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Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 01:52 PM PDT

Obama is tanking in the polls

by themoderateman

He is down 4 points in the latest Pew poll, a poll he lead by 9 points before the debate.  As I said in my previous diary, Obama was too lazy and too arrogant to do the real prep work needed for his debate with Romney.

We needed Obama win that debate.  Medicare, the Supreme Court, gay rights, tax fairness, the social safety net, all of it was on the line during the debate and Obama was either too lazy or too busy or just too arrogant to engage.  He is still asking me for money.  I guess I am expected to give another $10 to his wayward campaign.  I don't know why I would do that.  Why?

Why would I give money to a politician who can't get up for the debate that might be recorded as the debate that shaped the 21st century?

Obama will not be regarded kindly if he loses reelection.  Democrats don't like one term Presidents.  

The pathetic part of his potential loss is that everyone stepped up to win him a second term except Obama.  Everyone gave money.  Everyone volunteered.  His convention was epic (except his lame speech) and yet he could not find it in himself to protect American values when it mattered most.

I still think Obama can win but it's going to get a lot worse for him over the next couple of weeks and we only have 4 weeks left.  

If Obama loses it will be because he got crushed at the debate.  He didn't even bother to show up.  He told the American people he would not participate in the debate.  Well, now he is really screwed and if he thinks beating Romney in the next debate is going to happen he is in even more trouble.

This is bad people, really really really bad and Obama needs to wake the f*** up!


I feel like I am going to puke.  Everyday I see a new poll tightening or a new right wing pundit crooning about how Obama shit the bed during the debate and that Romney is beloved by the American people I feel like screaming.

How in fucks sake did Obama screw that debate up this bad?  Seriously.  What kind of shit ass advice did he get?  Do Plouffe tell Obama to nod his head everytime Romney told a lie?  Did John Kerry pretend he was Al Gore during debate prep?  I am fucking pissed off and let down and sad and totally furious that Obama fucked up that debate.

We had it.  We had this fucking election in the bag.  We had it! Everyone had done their job.  Bill Clinton nailed it at the convention.  In fact, everyone stepped up to bat with a full throated endorsement of Obama and knocked Romney back into the cheap seats at the convention.  Well, everyone except Obama.  His speech was weak and shirking.  It was forgotten how shitty he did because everyone else was phenominal but Obama didn't really bring it.  He phoned it in and if not for Clinton and the rest of the people who acted like they gave a shit about winning made up for his sleepy, weak speech.

MSNBC has been railing Romney and his surrogates night  after night.  Obama's surrogates have been putting his attack lines on a fucking tee for him to smash out of the park in his stump speeches.  Fortunately, Obama has been pretty good at that.  Thank you Rachel and Chris and Al and Ed for teaching Obama how to attack.

The small donations have been rolling in.  I have donated probably 6 times $30 or less.  I have phone banked, I have tweeted, I have made some Pro-Obama posts on Facebook, I've HAD his back.

How does Obama repay me?  How does he thank me for actually giving a shit about his second term.  He doesn't even show up.  Honestly, I don't know how this is OK.  I really don't.  It is so far beyond OK for Obama to shit all over himself and put our policies at risk I don't even know where to begin.  It's really not about him, it's about not losing my right to Medicare, it's about not having a scary crazy right wing supreme court for the rest of my life, it's about having a fair tax code.  Everything was on the line and Obama didn't even show up.  He failed to represent us.  In my opinion he was selfish not to care about his base.

So you know what, it's not OK.  It's far from OK.  His poll numbers are tanking and he is bringing people like Sherrod Brown down with him.  He is hurting McCaskill.  Obama's debate disaster might cost us the senate for Christ's sake.  It's not OK for him to do that.

Of course I am still getting my donation emails.  I am still getting my emails from Obama telling me we are in it together.  Really Mr President??  Really?  I actually don't know if I believe you right now.  You took my money, my hard work, my belief and you took a big negligent crap on it.

So, if Obama loses....fuck him.  He is worse than Carter.  He is worse that Carter because Jimmy Carter got beat.  Jimmy Carter tried to win with all his heart and soul and he just could not do it.  He didn't have the skills and he didn't have the conditions.

