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I have changed my mind about her. Although she will have lingering corporatist tendencies which I will be critical and brutally honest about, she is going to exceed our expectations as president. Furthermore, Elizabeth Warren growing in power and progressives not blindly supporting her will ensure that she is kept in check and that future progressives will be elected to higher offices.


Hillary Clinton is capable of exceeding our expectations and can be pushed by Warren/progressive activists

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29%16 votes

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She has done a lot of good things for our country. Also, she would make a good (but corporatist) president.

However, tell me why we shouldn't criticize hillary Clinton or support an alternative candidate in the primary? Nobody answers whenever we post questions about her candidacy and our progressive morals.

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My Asperger's Syndrome is how my brain formed. I can't control how my brain formed. Why can't the hellish hate groups realize something just as obvious: the fact that LGBT are born with a brain wired differently than most heterosexuals?

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A lot of people like myself have chronically (till recently) have gone through life with thoughts such as "Nobody understands what I am going through and it is hard for me to articulate my struggles due to invisible forces out of my control." Furthermore, I want to be me but "I fear me and fear my pain."

These people are invisible through no fault of their own and need so much help in healing their excruciatingly traumatized and violated mind, body, and soul.

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my anger. I come to realize how much prejudice, discrimination, injustice, and cruelty my soul was subjected to (Physiologically, emotionally, psycologically, physically, and financially).

I find it reprehensible at how morally violating life's circumstances were to me. They were out of my control. People don't empathize with what you can't control. People don't realize how their actions (From family to school to everyone around you) contributed to your violation inside.

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Add in cultural, socioeconomic, generation, age , and autism (treated or untreated, and functional or non-functional) barriers, the mind, body, and soul are being violated financially, physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and pathologically.

It is beyond inhumane.

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Hey everyone!! How are you? I thought I reach out to dailykos for a support group. I am a medical student who has made it close to finishing second year. I take boards in end of May and I looking forward to the future with optimism, hope, and yet wary of the difficulties coming towards me.

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What is normal vs not normal?

What is different/normal vs abnormal?

How do we explain these to people especially struggling with autism and Asperger's whose sense of normal is way different? (This is because of the disconnections and hyperconnections within the brain)

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Elizabeth Warren keeps saying "I am not running". She is absolutely not ruling it out. She does not say never.
When you juxtapose what she said a couple months ago with "Big doors might open", let's not assume Elizabeth Warren has shut the door.


Should we blindly support Hillary Clinton?

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Up until recently, I was stuck in 10 years with intense depression with alternating periods of wellness. I didn't realize I had it.

Undiagnosed Asperger's syndrome for 25 years and growing up in an alcoholic family environement for 18 year leaves deep wounds from judgement and stigma from all angles.

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As someone who is a medical student and has had a passion about the brain since childhood, what do you think makes a successful psychiatrist versus one that has a bad reputation?  

I would appreciate an honest insight from psychiatrists who love their job and are content despite obvious emotional, financial, and mental challenges from all angles (including insurance companies and all the gray areas of medicine plus litigation)  

What would be important challenges I will go through regardless of where I would go for a psychiatry residency and regardless of where I would practice?

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Thu Nov 06, 2014 at 05:59 PM PST

My thoughts on the future

by sreeizzle2012

We are reaching a tipping point that is probably going to be do or die for the country and the world. However, I am optimistic that not all is lost and we still leave behind a society that is habitable for future generations even though there are some things we can't change.

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