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Every time I hear someone talking about Hillary Clinton for 2016, I think what a drone.  Not only is it a disrespect to Joe Biden it also doesn’t make any sense.  Hillary is not as popular as everyone thinks.  I cannot remind people too many times that she was supposed to be the winner the first time Barack Obama ran.  Then just as now, she was the “presumptive nominee”.  She ran a poor campaign and got quite desperate after citizens began casting their votes and it was clear that Barack Obama was going to be competition.  Hillary and the media believed she would win Iowa, she came in third.  By the time the primary got to New Hampshire a state she was supposed to win the president tied her, so she is not a winner.  She offered no real vision, just herself. Simply, Hillary lacks authenticity—sounds like anyone you know.   The President could have chosen her as vice President, and he did not.  Would Hillary have been able to negotiate with Congress the way Joe Biden has on so many important legislation, remember her attempt at healthcare reform.    .....let's go below......


Would you support a Biden/Warren Ticket in 2016

32%19 votes
34%20 votes
24%14 votes
8%5 votes

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OCCUPY MOVEMENT should change its name to the “99% MOVEMENT”.

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I have said it before I will say it again:  Obama should switch out Biden, and I know just who for-> ELIZABETH WARREN.  I know people will say this is against all political wisdom to switch Vice Presidents for the second term of a presidency, we love Joe, etc.; but Biden can go the State Department.   Obama should switch for a couple of reasons;


Should President Obama Consider Changing VP Biden

22%38 votes
8%14 votes
68%115 votes

| 167 votes | Vote | Results

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He is responding the the rally, I think Keith really wanted to be there.  He realized that he looks as ridiculous as the right if he continues with the shouting and name calling.  Referring to guests as an inventory of his friends.  He is upset to be even compared to Beck or Limbaugh calling it a phony equivalence.  But Keith, I watch you acting like a clown when you are supposed to be giving me my news.  You are loud and sometimes obnoxious.  Keith I assume you are not making it up but I have a problem with the way you present it.  Keith you dont have to correct every lie fox tells, is your job covering Foxnews or reporting news. I don't need the dramatics or sarcasm with my news.  When you start acting like a clown, I stop listening.

After listening to his conversation with Jonathan Alter I can tell neither one of them get it because they still credit msnbc as putting facts first.


I am so sick and tired of you whinny piss ass SO CALLED LIBERALS. What is so progressive about voting for someone and then turning your back on them when things get hard? What are you suffering from some kind of attention deficit?

In case you weren’t friggin' listening Obama said this would not be easy.  What the hell, did you think he was a freakin' magician...did you vote for a darn illusionist?

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I heard about the rally about a month before, both of them, the Restoring Honor and Reclaiming the dream.  I knew that the Restoring Honor rally was a Tea Party/Fox News/Glenn Beck event.  I decided to go to the Fox News Rally. We started walking to the park at around five-fifty in the morning and ran into two ladies who were participating as marshals.  "Are you going to the Restoring Honor" when we replied yes "oh" one of them said, we went on to talk about how they met Glenn Beck the night before, he was at a buffet they had and he shook hands with one of them.  I thought it was funny they were acting like school girls going to a rock concert, they were genuinely excited.  As we approached the park we saw more and more people heading towards the Lincoln Memorial.  We did not see any other brown skinned people and whenever we told one of the white people with beach chairs and wearing a flag of some kind that we were going to the rally they always seemed surprised.

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Two black women(mother and daughter) spend the day talking with Tea Partiers at the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC on 8-28-10

This video has five parts and I am sorry but I am having a problem posting to viewer here.  Please follow the link to check out the video

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In case you didnt know today the Teapartiers are planning a huge boycott commemorating Obamas inauguration.  As we can see the Republicans know political strategy and can apply it more effectively than the Democrats.  


How are you going to celebrate Obamas inauguration?

33%23 votes
5%4 votes
1%1 votes
58%40 votes

| 68 votes | Vote | Results

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The big ruckus seems to be over Harry Reid using the word "negro" in the term "negro dialect".  I think it would be a serious double standard for African Americans to take issue with the use of the word Negro since we still have the United Negro College Fund, I wondered why the NAACP was still using the word colored which I find way more offensive than negro, but if the NAACP didn’t see a need to change it then I wont argue.  I think what is going on here is a case of entitlement by the republicans.  They decided that this was a racist statement and now the media is picking up on it.  Harry Reid was addressing Obama prospects with certain sectors of the white demography.  I am sure Obama being light skinned helped some white voters push the button for him, and truth be told it probably made some African Americans more enthusiastic.  Being a darker skinned person I am familiar with this, more favorable treatment or feeling toward lighter skinned people.  He did not call Obama a Negro, he called him a "light skinned African American"--what’s wrong with that, and he is isn’t he?  


Who is the biggest loser as a result of "Game Change"?

5%5 votes
29%25 votes
15%13 votes
3%3 votes
11%10 votes
11%10 votes
4%4 votes
8%7 votes
9%8 votes
0%0 votes

| 85 votes | Vote | Results

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In my previous posting (Traveling to Negril) I wrote about Lingah by the Sea, restaurant located on the beach behind Mariners Negril Beach Club. On our previous trip we had established what we thought was a good relationship with the operators. We ate most of our meals at Lingah and noticed that very few people were eating at the bar and restaurant, on many occasions my daughter and I was the only patrons. Being a licensed Real Estate Broker and having spent the past ten years in sales at a major corporation I offered my analytical and marketing skills, when the owners showed concern about payment I assured them that my services were free of charge and they were willing to accept it. I did a complete analysis of Lingah Restaurant and their competition. I advised them on how to best utilize the staff and on visibility.

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Another day in the fight for healthcare reform.  This has been a fascinating debate but I agree with Obama we have been talking about healthcare for years, but for the first time I think something is going to get done.  What that is I am not sure.  I just hope whatever it is leads to universal healthcare, because I don’t think we are going to get that on the first try.  We have to get a public option though because that is the only path to universal healthcare.  It’s not going to kick in until 2016 we need to put pressure to make the changes take effect sooner.  No one is talking about it but I think the timeline for the implementation of this bill are too way off.  Particularly because of the timeline, anything less than a bill with a public option to me would be a real failure because in a sense we would still be at square one.


community sponsored healthcare program

32%17 votes
3%2 votes
52%28 votes
11%6 votes

| 53 votes | Vote | Results

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"Integrity is the lifeblood of democracy. Deceit is a poison in its veins." -- Senator Edward Moore Kennedy

The title of this post is an Edward Kennedy quote, and below is the speech he gave to the Democratic National Convention in 1980 after realizing he will not be representing his party as the presidential nominee.  The title of the speech is "The Cause Endures" it is as relevant today as it was then.

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