If Obama loses it will be because he was too lazy or arrogant to step up and fight for America when it counted.  I'm fucking serious.  This was it.  This was his chance to end this election and put it away and instead of taking it seriously when it was most serious he blew it off and acted like this election was over.   Democrats fought off the economy, we fought off the arguments, we uncovered Romney saying 47% of the country did not take personal responsibility for their lives.  What the fuck more do we have to do for you Obama?!?!!!!

Obama has deflated his base and energized the competition with one lazy, unprepared, arrogant, rude night.  I feel like Obama told his coalition to "fuck off" during that debate.  He was not going to listen to those of us telling him to go for the jugular.  Obama could not lower himself to engage in the issues at the level of John Q Democrat.  No, no, no, Obama has to be above the fray and fucking blame everyone the same for the problems of today.  It was not Wall Street's fault the banks failed, it was the fault of people who took out a mortgage.  Really??  He fucking blamed homeowners for listening to W Bush and the GOP telling them to buy, buy, buy.  My head was spinning when he said that shit, but only someone so arrogant and disdainful of his own base would say something like that.

I will have no pity if Obama loses.  I will not regard him as a particularly great President either.  A great man would have gave a shit about the millions of people he was defending on that stage.  A great man would never and I mean NEVER let Romney have gotten away with his bullshit.  Clinton would have destroyed Romney.  

I am so beyond upset at Obama for shitting that debate away I wish I could have all my money back retroactively to 2008.  I wish McCain had won and tanked the economy so we could win this time.

Obama, this is not about "me" anymore.  It's about YOU and if you lose the only person to be blamed for the loss will be YOU.  

We gave you our money, we gave you our time, we encouraged every pol to stand behind you and how did you treat us??  You were too fucking lazy or arrogant to show up on debate night when it really counted.

I realize I have called Obama lazy and arrogant and other names usually reserved for the right wing.  I am not using these attacks to borrow their bullshit lingo.  I am using these adjectives because they fit.

Some of us actually need Medicare you arrogant fucker!!!  Fight for us!  Give a shit!  Invest!  Obama...wake the fuck up!!

Update #1

For those of you who think this is premature I suggest you refer this diary in a couple of weeks when Obama is trailing by 2-3 points and the election is in 10 days.

There is no defense for Obama's debate performance.  I don't know how anyone can blow that off.  Will you all feel just fine if Romney is elected???

As far as the language goes, whatever, you are a grow up, fucking deal with it.  


Obama lost the first debate.  I don't think that is up for "debate". Obama lost.  The next question is why did he lose?  Well I think some people would say he was not plussed like Romney was.  Obama did not seem as eager to argue as Romney. Fair enough. Maybe Obama lost because his body posture was not as robotically erect and imposing as Romney.  OK.  Obama did the ole' "look down at your pad of paper when the other guy is talking" trick (Thanks for that gem coach John Kerry, you are super awesome at debating).  Also, Romney was a bully.  He shoved that dopey senior citizen Jim Lehrer around.  Screw you PBS!!  Obama was much more respectful and deferential to Mr Lehrer that Mitt.  How dare Obama be considerate and respectful? Another point for the Mittbot.

However, I believe the central critique of why Obama's lost contains an implicit win.  

More below the orange smoke monster...

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Thu Sep 20, 2012 at 04:11 PM PDT

The Revenge of Bill Clinton

by themoderateman

Obama is pulling away from Romney.  According to recent polls, Americans feel more optimistic about the economy and they trust Obama more than Romney on the economy going forward.  Obama has highest job approvals in months and he is basically kicking Romney's ass in the polls.

Chris Mathews and Sam Stein floated a theory I have been convinced is a large reason Obama is surging, they suggested Obama is still benefiting from Clinton's convention speech.  I totally agree.

In 1996 the GOP went after Bill Clinton with the same hate and venom they are currently dumping on Obama.  The GOP robbed Clinton of a second term by impeaching him over nothing. Clinton is popular now but W Bush ran in 2000 against the moral missteps of Clinton.  

Well, who is feeling the pain now?  If Obama is reelected, I think Dem's will win in 2016 and unless the fatigue is severe 2020 as well.  The GOP is "this close" to heading into a potentially fatal death spiral.  

