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Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 09:51 AM PST

Let's hear it for Seneca Doane.

by stunzeed

He ran for State Senate in California, and appears to have come up short against the incumbent.  However, this is not a loss in my book.  This is a Kossack who stepped up from the keyboard and put himself into the fray.

Running for office is the highest calling of anyone here.  It's how you actually make a difference, especially if you are unsatisfied with how your government is being run.  It takes courage and stamina and love of country to enter (and sometimes win) an election.

Know this - I will throw money at any Kossack who runs for office at any level.  It beats the pants off of yelling at clouds about how your candidate isn't good enough.  Be the candidate, and you'll never be disappointed.

Thanks, Greg.  From all of us.  I hope you try again.

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Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 12:44 PM PDT

Seeing victory in banner ads

by stunzeed

Want to see one reason why we’re winning?

Conservative activists are stupid.  Go check the front page right now.
There’s a pretty good chance there’s a banner ad for Richard Mourdock
from FreedomWorks for America.  If not, it’ll be there later.

But they’re not stupid for advertising Mourdock on Daily Kos.  The ad
is here because we talk about Mourdock a lot and the algorithm decides
that's what we want to see.

They’re stupid because the ad contains spelling errors.  The “sig
line” of the ad reads:

Paid for by FreedomWorks for America, Not Authorized by any
candidatre or Candidate’s Committee
Emphasis mine, weird capitalizations theirs.

Regardless of the specific message, FreedomWorks for America has the
same errors on every ad.  They’ve been there for months, as far as I
can tell, and no one has caught it.  This organization is responsible
for millions of dollars in non-deductible donations that are
supposed to be used to defeat Democrats.  It looks like they got a
high school kid to design these ads and then went golfing.  If I was a
right-winger and had given these guys a dime, I’d be furious.

If you type in to your URL line instead of
clicking on the ad (like many old people do), it takes you to a
squatter’s website, where a nice woman named Jessica welcomes you to
browse her web editing services.

Need a writer who pays attention when they edit your
marketing materials?
When it matters, Call Jessica.
A Reliable Pittsburgh Content Writer

Despite the media’s desire for a tie game in the run for the
Presidency, House, and Senate, the Republicans can’t overcome the
intelligence and competence of the Obama machine.  We were always
going to regain the lead.  Excellent candidate, strong ground game,
weak opponents.  There are no surprises left.  It’s just a matter of
getting our people to the polls.

GOTV and run up the score.  Mandate!

[There’s nothing beneath the Tangerine Cloud Atlas, btw.]


Wed Jul 18, 2012 at 08:59 AM PDT

Romney's tax returns will be clean.

by stunzeed

This is CT all the way, but I'll call it a prediction so I can get away with it.  Romney will release 10-or-so years of his tax returns soon.  We'll get a hold of them and find nothing of interest.  Why?  

Because his people are filling them out right now.  Producing squeaky-clean tax returns for our eyes.  He can buy that kind of forgery.  Old forms are sitting in file cabinets in undisclosed locations just waiting to be purchased for this purpose.  Certain tax accountants have certain retroactive skills.

The media will see this and immediately blame Obama for everything bad that has happened since the Civil War.  A complete flip of the current narrative.  They'll do this because they need a competitive race for ratings.  They'll ignore any evidence to the contrary and call us 1040ers or something.

But wait, won't it eventually come out that he fabricated the tax returns and therefore is guilty of several felonies?  Yep.  Maybe.  Depends.  But if he's already the President, he can pull a Nixon and, say it with me, "If the President does it, that means it's not illegal."  Romney doesn't strike me as the type who'd give a shit.  Fuck you, I won.

If/when they come out, if they're too clean, we'll know something's up.  

Too long for a comment, too short for a diary.  Sorry about that.  


Mon Feb 27, 2012 at 07:39 AM PST

"Rick Santorum, Meet My Son"

by stunzeed

There is a story on that needs to be read, in a subset of articles called DoubleX - women writing about women's issues.  This story is about a woman who, had she possessed the right information, would have spared her son his two years of agony and imminent death.  I think it sums up a widely-held liberal argument that quality of life is more important than quantity.  One of the "choices" that women get to make is whether they think their child's life will ultimately contain nothing more than 100% suffering.  Some things just aren't blessings.  Sometimes it's cruel to put matters into God's hands.

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Tue Aug 16, 2011 at 01:55 PM PDT

POLL: Not a diary, not even close

by stunzeed

Go read this:  What Is Neoliberalism?

Are you back?  Good.  You know the definition.  Now take the poll.

This is not a diary.  I'm not sticking around.  But I'm fairly certain that when I check back tonight, I'll find that I'm not actually surrounded by neoliberals.  And that'll be a relief.  


Are you a neoliberal?

8%5 votes
91%54 votes

| 59 votes | Vote | Results

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I don't write diaries.  Once in a while, I'll get an idea and flesh it out in a draft, but never seem to hit the Publish button.  This happens because I realize that what I have to say usually amounts to just clutter.  I can't stand sifting through all the clutter to get to the real stuff, so in the end, I delete my thoughts to spare you all.  Fortunately, an hour later, someone else gets the same idea and writes it better than I ever could.  I'll rec, I'll tip, I'll comment.  I'll make jokes, even.  But I'll stop myself before publishing some tripe that doesn't advance the election of Barack Obama.  Therefore, I'm bringing the serious:

We at DailyKos are quick to condemn John McCain for saying that he’d rather lose an election than lose a war.  Not only is he lying, he implies the opposite of Barack Obama.  I’m about to say something equally offensive to many of the contributors who are reading this.

There are people on this site who would rather lose an election than lose an argument.  Odds are, I’m talking about you.

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