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To ALL the ladies out there. I thank each of you for being my friend. You bring much joy and richness to my life -- I want to ask you a question:

Why do YOU allow MEN to RAPE you? Why?

In 1973 the US Supreme Court granted you dominion over your body -- freedom to RULE and PROTECT your body. They said government cannot dictate to you.


This is one of the greatest freedoms women ever earned in history. Remember 100 years ago MEN didn't even allow you to vote!

Our constitution says we are FREE to speak our opinion (1st Amendment). You wouldn't allow anyone to take this from you. Our constitution says we are FREE to own a gun (2nd Amendment). Try taking this freedom away from people in the NRA. Death all around us yet government dares not limit this freedom.

The Republican Party made it clear this week they IGNORE Roe v. Wade. They plan to limit YOUR freedom. They want government to control your vagina and your life -- that of your daughter -- that of sister or mother. (funny coming from the people who claim to hate government)

Why do you ALLOW men to RAPE you? To REDUCE your freedom?

Politicians say you do not care. They say you are more interested in the economy. Is this true? You make $0.77 while a man makes $1.00 for the same work. The Republican party says this is acceptable. They don't want to talk to you about this, do they?

What could be more important to you than FREEDOM over your body and life? Ann Romney said she and her husband LOVE you. Do people who LOVE you take away YOUR freedom? Is this what love means to you?

You have a chance to alter history -- for you, for your daughter, for your sister or mother. You are equal in America in ONLY one way -- your vote is equal to the vote of everyone else: White, Black, Latina, tall, short, male, female. Only our votes are equal.

I love you. I do not advocate for or against abortion. I believe YOU must be FREE over your body and life. I believe YOU are SMART enough to decide: not men, and for sure, not government.

I can't help much. I have only one vote as well. Yet IF you vote, IF ALL of you vote against this male-dominated dictatorship, IF ALL stand together now, you can EARN and PROTECT your freedom.

Stand up, speak out -- SHOUT HELL NO!!! -- and, vote! Obama and Democrats aren't perfect but they stand for your freedom.


The Republican Party plans to REDUCE freedom for women:

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3%1 votes
6%2 votes
19%6 votes
9%3 votes

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Sat Aug 04, 2012 at 07:42 AM PDT

Mitt Romney is over 16,000 years old

by sgoold

Fact of the Day: Mitt Romney is over 16,000 years old!

How many of you have an IRA — Individual Retirement Account? You should. Many of us struggle to put a few hundred dollars away each month. IRAs were designed as a tax-free way for Middle Class Americans to plan for their retirement. The ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION LIMIT is $6,000 — but Mitt Romney managed to to build his IRA into a $100+ million treasure chest.

Romney has over $100,000,000 in his IRA. If the annual contribution limit is $6,000 then it would take him over 16,000 years to build his IRA to a million dollars (if he followed the rules). Mitt refuses to show us his tax returns. He won't explain how he contributed so much to his IRA.

Hide and Seek Mitt!

How much do you have in your IRA?


How much do you have in your IRA?

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57%22 votes
39%15 votes

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Tue Jul 31, 2012 at 02:50 PM PDT

Why Democrats Will Lose in November

by sgoold

As a progressive liberal, I am frequently frustrated with the Democratic Party and leading advocacy groups, which is part of our progressive-liberal culture. Although our opposition beats us down daily, we rarely demonstrate self-love. This attitude and corresponding behavior does not lead to great victories.

Whether the Left is simply "herding cats" or we are just too critical of our own, this trend has led to consistent losses going back to Election 1980. The defeat in Election 2010 crippled the Obama Administration and America has paid in "gridlock blood" ever since. As we approach Election 2012, we need to question our focus over the past 32 years. In this time, Republicans have controlled the White House for 20 years — or 62.5 percent of the time. In this period, progressive liberal ideas and the Middle Class have been crushed.

Why? Please follow this link below to review the posted image (apologies, as I don't have accounts at the approved KOS image sites):

Daily Kos Media Summary July 31st

As you see in this summary:

  • Romney Trip Takes Another ...
  • Romney Trip Raises Sparks ...
  • Romney's Jewish Outreach ...
  • In Israel, Romney pleases ...
  • Romney Provokes Palestinian ...

The GOP is mentioned twice; Banks and Afghanistan get the remaining mentions.

I work in marketing. This is uncommon for progressive liberals. It is a field dominated by conservatives — business owners, business leaders, small businesses, corporate businesses — get the point? Businesses innovate, move, sell, and market products. Business leaders either excel at marketing or their mission falters.

