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Thu May 15, 2014 at 08:05 AM PDT

Bees!! (with photos)

by second gen

As I promised in my diary two weeks ago, Help me help the bees, I'm writing to give a little update on my progress with my little contribution to help the bees. Although I still don't really have the extra funds to do what I need to do, time was running out to start my beehive this year, and I had to strike while the iron was hot. Special thanks to those who did donate to my initial start up costs.

Shortly after I wrote the diary, I went to my beekeeper mentor/supplier and purchased the initial 3 layers of my beehive. I will still need to purchase a few more boxes as they expand, but it was good enough to get them started. Bees should ideally be moved to a new hive in late April, early May, so they have ample time to begin building comb and laying eggs. Given that this was a late spring for Michigan, that sort of worked in my favor. I still needed to purchase the raw materials in order to build the hive, and that would take a little time. Thankfully, my son was able to help as a Lupus flare has made my hands so swollen and sore, swinging a hammer wasn't in my future.

I promised to share photos and updates with those who donated (and anyone who'd like to follow along) right below the jump.

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Thu May 01, 2014 at 09:11 AM PDT

Help me help the bees

by second gen

I have been a Daily Kos member since August of 2006. I have had times of participation and times of quiet. I have had disagreements, and I've made great friendships. I've always been amazed at the ability of this community to come together to help each other, and to help common causes.

It is with that in mind, that I have decided to come to you and ask for your assistance.

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Tue Apr 01, 2014 at 12:56 PM PDT

Test Diary (will be deleted)

by second gen

This is a test diary from Samsung Galaxy III


Is it difficult to post a diary from a smart phone?

100%10 votes

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Tue Oct 01, 2013 at 08:35 AM PDT

I did this for a living. . .

by second gen

For everyone that is disappointed, discouraged, upset, sure the ACA is going to fail because the website is a mess, etc, have patience.

I did nearly this exact same thing for a living, for 10 years.

I worked in a personal and casualty insurance company computer support department. When I first started working, we were using a DOS based program on floppy disk. That's how small the application was. In just a couple years, we went from that, to a Windows based program, which required a CD, then to a web based application system.

It was essentially this same type of system that the site is working with right now.

Join me below the squiggle of healthcare confusion.

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Thu Aug 01, 2013 at 08:01 PM PDT

Dear Anonymous Benefactor

by second gen

This isn't much of a diary, but I wanted to thank the anonymous person who sent me a Daily Kos subscription. I appreciate it tremendously. You said in your accompanying note that you wish you could do more. Just know that, sometimes, just knowing someone thinks enough of you to take a moment out of their day to do something like that for someone goes a long way.

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Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 01:10 PM PDT

Presented Without Comment

by second gen

"I Am Sorry That It Has Come to This": A Soldier's Last Words

Daniel Somers was a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was part of Task Force Lightning, an intelligence unit. In 2004-2005, he was mainly assigned to a Tactical Human-Intelligence Team (THT) in Baghdad, Iraq, where he ran more than 400 combat missions as a machine gunner in the turret of a Humvee, interviewed countless Iraqis ranging from concerned citizens to community leaders and and government officials, and interrogated dozens of insurgents and terrorist suspects. In 2006-2007, Daniel worked with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) through his former unit in Mosul where he ran the Northern Iraq Intelligence Center. His official role was as a senior analyst for the Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and part of Turkey). Daniel suffered greatly from PTSD and had been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and several other war-related conditions. On June 10, 2013, Daniel wrote the following letter to his family before taking his life. Daniel was 30 years old. His wife and family have given permission to publish it.

Daniel and wife, Angeline Somers at an Army Ball

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To This Day Project is a project based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan called “To This Day”, to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.

Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. We can give them a starting point… A message that will have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying.

Animators and motion artists brought their unique styles to 20 second segments that will thread into one fluid voice.

This collaborative volunteer effort will demonstrate what a community of caring individuals are capable of when they come together.

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Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 02:24 PM PDT

Mitt Isuzu

by second gen

I've been saying since day one that Mitt Romney reminds me of Joe Isuzu, of the old Isuzu commercials. Apparently, Joe Isuzu believes he does as well. He's cut some "ads".

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Remember this guy:

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Rand Paul, speaking at Iowa's Faith and Freedom Coalition meeting.


Rand Paul

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Data Doctors' Ken Colburn compares Obama's birth certificate to one his office scanned

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It's a very simple compromise.

New Rule:

1. Catholic Churches are not required to provide birth control coverage to their employees.

2. Any employee who works for a Catholic organization that wishes to take advantage of the government mandated no-copay birth control coverage is eligible for tax credits to offset birth control services.

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