I believe we will die if we continue along this path.  We will not work together; we only desire to work apart and somehow appear, within our own minds I guess, exclusive.  I believe that peaceful revolution is possible, but I feel it is past time for that to some degree.  Our representatives fail the litmus test for "representing" and MONEY is far too powerful after Citizens United.  I am a minuscule part of the equation, I understand that, but if I feel disenfranchised, others just like me must feel likewise.

Why do we find it impossible to put aside our agendas for the larger issues and work toward consensus? Is it because money overshadows the ability of the reps to actually listen to the constituents?  Term Limits are a necessity.  It is hard to become entrenched in that short of time...two terms...and then it (the job) revolves around service and not around "I can get a cushy retirement in so and so years...or I can get this sort of lobbyist job afterward...ad nauseum."

IF, and I mean this from the perspective of all arguments being equal, we stopped the bus right now and exercised executive power for one day, what are the three things we would do to make "Our little piece of the world" be okay?

I choose:
1. Term Limits
2. Balanced Budget
3. Congress shall make no law from which they are excluded.

Finally, I may have stumbled into the wrong neighborhood from a political standpoint, but perhaps this is good.  I read some stuff from red state by JKilgore and liked it to some degree...about revolt, and then saw an article from SE Portland here and liked the fact-oriented rhetorical style.  I am not here to debate issues about which I know nothing, but I am here to hold peaceful meaningful argument that assists me in making informed decisions.