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Jade Helm: The plot to take over Texas

In July, dozens of Black Hawk helicopters will swoop down on southwestern America, depositing special forces troops in Texas and six other states, said Amy Davidson in For the U.S. military, the event marks the beginning of Jade Helm 15, a routine training exercise. But for a growing number of paranoid conservatives in the Lone Star State, it signifies something much more terrifying: “a U.S. military takeover of Texas and beyond.” Conspiracy theorists believe President Obama is secretly plotting to seize Texas and other Republican-dominated states. “They’re moving logistics in place for martial law,” Texan Bob Wells told a newspaper reporter. “It’s the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany.”

Unfortunately, this crackpot theorizing isn’t “confined to the furthest corner of the conspiratorial fever swamps,” said Heather Digby Parton in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott upped the hysteria by ordering the State Guard to monitor the U.S. troops—citing his concern for Texans’ “constitutional rights.” It’s official: Anti-Washington derangement has “now made it fully into the mainstream.”

OK, Obama isn’t going to invade Texas, said David French in But you can’t blame conservatives for feeling “a little paranoid”—not when they’ve been bullied, slandered, and investigated under this administration. Obama’s Justice Department has repeatedly called conservative activist groups potential domestic terrorists, and his administration turned “one of its most powerful bureaucracies—the IRS—into a weapon,” targeting Tea Party groups with systematic audits. He’s also flouted the Constitution repeatedly by issuing executive orders. “In this atmosphere of earned distrust,” it’s no wonder that conservative citizens feel “targeted and maligned.”

The levels of paranoia in Texas go far beyond rational boundaries, said Leslie Savan in The​ This week, Walmart felt obliged to deny a widespread rumor that all its Texas stores were closing so federal officials could use them as internment camps. Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Louie Gohmert joined Gov. Abbott in validating the conspiracy theories about Jade Helm, with Gohmert saying, “Patriotic Americans have reason to be concerned.” Sadly, it’s no longer shocking to hear Republicans talk this way, said Leonard Pitts in The Miami Herald. Today, when a Republican governor calls out guardsmen to ensure that the president doesn’t stage a military coup, “we shrug because it’s just another Tuesday in the lunatic asylum of American politics.”

From this site:
This is so disconcerting because it is not new and should be apparent to all. Inciting and encouraging paranoia among the populace by those in power in order to win and gain more power is exactly what Hitler did in Germany. I swear The Tea Party leaders have taken pages right out of Mein Kampf... They believe their conspiracy theories that provoke paranoia about President Barack Obama will propel them into Absolute Might... If only the voters of little knowledge would read history, they would realize the boldfaced DUPE The Tea Party is using, without feeling any remorse whatsoever... seemingly they use a form of ‘THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS’ as a rationalization for their rank ideology.


Excerpt from this site:


Let us hope most of the majority of men in Congress will see to it that finally a woman deserves the same kind of honor only granted to males of our species, their face on USA currency, too long a coming. Way to go Harriet Tubman! thinkingblue


Harriet Tubman is perhaps the most well-known of all the Underground Railroad's "conductors." During a ten-year span she made 19 trips into the South and escorted over 300 slaves to freedom. And, as she once proudly pointed out to Frederick Douglass, in all of her journeys she "never lost a single passenger."

Tubman was born a slave in Maryland's Dorchester County around 1820. At age five or six, she began to work as a house servant. Seven years later she was sent to work in the fields. While she was still in her early teens, she suffered an injury that would follow her for the rest of her life. Always ready to stand up for someone else, Tubman blocked a doorway to protect another field hand from an angry overseer. The overseer picked up and threw a two-pound weight at the field hand. It fell short, striking Tubman on the head. She never fully recovered from the blow, which subjected her to spells in which she would fall into a deep sleep.

Around 1844 she married a free black named John Tubman and took his last name. (She was born Araminta Ross; she later changed her first name to Harriet, after her mother.) In 1849, in fear that she, along with the other slaves on the plantation, was to be sold, Tubman resolved to run away. She set out one night on foot. With some assistance from a friendly white woman, Tubman was on her way. She followed the North Star by night, making her way to Pennsylvania and soon after to Philadelphia, where she found work and saved her money.

The following year she returned to Maryland and escorted her sister and her sister's two children to freedom. She made the dangerous trip back to the South soon after to rescue her brother and two other men. On her third return, she went after her husband, only to find he had taken another wife. Undeterred, she found other slaves seeking freedom and escorted them to the North.

Tubman returned to the South again and again. She devised clever techniques that helped make her "forays" successful, including using the master's horse and buggy for the first leg of the journey; leaving on a Saturday night, since runaway notices couldn't be placed in newspapers until Monday morning; turning about and heading south if she encountered possible slave hunters; and carrying a drug to use on a baby if its crying might put the fugitives in danger. Tubman even carried a gun which she used to threaten the fugitives if they became too tired or decided to turn back, telling them, "You'll be free or die."

