49 just two days ago.  A 25-30 cent increase over 48 hours is the reality while the news reports a drop.  Price gouging, coupled with collusion, is the real story, easily uncovered by any car driving newsroom employee, but actual news cannot disrupt the constant flow of bullshit fed to the undead.

WAKE THE FUCk UP AMERICA.  The "free market" is an illusion.  Each and every day the oligarchs invade our wallets and have us chasing shadows to find the thief.


Mon Aug 11, 2014 at 06:04 AM PDT

Fight the distractions

by rpape

So why aren't more educated Americans talking about the stories we find here at the Daily Kos?  The Oligarchs don't want us interested, or knowledgable, or upset.  Ever wonder why politics and religion were considered taboo at gatherings?  The divide and conquer model that oligarchs use to isolate us would be threatened if more people discussed issues and realized common ground exists on most topics.

So they feed us a continuous stream of nonsense.  Reality shows, sports, Kardashian updates. Enough.

The actual numbers are hard to estimate, but let's call it millions of televisions are set to ESPN, CNN, FOX blindly in bars, restaurants, gyms, lobbies all across this country.  Turn them off.  I have powered down thousands of treadmill TVs spewing nonsense to no one.  I have requested the history channel, TLC, anything other the the Johhny Manzel update or ebola craze.  Upon requesting the channel change, the workers always agree...saying they are tired of the endless mind numbing "news."  But they are directed to set the stations every morning to these specific channels.
The grocery check out line is another problem.  Eye level reports about the break up or weight loss promises or the addiction. Enough.  I turn each magazine around in every aisle I can.
Do the little things.  We are all part of the problem, or part of the solution.


Wed Jul 30, 2014 at 10:43 PM PDT

The Republican Playbook

by rpape

How do they do it?  How has the Republican party withstood 35 years of horrific policies designed to destroy the middle class and erase decades of humanitarian progress?  We must start with election night.  The economic policies of the party only benefit the wealthy.  The low taxes, deregulation and corporate pandering brings out the 5% of voters willing to punch the ticket likely to fatten their wallets. But 5% doesn't win on election night, so the focus shifts to Clint in Alabama.  See the oligarchs know Clint would rather work in a asbestos lined coal mine for $2 an hour before ever voting democrat and because Clint has been given only two choices, the decision is ironically a no-brainer.  Clint hates democrats.  See the democrats are made up of minorities, immigrants, gays, welfare recipients and government lovers.  Republicans support guns, god, capitalism, the free market (Clint doesn't know what this is but it sounds American),  the flag, war and oil for his pick up truck.  Forget about economic policies, Clint wants America to look like him.  To him, privatization is a military rank, and trade policies must involve Nick Saban.  Americans should be white, straight, god-fearing gun owners.  Period.
The Republican elite doesn't care about any of the issues dear to Clint's heart.  You think the Koch's care about abortion?  Or Sheldon Adelson is an active NRA member?  Think Sarah Palin really hates gay marriage?  No, but Clint does and if they speak loudly enough about these issues, he'll be there in November.

The second part of this plan takes affect immediately after another head shaking victory.  Sabotage.  Whether it be William Bennett, appointed by Reagan, as secretary of education despite calling for the end of public education or Bush appointing his buddy to lead FEMA, the right loves to sabotage government.  Is it a coincidence that the SEC budget was slashed under Bush, and the only high-profile conviction under his watch was notorious financial criminal Martha Stewart?  Ever ask someone to describe their feelings about the post office?  I'll bet the response involves eye rolling and the word "broke."  Now ask them about the 2006 Postal Recovery Act, which requires 5.7 billion dollars be set aside annually until 2017 to fund retirement benefits for USPS employees.  Remove this piano and the operations are in the black.  Nice having a letter sent from St. Louis to Boise for 50 cents, no?  The masses are brainwashed into believing the national debt is the result of democratic handouts.  Check the facts folks, Reagan and Bush ballooned the debt, but Obama gets blamed.  The current congress, who make the do-nothing congress of the late 1940's look busy, have a <10% approval rating...and that is music to the GOP's ears.  The corporate media won't help Clint decipher between who's ready to work and who had vowed on inauguration night 2009 to do NOTHING under this president.  This obstructionism makes all government look bad, which of course is the goal.
Deception and sabotage.  The Republican playbook.

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