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I am an environmental sociologist.  I just received this information on Sarah Palin’s environmental record on my listserv. It's not surprising, but it's important for us to have the specifics on record. I wrote to Prof. Steiner who gave his permission to have this information reprinted at DailyKos.

The writer is Rick Steiner, a professor at the University of Alaska who has followed Sarah Palin’s environmental record very carefully. <

I know that we don't usually print articles without analysis, but in this case the analysis speaks for itself.

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Wed Jul 30, 2008 at 05:37 AM PDT

Morning Joe

by sarakandel

I know that this isn't a diary.  But I had to let off some steam.  I will delete this if people want.  

The Joe Scarborough show.  I used to be able to watch it.  

This morning there have been numerous diaries about newspapers defending Obama against McCain's lies.  Morning Joe is spending the hour discussing how Obama is too confident.  Someone on the show even used the word "uppity."

His arrogance against Mika (sexism) is constant.  He even berates the way she reads the news.... he doesnt comment or disagree with her--- but screams at her like a child or dismisses her-- no room for dialogue. It's not just that I disagree with him politically. I can even appreciate Buchanan who gives his opinion. Scarborough's disrespectful treatment of Mika and anything or anyone he disagrees with is constant.

 It's his total disrespect

Does anyone remember on Race For The White House when he told Rachel Maddow that she had Hillary's cackle down? Or when she asked him to stop interrupting her and he walked off the set.

MSNBC can do much better.  How about Rachel Maddow for the morning spot?

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To:  sarakandel
Sent:Tue, 8 Jul 2008 11:43 am
Subject: RE: Check out Op-Ed Columnist - Lurching With Abandon - Op-Ed -

Did you hear Rachel Maddow taking over for Keith Monday night?  She played a few videos of Obama early in his campaign and seemed to want to make the case that he really hasn't switched positions.  I heard the AT&T whistle blower on with  Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, however, and it made the FISA vote really disturbing.

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Mon Jun 09, 2008 at 01:37 PM PDT

The Edwards Factor & Social Class

by sarakandel

To the forum taking place at Daily Kos,especially Hunters diary on Why Clinton Lost,  I would like to add the impact that John Edwards had on the campaign. Hunter basically said that most Democratic presidential candidates try to play it safe and not offend anyone.  They take a moderate, defensive position and try to appeal to the center.

John Edwards was different.  He was progressive, the most left candidate I have seen run in my life time to make it to the top, the one with the radical anti corporate pro labor policies.

Let's not forget, that although Edwards was the white guy, the corporate media blocked him out.

His strong and clear policies and passion ultimately pushed Obama and Clinton to take stronger positions on national health insurance and the war and economic populism. And I think it affected both of their campaigns.



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In his op-ed column today in the NY Times A Gift to the G.O.P., Bob Herbert talks about, to use Obama's phrase, the "urgency of now."

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I read that people are overreacting to Hillary Clinton’s comments on RFK and that there will be a division in November created by those of us who support Barack Obama.

 We do need to be engaged in healing. I am willing to take part of the blame as an Obama supporter. And I keep seeing attempts by people here at Daily Kos to begin this healing.  But every time we do, Hillary Clinton signals that she isn’t.  

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A few thoughts about all the diaries about feminism and Obama.  First they are wonderful.  It is inspiring to see such at outpouring from women of all different ages supporting Obama.  One was recommended and elicited 900 comments!!!  I strongly agree with every feminist who rejects being put in a box by women who feel one has to vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman and not because of her politics.!

But I have a few questions as well.  To begin with, I think the attempt to separate Hillary and Obama supporters by age is problematic.  Older women are a much more diverse group which I outlined in another diary on Saturday .Women Still Face Challenges: But It is Obama Not Hillary Who Will Have The Answers in 2009.

Second, the fight is not over

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Whenever there is a diary that tries to understand the differences in voting behavior as a generational issue I find myself jumping in with a comment: Count Me Out.  I started writing this diary to a young(er) feminist Democrat in the Heart of Texas, who asked me if it wasn't a generational divide that separated women from voting for Obama and Clinton, what was it?

The truth is that I don’t know one woman of my age group who wants to vote for Hillary.  It is not because we never respected her.  In the 1990s when she first emerged on the national scene many of us thought that she would have made the better president.  And it is clear from the intensity of womens response on the NARAL website the other day, some women felt that they owed her their  loyalty.  It was Hillary  who fought for endangered legislation and even helped to protect the lives of doctors who worked in abortion clinics.  

But that was then.  And today is now.

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On Friday I read a diary by NYC Lives entitled NY Times Columnists Let Obama Have it W/Both Barrels.  In this diary he discusses and provides links to all the negative op-ed pieces in the NY Times about Barack Obama this week.  He was particularly troubled by Paul Krugman’s op-ed.  So was I.  And I want to continue my comments in my first diary in that spirit.

I have been trying with great difficulty to understand Paul Krugman's perspective for some time,   especially Friday’s op-ed piece where he critiques Obamas words in San Francisco in the most literal, concrete way and uses studies which can be easily debated.  I like Edwards, so does Krugman.  I am a progressive, so is Krugman.  So why can’t I understand where  he is coming from?  Krugman is in good company this week.  Even die hard Obama supporters have been worried. I have another take.

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