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And pretty badly too--every major political figure in the state.

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So how does the state of Idaho elect a liberal governor for four terms and an even more liberal Senator for three terms? Follow me below the fold as we talk about the 50 state strategy and what it really means for deep red states.


Is the 50 state strategy a realistic goal?

78%26 votes
12%4 votes
9%3 votes

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Fri Aug 21, 2009 at 08:31 PM PDT

The truth about HR 3200 (Part 2)

by smileyman

What's really in HR 3200. Can you cite verse and chapter like the best of our Congresscritters can, or do you rely on the summaries and talking points generated by others?

If you want to know what the bill actually says (instead of what a talking head claims it says), follow me below the fold as we discuss the ins and outs of HR 3200.


Is 25 pages a diary too much or too little?

70%12 votes
29%5 votes

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Thu Aug 20, 2009 at 07:20 AM PDT

The truth about HR 3200 (Part 1)

by smileyman

During the course of this debate on health care reform it's become increasingly clear to me that very few people have actually read this bill. Certainly not the deathers, nor their corporate media shills. Sadly many of the supporters of the bill have no idea of what it actually says, and find themselves unable to really explain things.

Unfortunately, I find myself in the latter category as well. I haven't read the full text. I've read parts of it, I've read summaries by people I trust, so I think I know what's in it--but do I really? Follow me below the fold to learn the answer


Is this a useful exercise?

87%51 votes
12%7 votes

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In any sporting contest, you'll often hear the announcers talking about a play, or series of plays that changed the momentum of the game and reversed a previously foregone conclusion. Well, I believe that the momentum for health care reform has shifted. Join me below and I'll tell you why.


I'll do something every week to push reform

28%294 votes
11%117 votes
38%402 votes
21%224 votes

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It started when she was 12. Her legs were numb all the time and she couldn't figure out why. Since they had just moved from Oklahoma to Idaho she figured that she was just cold, so she cranked up the heat in her room.

When she took showers though, she noticed that she couldn't feel hot water. For a long time she assumed that the heating in their new house didn't work, until one day she asked her mother about it. She looked worried and replied that "No, the water heater works fine".

Thus began the first of what would be many doctor visits.

Follow me below the fold

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Sat Feb 28, 2009 at 12:58 PM PST

A call for civility

by smileyman

I've noticed a disturbing trend lately on DKos. I come here to get my daily dose of progressive news with some well-written diaries from knowledgeable people. Many of these diaries have interesting comments that add greatly to the discourse.

However, I have been really bothered of late by a trend that I see happening more and more.


Is it ok to stereotype

8%6 votes
38%27 votes
33%24 votes
19%14 votes

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Seems the kosophere has been all a-flutter with Obama's picks of late. If I had a nickel for every time someone has said "This is not the change I voted for!", I'd be able to finance GM's bail-out myself.

I'd like to answer the question if I may.

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