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Senator John Kyle wants to block the START treaty and R. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin says that North Korea is our ally.

and see Sen McCaskill !

We all have seen the statement by Sarah Palin about North Korea being our ally

The real issue, however, is what are the D's going to do and even the few remaining sensible R's ?

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It appears clear that Darrell Issa, the so called "richest man in Congress" intends to become the next Tom Delay, that is a powerful totally irresponsible and unethical one man wrecking machine intent on bringing down the President and the Democrats in Congress as he seeks to build a future as a self made "leader" in the Republican Party and the State of California.


The question is whether or not the D's and others on our side will let him define himself or will "we" define him and discredit him first?

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The arrest of a Wall Street investment insider for fraud and manipulative and deceptive practices as he prepared to leave the US should be a story that triggers a push back by the public, the media, the blog world and the Administration.  It should bolster the efforts to appoint Elizabeth Warren and to continue the efforts of the Administration to show that the Administration is not beating up on business, treating it like a "Pinata" as hedge fund manager, Anthony Scaramucci, said on CNBC in the John Harwood Town Hall with the President.  If you missed this story that is buried below the Dancing with the Stars and Airport groping stories, go below---

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It appears that two reporters of the Wall Street Journal have confirmed that the Republicans have "coordinated" the broadcast ads of American Crossroads, run by Karl Rove and Edward Gillespie and the American Action Network of former Senator Norm Coleman.  

It would be fun if the real reporters at the WSJ are disgusted enough with the Murdoch-Rove spread of the right wing editorial page constant "attack Obama" theme to the news pages and are fighting back, but in any event, the story makes clear that at least one Republican source, unnamed, clearly states that the media buys in Indiana and Illinois are "coordinated" as discussed, below.

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Sun Sep 19, 2010 at 03:02 PM PDT

Candy Crowley is disappointing

by theworksanddays

Candy Crowley has a new show called State of the Union on CNN and it seemed she would be a breath of fresh air bringing her many years of real experience to the table and not just be a focus group high number fluffy haired face-- male or female.
See stories at:

Unfortunately she either has had her wings clipped or has sold out as shown this moring when she gave her microphone to Senator Jim DeMint and never asked any tough or well researched questions and did absolutely no follow up.  She let him ramble on an on about the evils of federal spending and never asked one question about the huge amount of federal money flowing into South Carolina, as set out below the jump.

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Occasionally in watching the business tv shows and the normally pro Republican talking heads on them, there is a bright spot such as when a confident and knowledgeable reporter like Mark Haines on CNBC, Moderator of Squawk on the Street, absolutely shocks the guest and the audience.  Mark Haines did it yesterday and it should not pass unshared. See below:

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Back in 1980 I was a delegate for President Carter and went to a briefing in DC during a preliminary committee meeting for the Convention and one of the administration economic team talked to a group of us about the prospects for November and what our state and local races could expect as the key issues.  He said he would be very candid and then said there was nothing the President or administration would be able to do to turn the economy around or bring down oil prices to help with the election.  Unfortunately he was correct and the President was not re elected.  We got the start of the Saint Ronnie era.  
I don't think that is true this time, as indicated below.


Is it 1980 or is there time for the economy to turn around?

12%11 votes
57%52 votes
7%7 votes
12%11 votes
10%10 votes

| 91 votes | Vote | Results

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The Republicans and the Main Stream Media may be focusing on New York Representative Charles Rangel and financial irregularities, but out here in the home of Sarah Palin, her state of birth and where she graduated from the University of Idaho, we have the fine Republican example of the ethics of the Republican party in the activities of the Representative from Athol, Idaho, (no typo).  And Representative Hart, from Athol, sits on the House Revenue and Taxation Committee and stopped paying his own taxes in 1966.  The Idaho Legislature, dominated by Republicans today voted that he has no ethics violation.

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I am a long time member of the League of Women Voters and fully accept that it strives to be non partisan and non controversial in all its stands as it works for its consensus view of improvement in US politics at the national, state and local level.  I fully support the fact that it does not point fingers at a political party or even a group of obstructionists and rather urges members to encourage legislators to educate themselves, be informed and vote for the betterment of the country at all levels of politics so its mailings are like the following on the failure of the Disclose Act.
But when the major main stream papers refuse to state it is  the R's and not the D's who block things, it is too much to take.

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I know others have voiced their view and I respect it, like this:

However, I ask you look at the article below, or at least the few paragraphs lifted from it, that I think show that the President's team is getting a bum rap on this successful prosecution of Goldman Sachs.

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OK, too easy a title, but it all fits.  The NYT did the story on the lack of adequate review by the Fish and Wildlife staff of the Department of the Interior on the need to protect wildlife in the Gulf when doing the BP deep water drilling.  For some reason the NYT story fails to mention that the oversight, theoretical and legal, if not in reality, of the Fish and Wildlife Servied was Dirk Kempthorne, former Governor of Idaho and, until now, his biggest embarrassment was the money he spent on a fancy bathroom for himself during the less than two years he spent in the position. Why the NYT did not do any real research or point out who was really supposed to be in charge under Bush/Cheney, in reviewing this Fish and Wildlife study, remains to be determined, but here is at least part of the background.

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Eric Cantor, the spokesperson for the Republicans in the House of Representatives as their Whip, is again out in the lead for the Republicans attacking the President's speech on immigration even before he delivered the speech.

He did not mention the intersting fact that his wife is Managing Director of a division of Emigrant Bank and its claim to fame is its strong support of the immigrant community since 1850, as set out below the jump

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