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Like most of you, I've been absolutely consumed with the investigation surrounding Michael Brown's death. While there's a flood of news coming out of Ferguson day and night, actual updates regarding the investigation to determine if Officer Wilson will be brought to justice are but faint trickles.

As an exercise to mentally distract myself from the angst and frustration over the glacial pace the investigations into Brown's slaying seemed to be taking, I began documenting various primary source witness' accounts to see what was consistent, what conflicted, and what could be deduced from that. Perhaps I'll post what I come up with a future diary, but I had to put that effort aside when the light-bulb moment of this diary hit me.

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Somebody in Missouri with the authority to do so needs to immediately relieve Ferguson, MO Police Chief Thomas Jackson from duty for gross obfuscation of justice in an effort to incite violence for the eventual obstruction of Michael Brown's justice.

That's the only conclusion I'm able to reach about Jackson releasing reports that name Michael Brown as the strong-arm cigar thief.

He wants the protests to get violent.
He wants the occupying military-police to be redeployed.

Chief Thomas Jackson wants anything that will distract public opinion from the fact that one of his white cops unloaded several bullets into an unarmed black man until he was dead.

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Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 09:51 AM PDT

Decency's Last Stand

by thegray72

In the 25+ years I've been politically aware, I can't possibly begin to count how many "I've had it up to here" moments regarding Republican tactics and methods kept me up at night. After decades of constant confrontation, methodical obfuscation, and maniacal vilification, Republicanism today, as exemplified by Sgt. Bergdahl's release, has devolved into The Mother of McCarthyism's Grendel. Americanism desperately needs heroes to behead Republicanism beast.

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