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I'm sorry - this is not going to make the three-paragraph requirement.  I'm busy at work right now, but I found something out in an email that everyone NEEDS to know.  I did a search for the topic, but didn't find it mentioned in any diaries.

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On March 13th, the Janesville (WI) Gazette ran an innocuous little story about a National Guard veteran upset that his son had to listen to the Pledge of Allegiance being recited in Spanish over the intercom at the Edgerton High School: by the school's Spanish class.  The outpouring of rage from the local community grew so vitriolic that the newspaper had to disable the comments on their blog.  The school administrator is now receiving threats of bodily harm because he won't renounce this practice (as it's something they've done since before he even took the job 20 years ago).

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