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Like many, I am watching the terrible events in Baltimore play out, and am also following the very disturbing details of Freddie Gray's death as they are revealed.  I'm writing tonight because the police union justification of the detainment of Freddie Gray caught my eye:

Gray's family attorneys and protesters said police didn't have any probable cause to chase him but did so only because he was "running while black."

Police union attorney Michael Davey said officers had every right to give chase.

"There is a Supreme Court case that states that if you are in a high-crime area, and you flee from the police unprovoked, the police have the legal ability to pursue you, and that's what they did," he said.

"In this type of an incident, you do not need probable cause to arrest. You just need a reasonable suspicion to make the stop."

The police union attorney is correct.  But that only serves to show a major problem with the rule created by the decision-- it actually gives the most brutal cops greater legal authority.
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After reading Radley Balko's eye-opening article, How municipalities in St. Louis County, Missouri profit from poverty, which exposes the patchwork of corrupt law enforcement systems in the county, I can only come up with one solution: a general pardon for all misdemeanor offenders convicted in the county.

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A couple days ago, there was a blog on the rec list, How to clear the room of Progressives, inviting us all to the New Economic Perspectives blog to get educated up on monetary policy.  While I agree that a better understanding of nuts and bolts economics would be valuable for a wide range of progressive advocates, unfortunately the economic theory that is put forth by this particular blog can be best described as hackery.

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Sat Jan 11, 2014 at 03:05 AM PST

A BridgeGate puzzle...

by skymutt

....literally!  Use that BridgeGate knowledge I know you have, and this should be pretty easy.  To print (in IE), right click the grid and select "Print picture".  You can view the solution here.  Enjoy!


1. You may need one of these after being stuck in GWB traffic for hours
5. President Christie's union-busting arm?
9. The Vietnam Memorial, e.g.
14.  Bridget __ Kelly
15.  Christie may have almost leaked one of these at his 1/9/2014 presser
16.  First word of two-word email from Wildstein to Kelly
17.  Hours-long GWB activity, in the passenger's seat
18.  Clinton Justice Department Nominee Guinier
19.  After hours of riding the brakes on the GWB, you might need to go here
20.  Lyrical poem
21.  Ft. Lee's county
22.  2003 health scare
23.  President Christie's pick for Secretary of Education?
25.  2016 is coming, so Christie does this less these days
27.  Turf
29.  Christie professed mood on 1/9/2014
30.  Leafy vine that grows faster than GWB traffic moves
33.  "I had to be in New York two f**king hours __!"
34.  Christie snub target, who got closer to the WH than Christie ever will
37.  "Sitting in traffic is really starting to __ my ass!"
38.  The Villagers do this to Christie
39.  Christie might soon find himself under this, involuntarily
40.  What Christie should be saying to himself about now
42.  Greek letter that looks like a P
43.  Chris probably thought he'd be a better president than this guy
44.  What Christie thought the White House would soon be
45.  Who gets screwed when politicians do stuff like create traffic jams on purpose
47.  Almost this many million cars drive over the GWB per month
48.  Blew the whistle, would be nice if Kelly did this
49.  Frustrated exhalation of GWB commuter stuck in traffic
52.  See 46 down
56.  Hardwood tree type
58.  It's inside of an apple
60.  Christie's 1/9/2014 claim that he knew nothing, likely
61.  Christie's southwestern peer Brewer, e.g.
62.  Christie's likeliest time to begin occupying the White House
63.  "Oh __!" (might be used to punctuate a damaging BridgeGate revelation)
64.  Jersey resident who used to work in New York but now works in Seattle
65.  Prison time for some in BridgeGate might do this to future would-be malfeasors
66.  '84 Dem who got closer to the WH than Christie ever will
67.  Give off