Clinton was partisan, tough, attacking, accurate and inspirational.  Bill Clinton let the GOP have it with both barrels.  He laid into the Republicans in a way he has never done.  

Bill Clinton was dogged by Ken Starr in the 90's, but at that convention Clinton got his revenge against the GOP that impeached him.  If Obama wins reelection, the Clinton speech will go down as the marker upon which the GOP of the 2000's was destroyed.


Sun Sep 16, 2012 at 09:51 PM PDT

Values, CEO's and Reality TV...

by themoderateman

I think reality tv shows starring CEO's suck.

Look at Apprentice.  It's a show where people kill themselves to not get fired by Donald "ass clown"Trump.  People break down in tears when Trump fires them. What values are implied by that show?  Wealth is supreme.  Getting ahead is more important the getting along. The CEO is a heroic, powerful and wise individual.  I always find it kinda gross the way other CEO's are portrayed on the show.

Undercover Boss.  The CEO's of companies pretend they are workers and try to learn more about their corporations.  At the end of the show the CEO typically gives one employee some sort of bonus, prize, change in work environment and maybe..the if worker is really lucky, the worker will get a promotion.  What is this show about?  Well, the boss is always watching.  You never know what that sneaky CEO is up to.  He just might trick you, put on a costume and work right next to you.  It implies the CEO is ultimately smarter than his employees.  The CEO is also portrayed as benevolent, kind, giving, gentle and capable of being a regular Joe.  Warning, the CEO is also brilliant, privileged to information the employee is not and is above all else a great decision maker.  It's another show dedicated to the glorification of the CEO.  

Shark Tank.  My personal favorite. A bunch of poor people begging rich people to give them money?  If they are really lucky the "CEO/shark" won't totally fuck them out of ownership of their dream business. The viewer is led to relate to the "sharks".  The sharks are portrayed as funny, clever, all knowing and without fault.  They at times mock the commoner who has come before them with nothing but a dream and empty pockets.  Why can't they entrepreneurs go to bank?  I guess the banks told them to screw off.

These shows have worked to change the public image of the CEO.  To what end?

It seems to me that "liberal, bleeding heart" sentimentalism is not only out of fashion on TV but it's basically ridiculed.  TV programmers took grow a spine and create some reality shows that actually show reality.


Tue Sep 04, 2012 at 10:49 PM PDT

Obama 2012 = Hillary 2016

by themoderateman

As an avid HRC supporter I can see her 2016 Presidential election happening tonight.  The path for HRC to become the first female President and I am sure a phenomenal President was laid forth tonight.  The long road to equality took a step forward tonight.  If we can re-elected Obama, I am confident Hillary will win the 2016 Dem nomination as well as the white house.  She has engendered the support of meat and potatoes Democrats and some of the more moderate and even some hawkish Republicans.  The door for Hillary is open, wide open, with a Barack Obama win in 2016.

I believe the Clinton's know this.  I believe this is why Bill is speaking for Barack.  The Clinton's know that the road for Hillary becomes much harder if Mitt win's.  The economy will come back over the next 4 years. The President elected in 2012 will get the credit for a roaring economy.  Let's hope that it will be Obama because he earned it and if Obama gets the credit for a booming economy the American public will know that the Clintons are capable of keeping it humming.

I want Hillary in 2016.  I am ready to vote for Hillary in 2016.  I am ready to volunteer for Hillary in 2016.  I am ready to donate money to her campaign, and I am ready to start doing that today.

I believe every dollar donated to Obama, every phone call made for Obama, every door knocked on for Obama and every vote for Obama is a vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016.  The path is there.  The door is open.  The glass ceiling is ready to shatter.  We Hillary Clinton supporters must re-elect Obama.  It's imperative.

I want my 6 year old daughter to see a woman President.  I want my 80 year old grandmother to see a woman President.  I want my mother, my sister and my wife to live in a country with a female President and I want that President to be Hillary Clinton.  This is just another reason I am working hard to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama.

I am working for Obama so I can also be a part of the great succession and progression - President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Please work your heart out for Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Now is the time.  This is the year.  We have two months. Let's do it.


As a person of principle let me be very clear to any "conservatives" who troll the Kos for proof that liberals want to take away thier guns.  Here you go conservatives:  We liberals really do want to take away your guns and never let you have them back.


