My 13 year old daughter wrote this on her own Facebook wall, posting with a link to Macklemore’s Same Love song. I was nearly in tears when she played this song for me, and later found she had posted this:  

This song is really remarkable to me. It talks about how Gay/Lesbian people can't change who they are. It is not a choice, and it's not a bad thing. People get scared of what they don't understand, and this is a huge issue. The people who want to keep other people "normal" are the ones with the biggest problems. Being attracted to the same gender is not a bad thing. It doesn’t hurt anyone. Why do you get a right to marry the person you love, and people like my parents don't? What makes you better than them and more worthy of things such as health care and paying jobs? Is it because they are different and don't fit into your box of what is right and wrong? It's time to end stereotypes, the ban on gay marriage, and racism. Just because you don't see these things do not mean they are not there. I believe in gay marriage and I believe in action. These things will not go away unless we fight them and stop them.