I've never written a diary before, but I am so upset over this that I had to post something. Scott Braddock is one of the top journalists in Texas. He was fired by radio station KROI in Houston after he did an interview with Carolyn Jones about the new Texas transvaginal ultrasound law. Ms. Jones was put  through a hellish experience.She had to have a third ultrasound on the same day and listen to the government mandated description of her baby that she desperately wanted. To me that constituted both psychological and physical torture.

 Her story was reported in Time. Here's an excerpt and link to the full, heartbreaking story:
"She was 20 weeks pregnant on the day in January when her doctor, the same one who delivered her daughter, gently broke the news that her new baby may not make it to term because of the severity of his disabilities; should he be born alive, his particular birth defect would mean he’d spend his entire life going back and forth from the hospital. A specialist conducted a second ultrasound and confirmed the prognosis. Stunned, Jones had a horrible decision to make: welcome a child into this world to face a lifetime of suffering or abort him. Choosing to continue the pregnancy, says Jones, a freelance writer in Austin, Texas, “sounded like physical cruelty.” She made her choice. That same day, she went to a Planned Parenthood clinic for the abortion."

Read more here: http://healthland.time.com/...

Raw Story carried an account of Scott's firing here - http://www.rawstory.com/...
Please send some Twitter support to @webackbraddock and @ScottBraddock. There is also a Facebook page where you can show your support for Scott -
If you want to weigh in with 92 FM protesting Scott's firing, here’s how: Want to weigh in on the air? Call 713-622-NEWS (6397). If you would like to reach any of the following people, dial 713-623-2108 or send an e-mail.

Doug Abernethy, General Manager
Denise Bishop, News Director
The war on women and the war on journalists who report on the war on women continues.
I apologize for the rushed nature of this diary. I was supposed to be somewhere an hour ago, but I am shocked and angered by this. Thanks, y'all !