If your gun is an UZI
If you are using a gun with an extended clip...we want to take your gun
If you are concealing a high powered automatic weapon designed to best law enforcement...we want to take your gun away from you.
If you are a mentally unstable student or postal worker...we want your gun right now!
If you are currently intoxicated with alchohol or some other drug...give us your gun, right now.
If you have a criminal may not have a gun, hand it over and never ask for it back
If you are angry at your spouse and it's a hot summer night and you just stumbled into a gun shop...You may not buy a gun today, you must wait 72 hours from today to buy your gun so go to a hotel/motel and think about what we just saved you from...we don't want you to have a gun!!


If you are a hunter who likes to get up at 4AM to sit in a wet cold duck blind with your buddy - have at it, you may keep your gun.

If you are a Tea Partier who subscribes to various conspiracy leaflets and you just need to have a gun locked up in your house in case the bogey man comes to get may keep your gun

If you are a freaky history buff who collects Civil War guns and may keep your stupid antique guns but there is a reason you are single pal

If you are a single woman (for example) and you feel you need a gun for reasonable self defense...please take a good class on how to properly shoot and secure your weapon.  We hope you never EVER have to use the weapon but we respect your wishes to protect yourself and would NEVER make a law preventing you from reasonably doing so.

Bottom line, as a person of principle, not an etch a sketch faux varmint hunter, let me be clear, you can keep a gun to hunt, you can keep a reasonable handgun to protect your property and person, and you can keep your goofy gun collections but you MAY NOT HAVE SICKO GUNS DESINGED TO DO NOTHING OTHER THAN KILL PEOPLE!!!!  We liberals want to take THOSE GUNS away.  We really do!

I think you can see that we liberals reasonably want to respect the rights of gun owners. So why don't you so called "principled" conservatives start respecting our right to walk down the street without the fear of some crazed gunman shooting a child because he was carrying a concealed bag of skittles?  

Where are your principles conservatives?  Where is your human decency?


This is my humble and respectful reply to another diary rooting against Sen Santorum.  While I understand and respect the reasons for not wanted to give such a biggoted person a megaphone, I hope Santorum wins.

I hope Santorum wins the GOP nomination for 3 reasons.

1) Democrats will have full ticket success in 2012
2) The GOP will unravel in real time in Tampa
3) The Obama v Santorum debate would be INSANE!!


Who do you want Obama to face in the General Election?

35%21 votes
58%35 votes
6%4 votes

| 60 votes | Vote | Results

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Yep.  I said it.  Obama kicks ass!  Why?  Because he does, so deal with it Republicans.  I am so sick of hearing the GOP bash Obama.  I am so sick of hearing the media bash Obama.  I understand some liberals bashing Obama and I am OK with it, but I for one, stand with the President.  The guy is freaking awesome and I don't care who tries to knock me down for saying it.  I am so excited to fight for Obama and give money to his campaign and help him win in 2012.

I was asked the other day on this website why I am so excited about Obama.  I know it's not the popular position to take these days.  It's hard to find people as excited as I am about Barack Obama, but I don't care, I think he is a fantastic President.  So, this is a short list of Obama accomplishments that I think are great and worth my vote and support...

1) He killed Osama bin Laden
2) He passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act
3) He appointed a head to the Consumer Protection Agency during "recess"...screw you Mitch.
4) He passed a massive stimulus that basically saved gov union jobs and the economy in general.  His stimuls was a direct infusion of cash for states to pay the wages and benefits of unionized government workers.  He saved union jobs and I think that is awesome.  A strong union worker makes for a strong private sector employee.  I am a member of a union and I know Republicans would love for organized labor to just wither and die.
5) He opted to save the auto industry and all the union jobs associated with that sector.  More union support.  Do you think Mitt Romney would have saved those unions jobs?  That was the GOP chance to effectively end organized labor in the private sector.
6) He has been a moral and decent man in the White House.
7) The simple historic nature of his race and his accomplishment to just get elected is still exciting to me.  We can't let him be defeated.  That would be a bad precedent, IMO.
8) He has remained calm and positive in spite of the tremendous hate and venom the conservatives have spattered at him.
9) I cannot think of a more liberal president in the last 40 years.
10) Obama has shown the ability to return America to it's position of prominence on the world stage since taking office.  W Bush had shattered the image of America. W set the precendent of preemptive war.   Obama rightly appologized to the world for the incompetence and arrogance of the W Bush admin and he was awarded the nobel peace prize for showing such humility and wisdom.  Yes, Obama appologized for W Bush, fuck yes he did, and he was right to do it.

