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Mon Nov 21, 2011 at 07:03 AM PST

Occupy Wall Street Anthem

by steveandrewsadcd

This is my small attempt to help the OWS folks refine their message:

(note: This is a repost. I'm grateful that someone from this community pointed out a typo in the original video. Much appreciated!)Occupy Wall Street Anthem


If you put all political ideologies aside, you have to admit that – purely from a mass communications standpoint – no one is better at simplifying a message, getting their point across and galvanizing support for their agendas, than the Republican Party. Nobody.

Occupy Wall Street would be well advised to take a few pages from the Republican playbook if they want to see any real effect in what they’re doing. If they ask themselves: “How would the Republicans run Occupy Wall Street?” they might get somewhere.

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