Democrats, progressives, liberals generally suck at marketing. Karl Rove, Rush, Sean, Bill, Drudge, on the other hand, milk society for trillions due to their skills.

Let's Play a Game
Our assignment is to create a strategy to sell Pepsi cola. Following the progressive, liberal strategy, we might point out:

  • Coca-cola Takes Another ...
  • Coca-cola Raises Sparks ...
  • Coca-cola's Jewish Outreach ...
  • In Israel, Coca-cola pleases ...
  • Coca-cola Provokes Palestinian ...

What is your impression of Pepsi? Get the point? Romney is taking the air out of the discussion. Progressive liberals were gaining traction when they focused the public's attention on Romney's tax filings. This tactic had Romney on his heals. Now there are simply too many mentions about Romney on far too many issues for the public to grasp. Romney simply gains attention — daily, hourly, second-by-second, and this increases his stature.

If everybody is talking about Mitt, he must be important. That it's critical doesn't matter. The media is liberal anyway.

Responding to an article on HuffPost today (Democrats Now Strongly Favor Gay Marriage, Pew Research Poll Says), I posted the following:

Fellow Democrats ... I thank you. I honor you! It's great to be part of this history.

We get beat up daily, as the other side has more money and controls traditional media. Yet we refuse to quit and continue slugging it out — holding our heads high and keeping our hearts focused on what matters — caring for each other and this great nation.

Our modern era brought retirement guarantees to those who worked hard all their lives (SS); healthcare to seniors (Medicare); voting rights for woman and minorities; reproductive rights to women; voices to those who have been silenced; strong schools for all; job protection and rights in the workplace; healthcare access to nearly all citizens of the nation ... just to name a few.

We ARE on the just and PONO side of history on these issues. Remember our accomplishments and the good we have done — and that which we will continue to do. Ignore those who wish to divide, distort and deflect us from this noble mission.

It is an honor to help perfect OUR great nation!

America knows ALL about Mitt Romney now. Republicans waged the longest campaign in history so they could target and slam Obama daily. Although this made Obama important, he is the President of the United States — they conceded his importance. Recognizing they wouldn't likely change his title for four years, their constant barrage of attacks on his character and unified NOs to his policy kept their followers energized and sowed seeds of doubt about his work.

Progressive liberals will not be energized hearing only about Romney — positive or negative. Our minds don't process information this way. It simply drains enthusiasm.

If progressive liberals wish to win in November, we need to sell our programs and policy. The problem is our herd of cats isn't quite sure we've been successful. And, this ambivalence is Why Democrats Will Lose in November.

Everything Obama and Democrats did over the past three and a half years was in the correct direction. Some was excellent, much was imperfect — but that is expected in a democratic society. We build on compromise in the public arena. Go to Burger King if you want it your way.

This forum, Daily Kos, is the most sophisticated progressive liberal center in the nation. Change starts here; progress is launched here; the battle for November 2012 can be won here.

Market the progressive liberal agenda ... market this president ... put strong candidates in place to support both the agenda and this president. Sure, some of this is being done. Yet end the focus on Romney. Why speak his name again? Republicans don't like this man; voters don't like this man or his values. They simply aren't sure of the alternative.

Narrow your focus; highlight the greatness of the progressive liberal agenda and hammer this home second-by-second, day-by-day. This is how we win in November. We are on the correct side of history. Do not ever forget this ...



I had dinner last evening with friends and family. As such gatherings go, conversations bounced around to various topics. Somehow current electricity rates came up and I mentioned how much our household paid last month. One of our friends laughed and said, "HaHa!!! My monthly bill is now nothing. We have solar panels."

Me: "That's cool but you had to pay the cost of the panels."

Friend: "HaHa, again!!! Got the panels cheap. Federal and state government rebates paid most of the cost for the original purchase and installation. Plus, now we're a small, independent business — energy producers — who can sell our extra energy back to the grid."

Me: "Sweet! Isn't it great to live in America. And, you built your small business ALL by yourself, right?"

Friend: "Absolutely ... no help from anyone."

My friend and his wife are Republicans who live in a large, fancy home in a gated community. They continually rant about their "high" taxes and "wasteful government spending." When asked about their political leanings, they consider themselves to be "libertarians." People should do for themselves, not rely on government, in their opinion.

Me: "You're welcome!"

Friend: "You're welcome ... for what?"

