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Again ... brothers and sisters ... "REAL DEMOCRATS" would NOT vote for this ....

Too bad our public schools can't do like the charter schools are doing this week in the Phoenix city council ... they are going to get over a hundred million dollars in tax free bonding from the city of Phoenix council ... the probability for this is pretty good as the council over the last two years have approved almost a half billion dollars for corporate charter schools.  Imagine that ... all the charter schools do ... is go to the Phoenix mayor and council and ask for a yes vote ... and voila ! They get their tax free bonding ....

Now ... you might say that has nothing to do with the Az. governor's huge proposed cut backs to Arizona education but ... the fact of the matter is ... that when these sweet tax free bond votes for corporate charter schools are handed out ... they don't have to go knock on tens or even hundreds of thousands of doors asking voters for these bonds ... all these corporate charter schools have to do is go to nine Phoenix city council people and the mayor and they get their funding approved by voice vote ... very unfair and as a matter of fact a form of corporate welfare that takes away (through tax free bonding) from the very public coffers from which other public services are payed for ...

Please call the mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton (602-262-7111) and his council (602-262-7777) or go to the meeting and as them to vote no for this unfair tax free give away of hundreds of millions  in bonding for corporate charter schools while our public schools are facing huge cut backs.

I have posted the agenda items below exactly as they appear on next week's agenda for the Phoenix city to be held on Wednesday at 3:00PM. Please Facebook message me if you have any questions and if you would like to be there to ask mayor Stanton and the Phoenix city council to vote no on approving hundreds of millions for a small number of corporate charter schools. This is not about politics ... this is about fairness in a time when the governor is making outrageous cuts to our public schools while increasing funding for prisons.
 Thank you, Leonard Clark :)

CITY COUNCIL MEETING 3:00PM Wednesday, Phoenix city council chambers ...



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I found that the belief by some members of the commission that the Phoenix City Council and mayor were almost powerless to do anything about police abuses. To be misguided. Yes ... the council and the mayor are not dictators and must follow the law but ...even with a "City Manager" style of government that does not preclude nor change the fact that our council and mayor our elected representatives and ... whether we like it or not our de-facto moral leaders when it comes to issues such as discrimination, poverty and police abuse.

Even if ... we really believed our city elected leaders of Phoenix were almost powerless to do anything about police abuses ... they could for example proclaim their own views as private citizens their belief that reforms would be needed and ...if the city charter says they can't as elected leaders it doesn't say anything about them doing something as citizens because that is their First Amendment right.

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Are you listening Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton ? You are a Democrat ... now is your chance to act like one !
We will not rest until justice is restored in the city of Phoenix and in the Unites States of America ...especially where it concerns prosecution of police for alleged felonies against civilians !
Please, brothers and sisters ... help us get signatures for our petitions.
please go to our facebook group: " People Against Clergy and Politicians That Preach Hate" to help with ideas and an upcoming meeting to get this done ! Our link is posted in the below thread
Thank you
Leonard Clark
chair of People Against Clergy and Politicians Who Preach Hate !


A big thank you to everybody from "People Against Clergy and Politicians Who Preach Hate !" who attended the Love Rally today to try and change the heart and mind of the sick man preaching behind the pulpit and on the Internet that our brothers and sisters in the GLBTQ community should all be murdered.
Special thanks to Maricopa supervisor Steve Gallardo and state representative Andrew Sherwood for being there. In addition ... thank you to H.E.R.O. Arizona for once again being there in love and peace and the other public officials. At least this man's (who calls himself a minister and a Christain) followers saw that we were there and that there is another path to spirituality rather than that of the sick path this poor little man is telling them they have to follow !
And ... we have already set up another event to be there the following Sunday for anyone who would like to attend more love rallies with us. There are always kind and beautiful people there to stand united in love and humanity.
Doing a Youtube shortly ... please come out next week if you can.


Brothers and sisters ... Pastor Anderson is at it again ... back in 2009 we protested against his hateful prayers asking for our president's death ... now he is openly instigating hate and possible violence against our brothers and sisters in the L.G.B.T.Q. community and against our brothers and sisters in the Jewish Community ! We need to let the nation and world know ... that our beloved Arizona is not run by nor represented by sick and twisted individuals like Pastor Anderson ! Please .. come out and protest with us non-violently at our "Love Rallies" non-violently this Sunday and let the world know ... Arizona is not about hate but instead about love and humanity. Thank you,
Lennie :)
P.S. please check out our event starts at 9:00A.M

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Okay wait ... another Democratic politician wants you to forget his support for corporate charter schools .. Greg Stanton
I have personally watched and testified against this mayor (Stanton) of Phoenix and his council as they doled out approximately a quarter of a billion dollars in sweet tax free bonding to corporate charter schools since he has been elected ... now that he's starting his re-election efforts in ernest ....he tries to play both sides of the fence by publicly helping our public schools beg for funding that they shouldn't have to beg for in 21st century America.