1.  Christie's top guy at the Port Authority, who resigned in disgrace
2.  Oklahoma town that probably does not have big traffic issues
3.  Movie that was released the week before Christie's re-election
4.  23 Across, spelled by a student at a bad charter school?
5.  Western terminus of George Washington Bridge
6.  Shakespearean King
7.  Port Authority phones did this a lot during BridgeGate
8.  Cheese type
9.  Can be metaphorically twisted by, say, a bullying Governor
10.  Christie campaign issue, fair or not
11.  __ pinch of salt
12.  What one becomes when one says that the traffic study on the GWB was legit
13.  Buono chalked up one of these on election day 2013
21.  What one who abuses power must lie in after they make it
21a. GWB commuters from New Jersey did this to New York, very slowly
24.  Basketball
26.  Until Bridget Kelly, Christie claimed BridgeGate was much _ about nothing
28.  When a conspiracy falls apart, a cowardly wrongdoer does this
29.  Sore throat caused by bacteria
30.  GWB commuters' situation on 9/11, Christie's now
31.  Another tool besides creating traffic jams on purpose that Christie uses for political payback
32.  YYH.  No, really, it's YYH.  (Hey, I don't make crosswords for a living!)
33.  Ship captain who, like Christie, was heavily motivated by vengeance
34.  Pleasure boat port
35.  Good luck getting one of these if you break down in gridlock on the GWB
36.  Christie treats you like you are one of these if you oppose him publicly
37.  Govt. spy agency
41.  Latin America revolutionary
45.  Woohoo!
46.  With 52 Across, Christie's Nixonian assertion of 1/9/2014
47.  Number of lanes the bogus GWB traffic study closed
48.  Rip Van Winkle did this for 20 years
49.  It's under the boardwalk
50.  Slurpee competitor
51.  The villain, to a Repub. like Gov. Christie
53.  Slam, as in a political opponent
54.  Funny bone
55.  Nixon, e.g., Christie probably too; same as 12 Down
57.  Same as 18 Across
59.  To __ is human; but to purposely screw people over is Republican.
61.  Christie better have one up his sleeve


If you get Social Security Disability, or care for someone who does, an important day of reckoning soon approaches for you or your loved one, and few are talking about it.  In less than three years, the nearly 9 million disabled workers who receive SSDI will see their benefit slashed from an average of about $1,130 per month to around $900 per month.  Spouses and children of disabled workers who are also eligible for benefits under SSDI, will also have their benefits cut by 20%.


How should the shortfall in Social Security Disability Insurance be fixed?

49%663 votes
15%210 votes
11%156 votes
3%49 votes
8%108 votes
11%159 votes

| 1345 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Oct 15, 2012 at 09:25 PM PDT

Ryan's gentle lecture

by skymutt

Today in a Youngstown soup kitchen, Paul Ryan approached a young boy, maybe around six years old, who appeared to be there with the volunteer staff.

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crossposted from Source of Title

I saw a story that Occupy protesters were picketing outside the home of the CEO of Wells Fargo today. Little did I know that after I read the story, I'd actually almost think that the CEO ought to be picketing one of the protesters!

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Formerly disgraced dot-com stock pumper Henry Blodget, who has rehabilitated himself quite nicely as a sharp and witty Wall Street and political observer on Yahoo's Daily Ticker, said all that needs to be said about Mitt Romney yesterday... in one sentence!  But I will include a little more than that because Blodget was on fire.  So, over the orange flourish we go!

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The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court handed down its decision yesterday in the closely watched case Bevilacqua v. Rodriguez.  And while the decision contained a ray of hope for buyers of property at flawed Massachusetts foreclosure sales, the court affirmed a lower court decision that took away a property from a foreclosure sale buyer and gave it back to the former owner who had defaulted on his mortgage-- something that many experts thought the courts would never do.

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I'd just like to provide a gentle reminder to my progressive friends here that it was Dick Cheney, not John Maynard Keynes, who said that "deficits don't matter":

The line is not likely to make this week's eulogies to Ronald Reagan, but when Vice President Cheney allegedly declared, "Reagan proved deficits don't matter," he summed up an enduring argument from the former president's economic legacy.

In late 2002, Cheney had summoned the Bush administration's economic team to his office to discuss another round of tax cuts to stimulate the economy. Then-Treasury Secretary Paul H. O'Neill pleaded that the government -- already running a $158 billion deficit -- was careering toward a fiscal crisis. But by O'Neill's account of the meeting, Cheney silenced him by invoking his take on Reagan's legacy.

Washington Post, June 9, 2004

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I have been considering attending the Netroots Nation conference this year.  I have participated here at DailyKos since 2006, but I've never gone to one of the conferences-- I have just never really sought to build personal relationships from this forum.  But after going on five years and reading thousands of diaries and probably tens of thousands of comments, I've seen some of the same usernames so many times that I just have that vague itch, that desire to put some faces and voices to the names.  (And despite the criticism below, I am still considering attending.)

I happened to notice today that they had posted the panel topics for the conference.  So I clicked over to look through them, to find sessions of interest to me.

Within 15 minutes or so of reading through titles and descriptions, I had begun to notice what i consider to be a glaring weakness in the agenda.

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Recognize this: the Republicans are in a real tough spot on the budget now.  

And, judging from the Republican's shrill, hyperpartisan attacks on President Obama's moderate and measured speech on the budget yesterday, the Republican plan is to double down on their strategy of pushing the Ryan budget plan.  In doing so, they are just digging themselves a bigger hole-- a hole that I believe could cost them the House in the next election.

Let me explain why the Republican strategy will not succeed this time as their other strategies have succeeded in the recent past, over the fold.

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