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Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 06:00 PM PDT

In the Line of Duty

by the littlest gator

In the days to come, there will be a lot of talk of the shooter, of the domestic and political ramifications of this, of security issues, of global concerns. So, just wanted to take a minute to say. This man. Stephen Tyrone Johns, who was 3 years younger than me. This man, died to protect other people. He worked at the museum for 6 years. He met and interacted with people from all over the world and carried his duty and responsibility with excellence.


Do you think our gun policy will change?

2%1 votes
47%22 votes
41%19 votes
8%4 votes
0%0 votes

| 46 votes | Vote | Results

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(1) Start by joining your Democrats Abroad Committee at and ask for for help in absentee registration and voting, or go directly to  and complete the absentee ballot request form, no later than September 15th.

(2) Also, visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s website at for more information on the absentee registration and voting process in your state.

read the rest of the 9 below.

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I believe that the change our nation needs is truly coming from the bottom up, not the top down.

This week as I struggle with disappointment, frustration and anger over the Mukesay nomination, and FISA, Feinstein and Schumer, Pelosi, and other leaders who I don't feel are truly trying as hard as they can to get us out of this war... This week as I try to stay engaged, and try to choose a candidate that I really believe will be the best president... this week that was full of hard news for grassroots democrats- People have asked me why they should give money to democrats abroad, or the DNC or anyone in the party, considering the voting record of congress recently. Why should we support the 50 state campaign?

I can tell you why...

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The folks over at the GNB, made an announcement today in honor of the birthday of departed and sorely missed blogger and creator of THE NEWS BLOG, Steve Gilliard.

Drum roll.... they proudly announced the creation of the
Steve Gilliard Grant for Political Journalism.

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Dear Dems, come take a look at this months Web-based newsletter from Democrats Abroad Japan. Read the whole thing... though we are living overseas we care deeply about our country and we work hard to participate in the process.


Have you heard about Democrats Abroad?

27%8 votes
34%10 votes
27%8 votes
10%3 votes

| 29 votes | Vote | Results

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So, here I am again, sitting and thinking about food and culture and politics. I have had recent blog conversations with folks about food being political.

All I can say is that the more I learn, the more I realize that not only is food and food production political- BUT talking about food may be a great way to reach out to people who are not now active in politics.

many people have a feeling in their gut (pun intended) that something is wrong but they don't know what...


Do you shop at a farmer's market

45%14 votes
32%10 votes
19%6 votes
3%1 votes

| 31 votes | Vote | Results

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So in answer to my earlier post today about new obesity issues, earlier post today about new obesity issues, a friend wrote me off list and asked Is Obesity really a political issue? Isn't it an issue of personal choice.

We had a great discussion and this was my answer to her, which I thought would be good to post up here as well...


Is Obesity a Political issue

66%42 votes
20%13 votes
9%6 votes
3%2 votes

| 63 votes | Vote | Results

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We face so many issues now as a nation, so many seemingly insurmountable problems. But one that strikes at the very core of who we are and who our kids are is what we eat. Food Politics and the champions of the cause are starting to get the word out, but still- to the average person- it seems like a small problem in a sea of problems.

It Is Not.


How serious do you think the obesity problem is in the USA?

49%29 votes
30%18 votes
6%4 votes
1%1 votes
5%3 votes
1%1 votes
0%0 votes
5%3 votes

| 59 votes | Vote | Results

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Thu Aug 23, 2007 at 02:21 AM PDT

gore '08? is it possible?

by the littlest gator

So there is all this news floating around about draft gore movements and ballot initiatives... if wishing could make it so...!

but my question to the wonky-er among you- is "how possible is it?"
and then "how likely?"


Do you think the Draft Gore movement is a pipe dream?

31%65 votes
5%11 votes
33%69 votes
25%52 votes
1%4 votes
3%7 votes

| 208 votes | Vote | Results

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late last night I finished the new Barbara Kingsolver book Animal Vegetable Miracle It was wonderful and I really want to recommend it to all of you. She is funny, caustic, serious, sad, and hopeful by turns. But the big thing about this book is she gets how to talk to people about this issue. And that is what folks need to be doing.

Talking, thinking, helping each other, and making changes.

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Thu Aug 16, 2007 at 05:20 PM PDT

It is hard to eat well

by the littlest gator

subtitle random morning thoughts on food...

So, I have been into food politics for a while. Have done a lot of reading, and writing, and thinking about what ails us. But what I am left with is this sense that it is hard, sometimes really hard, to eat well. Partly why it is hard for me is I am currently living in japan. and while I can speak and understand japanese reading is really difficult so that makes label reading when I buy products difficult.

but that is not the crux of the problem I think.

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Over on the Group News Blog, Lower Manhattanite, has a brilliant post comparing current dust ups between Hill and Bama with a historical relationship between Fredrick Douglas and Susan B Anthony... it is brilliant and deserves wide circulation and thought.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, whatever their "differences", are being actively set against each other here in '07 by forces that very much need ...their relative positives and powers stripped away from the Democratic field. Attractive things like Obama's fire, and his injection of excitement and new life into the staid "yawn" that is the "optics" of what we've come to know as a real candidate these days. And other things like Hillary's seasoning and gravitas, as well as her solid "name branding" and unique "optics" as a candidate as well. For all of their wedded-ness to certain elements of the status quo, they represent something new, challenging and in the heart of hearts of the descendants of those shit-stirrers of the mid 1800s, arma-fucking-geddon.

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