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Hope you will help us brothers and sisters in trying to get this proposed emergency Phoenix law stopped. At first ... it's easy to say this is no big deal but it is what's really going on beneath the surface that we should ask ourselves why ? And then ... we discover that there are many reasons why this is a horrible law and the one reason for opposing it on the grounds that Phoenix is trying to hide the embarrassment of hunger and homelessness from nation and the world are just one reason ... the other being "Freedom of Speech." The city of Phoenix is conflating in their emergency ordinance traffic/pedestrian accidents.

Yes ... they're trying to be sneaky and it will probably be popular with people as most of us get annoyed but that I am guilty for saying that's a bad proposed law because I have to ask myself is it really about danger to pedestrians or not having to answer to the rest of the nation and world why we have poor people begging for food on our streets and yes... I know the usual arguments ...they're are on drugs (some probably are) and they're lazy (prob not for most).
This is just to cover up hunger and untreated mental problems in the city of of Phoenix not to mention the slippery slope of limiting our freedom of speech just like the other excuse they use called loitering. They tried to do this to Occupy as well. I will be protesting this in the strongest non violent ways.

Also ... find it funny that the Arizona Republic who has a permanent office within Phoenix city hall didn't inform the public about this yet ...just a coincidence ?


My position on shooting of un-armed young man, Michael Brown (may his soul rest in peace) in Ferguson, Missouri:

To state that all the American citizens in Ferguson, Missouri who are suffering their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble and petition their government for redress are looters and are violent is not only flat out wrong but illustrates the very example of a multi-cultural America that is increasingly becoming more and more at odds with itself due to: 1.) Miscommunication 2.) in-equality and 3.) The re-emergence of racism.

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Has America crossed a symbolic Rubicon river tonight ? Or duh ... "where have you been?" is the response from others who say that this over use and zealous passion for militarization of our police has been going on all around the country since at least 9-11 ?
Even so ... I would argue that yes... we at a minimum have ripped the thin veneer off a wound that has been festering with a resurgent deadly form of racism tonight and that Ferguson, Missouri is really representative of a sickness that has spread all over the police forces of America due to a right wing extremism ushered in by the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush.


Shot down jet ...this is what happens when an anti-human rights Russian tyrant named Vlad Putin gets appeased by right wingers and left wingers !
Stand behind our president !!!!
Condolences to the loved ones of so many lives tragically lost.

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Sun May 11, 2014 at 12:31 AM PDT

Right Wing Trojan Horse ?

by thedamnliberal

Do we have the metaphorical version of a right wing Trojan Horse inside of our democratic party leadership ? Why, does it seem sometimes that some of our highest democratic officials are doing contradictory things in really backing up their words with actions as it pertains to following the principles we hold dear in the democratic party ?

"Dark Money", Black Mail, Stockholm Syndrome ? Or all of the above ? All I know is that with democratic leaders like some of these D.I.N.O.s who needs right wing extremists ?


Hello all. I as a resident of Phoenix have often wondered why, (in addition to Gerrymandering and me not getting off my duff as a democrat to help enough) the republicans here in Arizona and particularly in the Phoenix Metro area are keeping us..."just this side of Ghengis Khan?" Well, yes...I did mention Gerrymandering, apathy on my part and also forgot to mention large retirement communities where only senior citizens are allowed to live but...there is another factor and that is the large mega-churches and the very right wing Arizona Republic (which pretends to be moderate) and which is owned by Gannett, need I say more ?
 Well...yes. If anyone here takes the time to catalogue our (Phoenix Metro Churches by their size and their leadership, I believe one could pretty much see how the "poor sheep" that follow and believe every word of a powerful preacher could be predicted to vote republican. Now...that's just a tiny little idea (mine) of why we have embarrasements like Jan Brewer and S.B. 1062 but...hey...I know there's alot more..what's your take ?

Peace brothers and sisters from a deep red very, very gerrmandering right wing extremist president Obama hating district. :)

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