Me: "For your solar panels. My taxes, and the taxes of everybody in the room, helped launch and support your small business. Isn't it wonderful how we're all connected — just roots of the Tree of Life."

Friend: "Why are you such a troublemaker? This is a fun gathering and you're always turning things around to make everything political."

True story!


Considering your way of life, do you:

9%2 votes
80%17 votes
9%2 votes

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Wed Jul 25, 2012 at 02:10 PM PDT

The NRA Enables Terrorism

by sgoold

The Colorado shooting has sickened all of us. We've suffered enough of these mad, senseless attacks. Amid the sorrow and frustration, once again the debate over gun control in this country rages. Unfortunately this issue will not be resolved at this time. Gun control is a deeply embedded, hot-button topic in America. People are mostly polarized and few remain on the fence.

Yet what if the Colorado attacker wasn't named James. What if his name had been Khalid or Mohammad? Would Fox News be blaming the Obama administration for failure to protect the nation? Would this be a Bush, Obama or Romney issue?

Yet James terrorized our population — maybe not Washington, D.C., but this type of attack scares regular Americans — similarly as does a Shoe or Underwear Bomber. Why isn't this incident considered a terror attack?

Why is it acceptable for James to purchase 6,000 plus rounds of ammunition, which he used against Americans, when Homeland Security would (allegedly) be concerned if Khalid or Mohammad were purchasing thousands of rounds.

This is the madness of the NRA position. They defend a citizen's right to purchase assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammo, which makes it more difficult for authorities to protect citizens. James and hypothetical Khalid are both terrorists. Yet Homeland Security wasn't aware James was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. And, if they weren't aware of James, how did they know he wasn't working with Al Qaida or another extremist group?

The bottom line is we have spent trillions of taxpayer dollars to suppress radical extremists yet didn't know about James. We tolerate (with objection) the snooping into our email and phone conversations; we submit (begrudgingly) to removing our shoes, being groped and cooperating with insane travel restrictions, yet Homeland Security didn't have James on their radar.

The NRA enables terrorism. They defend and protect practices that allow anyone to easily purchase assault rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition and other types of weaponry.

The Second Amendment is clear: "... the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Our Founders adopted this provision in 1791. When ratifying this provision along with other amendments in the Bill of Rights, they considered arms to be muskets, pistols or long rifles. These weapons relied on flintlock technology: range was short and they were generally accompanied by a sword or cutlass.

In battle a flintlock could fire three to four rounds per minute. James is believed to have fired one round per second. Due to the limited firing power, flintlock rifles were most effective when firing in volleys. This ties into the first portion of the Second Amendment, "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ..."

The Second Amendment was part of a collection of provisions to protect citizens of this new nation from government — not each other, as the amendment is applied today. Arms were to be used in a "well functioning" community militia to prevent the return to monarchy, dictatorship or the rule of England. Farmers, ranchers and merchants would fill the roles of militiamen to secure a free state.

Imagine Thomas Jefferson traveling from Monticello to Philadelphia. He would likely carry his flintlock — to protect against wild animals or a possible intruder. He would have one shot with his rifle, maybe a second shot if he pulled out a pistol — before reloading. Jefferson could not envision carrying a weapon with the range of a mile that could fire one round per second. With such technology in the hands of the Patriots, England would have been defeated with ease.

The NRA has used fear to mislead Americans about the intent of the Second Amendment. Their deception continues to aid extremists of all political ideology and mental faculty. I support the Second Amendment. The right of citizens to maintain and bear arms should be protected — but the arms should be defined as our Founders intended: flintlock rifles, pistols, muskets and swords.

Enough of the Constitutional Activism! It's time for the NRA to stop enabling terrorism!


What was the Founders' intent of ARMS in the Second Amendment

70%21 votes
26%8 votes
3%1 votes

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Fri Jun 01, 2012 at 07:51 AM PDT

1.48: Small Number but Big Answers

by sgoold

As highlighted on this site today, Representative Joe Walsh, (R-IL), opined callously:

"We have so many people now dependent upon government. So many people want handouts. The Democratic Party promises groups of people everything. They want the Hispanic vote. They want the Hispanics to be dependent upon government, just like they got African Americans dependent upon government. That’s their game. Jesse Jackson would be out of work if they weren't dependent upon government. There’d be no work for him."
This has been the position of "compassionate" conservatives for many years — that Americans want handouts. This is an inconvenient lie because what Americans really want are jobs! Unfortunately, today's job report showed private sector employers added only 82,000 new positions, which is about half the number needed just to keep up with the natural growth of eligible workers. The monthly report also showed 49,000 fewer jobs created the previous two months.

