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Sun Jul 13, 2014 at 09:11 PM PDT

My Letter To The FCC

by smckeown

Net Neutrality matters.  Without it, the Internet will be rendered useless to our economy - as Comcast is trying to prove.  If the lobbyists get their way, we won't have "premium" content that some content providers choose to pay for - we'll have the open, equal space that we the Internet-using community have been building together for over two decades now rendered sterile and inert.  Don't believe me?  How do you like your Facebook now that the algorithms are throttling the visibility of your friends, connections, and favorite pages as they move to a pay-for-access system that throttles post visibility unless you pay them money?  It sucks, right?  

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Fri Apr 18, 2014 at 09:20 PM PDT

This Court Is In Contempt Of You

by smckeown

Just over two years ago, Cecily McMillan was beaten and arrested during a police raid at Liberty Plaza on the evening of Occupy Wall Street's six-month anniversary.  Her injuries were so severe that she suffered a broken rib and had a seizure while in handcuffs... a seizure that police just stood and watched, refusing her access to medical care until finally EMTs arriving on the scene forced their way to her side, began treatment and were able to take her to the hospital.  In a just world, you would think the case being tried in Manhattan's criminal court system would see her as the witness and her attacker as the defendant, but instead Ms. McMillan, 25, is on trial for felony assault of a police officer and her attacker, Officer Grantley Bovell, was on the stand as witness to the assault he alleges was perpetrated against him, not the assault he committed.

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You do not like Obamacare.
SO you say.
Try it! Try it!
And you may.
Try it and you may I say.

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