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This is going to be the most brief invitation to a Daily Kos Meetup you've ever read. My apologies.

I will come back to flesh out the details, and to add travel and parking info (but there's a Metronorth MTA station just across the street from the restaurant if you're coming by train.)

We're meeting up Sunday, October 5 at 1:00 at The Shamrock, which is at 210 Meadow Street in Waterbury. Here's a link to The Shamrock Pub and Grill's website.

Next door at 228 Meadow St. is Democratic Headquarters. My hope is after we eat and drink and get a little merry, we head next door to meet whoever's next door. If you've never volunteered on a campaign before, don't worry! I promise not to pressure you into doing anything you feel uncomfortable doing. It's perfectly OK to just come only to the meetup!!!!!! Believe me, I would totally understand.

I do pretty much everything now, but when I first started I would do anything but make phone calls. There was still plenty for me to do. I used to hide in back and do all kinds of work- I didn't have to talk to anyone if I didn't want to.

So if you're interested in coming out, please make a comment below, or send me a kosmail.

Can't wait to meet you!!!

And if you're waiting for me to get back to you about ordering an Animal Nuz Tee Shirt, I am so very sorry. I have been working like a dog on campaigns, and have dropped a few balls. I promise to get caught up on the emails people have sent.

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I can't go, and the guy who paid for me doesn't want to go without me. RootsCamp doesn't do refunds.

It's in DC next Friday and Saturday.

If you're sure you can go, please kosmail me. I'll ask my friend to switch the registration to your name.

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