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So I went into DC today to see what 30 million people looked like. I was on the Mall for Obama's first inauguration along with 2 Million other people. At the inauguration, the sea of people was wall-to-wall from the Capitol to the Washington Monument and with the crowd scattered all the way back to the Lincoln Memorial. So I thought this would be, by far, the largest human gathering in the history of the planet, with the crowd blanketing the city and extending all the way to the Pentagon. However, it appears that the bulk of the projected attendees went, instead, to the Mall of the Americas, because they certainly did not show up in DC.
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Wed Oct 30, 2013 at 09:25 AM PDT

Joe Barton Gives Bad Code

by thanksforallthefish

Joe Barton (T-TX) once again confirmed that he is willing to pass off any information as fact in his maniacal effort to discredit ACA.
This morning he arrogantly brought out another smoking gun: he produced a screenshot of some source code from the website. The code contained the line "You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or any data transiting or stored on this information system."
Joe was, perhaps, trying to prop up his baseless and discredited claim that violates HIPAA. But it came off as an accusation of something nefarious going on with the site. He didn't say what that thing is, but it's bad, mkay?
What struck me was the fact that the code, was that starting on line 1406 and ending on line 1411, that piece of code was COMMENTED OUT!
Yes, the offending text, the smoking gun, was bracketed by the <!--  --> html tag which stops it from showing up on the website.


I have talked to several people lately who are not going to vote because - and this was said with all sincerity - "there is no difference between the candidates."

 That they cannot see any difference between Romney and Obama says more about them than about either candidate.

 Yes, I've had my share of disappointments with Obama, and I have flirted with the idea of throwing my vote to a third party candidate, who is never going to be president, to make a point of some kind. Yes, the current two party system is unfair and prone to corruption, but fair or not, it will provide us with a president next week and nothing is going to change that.

More below the squizzle.

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Last Friday a group of Atheists invaded the White House. By invitation. This was an historic first.

Members from several national atheist groups were invited in to discuss a range of topics of importance to the non-believing community. The President was not present but a number of White House and administration officials were present to listen to their concerns and to discuss possible solutions. Whether or not anything comes directly from these meetings, something else just as important happened. The non-believing community has been publicly acknowledged by the White House. Again.

The Obama administration knows who we are. But in a good way.

To judge by the right-wing terror machine, this portends not merely the end of the world and the downfall of civilization but an abrogation of the Constitution that must not be tolerated. It is the assertion of rabid christianists that the founders were all christians who intended the the US be a christian theocracy.

That this is demonstrably false is of little consequence.

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Elizabeth Dole has a new ad attacking Kay Hagan for her association with the most despised minority in America - Atheists.

(The ad can be seen here:
The phone number for the Dole campaign in NC is 919.829.0310)

In open defiance of Article Six of the Constitution, there is indeed a religious test for public office in America. And, apparently associating with or taking money from Atheist Americans is adequate reason for disqualification for public Office.

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I was scanning Campaign Appearances this morning and saw that Palin was holding a rally at JR's Festival Lakes in Leesburg VA. I can almost see Festival Lakes from my house!

I've already voted early for Obama, but I thought it might be interesting to go stand among the Palinoids. Just to keep myself informed. Just to keep tabs on the enemy camp. Just for the adrenaline.

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