On Monday 4/16, my husband and I were on the last stage of a three-day drive from Vermont back to Wisconsin.  We were already in a good mood, feeling refreshed from lunch with a friend down on State Street, and having just a couple more hours to drive.   Heading north out of Madison on Hwy 14, we spotted a recall sign in a style that was new to us.  White-stenciled letters on a red background spelled out "RECALL WALKER".  Below that, a large white text box offered a specific reason, handwritten in black.  And just below that, in a smaller rectangular text box, we read "VOTE MAY 8."  Within a few miles we spotted another one in the same design, but with a new reason to recall filling the large text box.  After a glance in the rear-view mirror, I saw that the signs were also two-sided, providing a good view to south-bound drivers.  As we continued north, new signs appeared every few miles, so though neither of us remembered hearing any word of it (we'd been in Vermont since mid-February) we realized we must be seeing the results of a carefully organized effort.  Follow me below the fold for photos and more!