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This is a kind of random diary. One of those that just comes up while searching teh intarwebs.

Somehow, I got to looking on the Wikipedia list for US Army posts. Don't ask me how I got there, but I was rather perturbed at the names of these posts. A good portion of them were named after Confederate generals. Yes, the same guys that fought a bloody war against the United States and for the enslavement of a race.

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I was reading diaries a few nights ago, and I came upon a reference to something called "Operation Vampire Killer 2000". Being the curious soul that I am, I consulted the oracle of Google for enlightenment.

Oh my, I was enlightened.

magical folding fold activate

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Hello fellow Kosians (or whatever you call yourselves). I just figured I would introduce myself before I get to the hard core blogging/opinionating/fapping etc etc etc. I figure this may be the time to do it.

I live in Michigan. I go to a major state university, and am studying engineering. My father is a doctor in Detroit. My mother does the traditional woman things right now (irony injected), but was a nutritionist at the same hospital.

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