I could go on: he killed the pirates, he abolished don't ask don't tell, he has fought for unemployment insurance extension, he passed health care reform (risked his Presidency for people with a preexisiting condition, that was not easy to do) and finacial reform, he is an amazing that especially compared to W Bush, he stood up for the unionized Boeing employees when Boeing retaliated against laboir and threatened to move a plant and kill thier jobs...The guy is a superstar for union labor.  

For me, Obama has been a truly inspirational President.  I am very very proud to support Obama  I understand that Obama cannot be everything to everyone and I would never expect people to just get in line and support a President, everyone has the right to dissent, protest or just raz a President if they feel like it, that goes with the territory.
I am just saying, for me. Obama is a great President and I cannot wait to vote for Obama in 2012.

I beleive his re-election will set the stage for two decades of Democrats in the White House.  This is our chance to hold the soul of America.  

Imagine Obama winning in 2012, the economy kicks back into gear and then Democrats and Obama are just riding a wave of economic boom times.  Can you imagine the Republcans moaning aboout how awful Obama is when it is his policies that have got America back on track?

This is it.  This is the election to set the stage for Hillary in 2016!!!  Am I excited?  Fuck yes I am.  Liberals have a great President in the White House.  We have got a guy that can WIN and win big in 2012.  

Republicans have labeled Obama as a liberal Democrat.  Awesome I say!  I say this is our chance to re-elected a so called liberal Democrat.  Can you imagine how demoralized the GOP will be if Obama wins in 2012? If Obama wins in 2012, we will get the supreme court back down the road, we will save SS and Medicare, we will have momentum to move to alt energy, we will have a Prez fighting for seniors and the sick and the poor.

I have got Obama's back.  I am a damn proud Obama supporter and I know there are people like me on DailyKos.  

I greatly respect those who have a different opinion.  I appreciate everyone's right to protest and I am not saying Obama is perfect, but in my opinion, he is pretty damn great and I cannot wait to fly to DC for his 2012 inauguration!  I am sure it will be another collosal speech.  

Will Aretha wear another amazing hat?


Best Dem Prez?

68%724 votes
4%53 votes
2%23 votes
4%43 votes
6%68 votes
7%78 votes
6%74 votes

| 1063 votes | Vote | Results

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Fri Jan 06, 2012 at 11:51 PM PST

Obama is a stud!!

by themoderateman

I am such a fan of Obama.  The closer we get to 2012 the more excited I get to work for Obama!  His recent move to get the Consumer Protection Agency rolling is the one that did it for me.  This guy has just gotten better and better.  I am just so impressed with his work ethic, his spine, his faith in the American people, his excellent organization skills, his independance from the military brass.

I am confident that at the end of his term Obama will be the Reagan of the DNC.  Obama has really stepped it up since the Tea Party rode into town.

I am going to work my ass off to keep Obama in the White House and get as many Dem's elected to the Senate and House as possible.

For the first time in a long time, I am really excited about the 2012 race.  I know that if we can win this one we can win the soul of America for the next 20 years.  This is our chance, this is our chance to reclaim liberalism in the 21st century.

If Obama win in 2012 we might even have a chance to get the Supreme Court back!!!


Are you excited to work for Obama in 2012??

63%65 votes
11%12 votes
11%12 votes
8%9 votes
3%4 votes

| 102 votes | Vote | Results


I beleive Palin tipped her hand yesterday on Fox News that she will indeed run for Prez but not as a Republican.

Take a look at her statement...


Will Sarah Palin run for Prez

4%6 votes
34%48 votes
3%5 votes
19%27 votes
13%18 votes
24%34 votes

| 138 votes | Vote | Results

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Sun Feb 20, 2011 at 08:30 AM PST

This new website sucks

by themoderateman

Whatever.  I don't really care about added features and benefits.  All I see are more ads and I don't come to the site very much anymore.

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