Although we are some four years from the onset of the Great Recession, the fundamental question remains: should government pursue an agenda of austerity or increase spending under these troubling conditions? Opinions are ubiquitous.

The market provides the factual evidence for this question, ignoring pundits of any and all persuasion, and the answer is tiny, both historically and relatively, a small number: 1.48 — 1.48 percent, that is.

This figure, 1.48 percent, represents the current yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note. Contrary to Rep. Walsh's distorted statement, wealthy investors now appear dependent upon the American government, as their worries about a deepening debt crisis in Europe and sluggish job growth in the U.S. have them fleeing stocks for the safety of Uncle Sam's skirt.

Paul Krugman quoted John Maynard Keynes in his critique of "The Austerity Agenda," (NYT, 6.1.12). Keyes noted 75 years ago that, "The boom, not the slump, is the right time for austerity."

When President Obama championed government spending to the tune of some $800B in ARRA; when the Federal Reserve initiated both QE1 and QE2 programs, conservative "Henny Penny" alarmists screamed the sky would fall and the massive printing of money would result in rampant inflation that would engulf both the nation and world. They added government borrowing would squeeze available capital, force up interest rates, and starve small and large businesses of needed resources. Once again, small numbers provide the factual evidence to address these spurious claims. As of May 31st, the Commerce Department reduced their Q1 GDP estimate from 2.2 percent growth 1.9 percent.

We are clear today. Although ideologues (and Fox News) will continue distorting the facts, the world is awash in available capital — a supply so great that investors are willing to lock down their funds for ten years at a paltry 1.48 percent return. The market, the world's top investing experts, have determined conclusively they are not concerned about inflation — at least for ten years!

The economy is slowing; job creation is anemic. Market experts have confirmed the Great Recession is a "demand-driven" malady. Consumers remain on the sidelines generally. The high number of unemployed workers, not the amount of debt, serves to impede economic growth. Americans want jobs, not handouts. "Where's the beef?" they ask private sector employers.

Mr. Keynes gave us the answer nearly a century ago. Partisanship, not common sense, drives our failure today. Defeating Obama, not helping families, inspires conservative and Republican leader rhetoric.

Small numbers do not lie; small people do.


Do you agree or disagree with John Maynard Keynes that the boom, not the slump, is the right time for austerity?

92%12 votes
7%1 votes
0%0 votes

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Wed May 23, 2012 at 09:17 AM PDT

Hey Mitt ... Hire Me!

by sgoold

The Mitt Romney campaign for president claims Mr. Romney created "well in excess of 100,000" jobs at Bain Capital. That's wonderful (if true). Congratulations!

Mr. Romney and Republicans despise government, claiming the public sector is simply a drag on the "wealth creating engine" of the private sector. Thus, with an estimated 12.5 million Americans listed as officially unemployed, why is Mr. Romney seeking public office?

The unemployed NEED Mitt ... the private sector needs Mitt!

Yet ALL we get from Mr. Romney is TALK about how he once created jobs — talk, talk and more talk.

How about Walking the Walk and Ending the Talk? As president, you won't be able to create jobs. Sure, you can hire a few hundred staff members and make some key appointments. Yet true to claims by conservatives, this isn't job creation, as these positions are funded through taxpayer support. And, in our difficult financial times, many of these positions are unsupported — simply adding to our growing national debt.

What we need, what America needs, is Mitt Romney to return to the private sector and create a business. Any business will do but something innovative would be preferred. We need Mitt to show us how to create jobs; how to stimulate the private sector; how to return millions of Americans back to employed status. The private sector and this nation needs an industry role model.

I'm publicly asking Mitt Romney to do his civic duty — to help our nation and America's families in this time of need. Just as you, Mitt, saved the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, we need you, Mitt, to save American capitalism.

Join me in asking this American hero of industry return to industry and save us all! Please end this talk, Mitt. Let us see your walk ... the walk of a great capitalist.

Mitt, please end the talk. Walk the walk!


Do you support or opposed Mitt Romney returning to the private sector to focus on job creation?

86%13 votes
6%1 votes
6%1 votes

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Sun Jul 03, 2011 at 02:51 PM PDT

Liberals Are Pussies

by sgoold

Nasty Ann Coulter finally said something true:

"Liberals are not like most Americans. They are the biggest pussies on Earth, city-bred weaklings who didn’t play a sport and have never been in a fight in their entire lives. Their mothers made excuses for them when they threw tantrums and spent way too much time praising them during toilet training."

Liberals allow the Most Rich to STEAL their wealth! Liberals whine but do nothing about it. I'm always getting in fights with Liberals. They say I'm to angry; too demanding; and, that I'm not patient enough. Fuck that! Kids around me aren't eating!

Maybe my problem is I'm from rural America; I'm a former pro athlete. I was an enforcer on the court and have a fighting spirit in my blood.

I cannot stand the fact Liberals allow our families to suffer - as CEOs and Execs steal the money YOU have earned. Liberals have allowed - actually joined in - while this nation cut taxes on the Most Rich. Liberals have stood by while we've closed public schools, cut medical services for mothers and kids, and watched our society and democracy disintegrate.

Millions of people who voted for Barack Obama claim they're pissed ... because he promised us the Audacity of Hope yet pussied out when dealing with tough Republicans. Harry Reid has been equally disappointing. Only Nancy Pelosi put up a fight ... why do you think Republicans made her the face of recession spending and healthcare reform? She scared the hell out of them. Liberals let her down by not standing tough and united!

Thankfully today's Liberal Men have plenty of beer, boobs and baseball to keep them distracted. They sit on their couches - getting fatter each day while refusing to join a union and walk a picket line for their kids.

Some of America's Most Rich, pro football players and basketball players, have unions. Yet owners have even LOCKED OUT these gifted athletes as well - greedy billionaires want even more of entertainment dollars.

Executive pay has exploded by 300% over the past decades. YOUR pay has declined when adjusting for inflation. You are more productive and working harder than ever ... yet you are paid less, as your boss reaps the rewards from your sacrifice. As a result you cannot even afford gas for your car or food for your table - forget college for your kids!

When faced with all this, Liberals still do nothing ... Nasty Ann Coulter is right - Liberals refuse to fight: Liberals are PUSSIES!

I wrote something similar on Facebook for the Coffee Party Movement. Annabel Park deleted my message and blocked me from their page. This is how "liberals" react - they eat their own because they are cowards; they have no stomach for this fight; and, my friends, this is why we're losing.

Our Founders were willing to die for liberalism; Martin gave his life. Modern liberals want air conditioning, iPhones and a 40-hour work week. There's no fight in our ranks.

Please see this article in the Washington Post today about a time when Liberals WERE NOT pussies:


Sat Nov 27, 2010 at 10:00 AM PST

The PROFIT Paradox

by sgoold

U.S. corporations earned profits at annual rate of $1.7 TRILLION in the third quarter - highest since government began tracking more than 60 years ago. Profits surged over past seven quarters at pace that is among the fastest ever. Why should companies hire new employees? Hiring cuts into profits! And, this explains our current economic conundrum ... PROFITS over the American PEOPLE!

Continue Reading

Sun Nov 21, 2010 at 01:17 PM PST


by sgoold

To all my friends and family: I love you! I thank you! You are the most incredible people, and collectively, the most generous generation. Some might call us Gen-Xers; Milleniums; BabyBoomers. Close, but it's clear now. We ARE the Most Generous Generation (MGG).

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Tue Jan 20, 2009 at 10:01 AM PST

Woohoo! What a Day...

by sgoold

Today, January 20th, 2009, America makes a change ~
No longer led by a dufus pretending to be at "home on the range."
George W. Bush, Mr. 43, is FINALLY out the door.
Inexcusably, he left Americans bleeding on the floor.

Barack Hussein Obama, President 44, champions a new day.
Inclusive, liberal politics characterize his political play.
We will all work together: man, woman, straight, lesbian and gay,
Black, white, young, old... this is the true American way!

President Lincoln freed the slaves; Rosa sat on the bus,
Students marched in Alabama, while Martin's passion moved all of us.
For hundreds of years this land and its people have bled.
Nothing to fear now, perfect the union, for the blue, the white and the red!

Today, January 20th, 2009, we turn a new page.
No time for selfishness, greed, mourning or rage.
Lift your hands in the air, let happiness fill your voice.
Barack Hussein Obama, President 44, for America and the world it's time to rejoice!


Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 01:43 PM PDT

Fact Check: McCain on Education

by sgoold

In last night's final presidential debate, John McCain said: (app. 83 minute mark) "...the most expensive education in the world is in the United States of America also means that it cries out for reform, as well."

In a review of education expenditures, as a percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), we see that the U.S. is not leading the pack. Denmark provides a far superior system, as students and educators attest, and the price tag shows why.

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