Read More Here

10 Interesting Facts about Harriet Tubman

US Twenty Dollar Bill


If only the human tribe of America could follow their own natural instincts and get rid of indoctrinated bigotry beliefs and their acute xenophobia, we could possibly act rationally just like the African tribe.

But, I doubt it… especially when you have old fart white men watching Fox News that feeds them hatred with every tiny pixel emanating from their TV screen. I pity these poor pathetics, who never experience what a heartfelt story of justice feels like.

This article in The Week magazine is an example of the unjust laws the Fox News viewer and Tea Partier et al, so intensely embrace.


Read more here:

Sign Petition Here:

Release Rene Lima-Marin
Please sign, I did: "Injustices should never go unchecked. But, there are so many and I know it would be impossible to correct them all but this one came to light and should be examined with an open mind and not swept away under the guise of 'Laws Cannot Be Undone'. Poppycock!" thinkingblue

Meanwhile on Facebook... Release Rene Lima-Marin Facebook Entry Here:



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Disgusting and ridiculous! These “R” leaders should not be able to vote against the best interests of We-The-People and then hide. They should be forced to witness (in real time) the suffering that’s caused by voting against what a society, as a whole needs, to be fair to all its citizens. The fallout will again prove to be NOT COST EFFECTIVE ... Healthcare in the first place should be a right not a privilege for those few who can afford it. I wonder how many people’s health and wellbeing will be destroyed in order to satisfy the greed of the very rich, which the “R’s” cater to.


PS: Two Men; One expresses benevolence toward the needs of his fellow beings, the other contemptuous, disregarding the needs and rights of those at the bottom, concentrating only on what’s in for him and those at the top. Which one deserves to lead?

Read More Bernie Sanders Here


It's 2015 and still we hear Republicans describe a woman's role in society as "Barefoot and Pregnant". What is it that makes these right-wing people so afraid of a human females' advancement?

Never mind, it doesn't really matter what motivates their fear of women. What does matter is females like Karen Lee Orzolek could  never return to the nonsensical days of yesteryear when a popular closed minded columnist would write an article for the Pittsburgh Dispatch, titled, "What Girls Are Good For," in it, Erasmus Wilson wrote that women belonged in the home doing domestic tasks and called the working woman "a MONSTROSITY." Over a hundred years later Erasmus Wilson's ideology still lives.


(CNN)Tuesday's Google Doodle pays tribute to trailblazing journalist Nellie Bly on her 151st birthday with a melodic ode.

"Oh, Nellie, take us all around the world and break those rules 'cause you're our girl," the song goes.

If you listen closely, you might recognize the voice of Karen O, lead singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The indie rocker, whose real name is Karen Lee Orzolek, penned "Oh, Nellie" to go with the doodle of Bly, who was born Elizabeth Jane Cochran on May 5, 1864.

It's the first original song to be written for the delightful illustrations that appear on Google's homepage.

The song formed the basis of Google artist Katy Wu's doodle, which is also the first to feature stop-motion animation. The musical animation pays homage to Bly's extraordinary life as a pioneering journalist and adventurer in an era when little more was expected of women than child rearing and housekeeping, Wu said.

As Wu sees it, Bly and Orzolek have plenty in common even if they were born more than a century apart. They're bold, edgy and daring, unafraid to challenge conventional ideas of what a woman should be or do.

"If you see her onstage, she's daring in her own way," Wu said of Orzolek. "She doesn't conform; she does what she wants."

Compare that with Bly, who got her first job with the Pittsburgh Dispatch by penning an impassioned condemnation of its most popular columnist. In the column titled "What Girls Are Good For," Erasmus Wilson wrote that women belonged in the home doing domestic tasks and called the working woman "a monstrosity."

The first line in the Karen O's song evokes the column: "Someone's got to stand up and tell them what a girl is good for."

Cochran's letter impressed the paper's editors, and they hired her. She started writing under the pen name "Nellie Bly."

She eventually talked her way into the offices of Joseph Pulitzer's New York World and took on an assignment that would change her life. She spent 10 days posing as a mental patient in New York's notorious Blackwell's Island and returned with stories of cruel beatings, ice cold baths and forced meals.

Her reporting led to reforms of the system and set the tone for her career. She exposed corruption and the injustices of poverty by telling stories of the disenfranchised, the poor and women. When she covered the Chicago Pullman Railroad strike in 1894, she was the only reporter to share the strikers' perspective.

As the song goes, "We've got to speak up for the ones who've been told to shut up."

She reached the height of her fame when she took a whirlwind trip around the world in 1889 to beat Phileas Fogg, the fictional hero of Jules Verne's "Around the World in Eighty Days." She returned to New York in 72 days, beating Fogg's record of 80 days.

All those moments figure in the doodle, which took Wu about two months to create in a sort of labor of love. She hopes Bly inspires others to question authority and challenge expectations.

"She gave women a space in newspapers when they were generally preserved for men's perspectives," Wu said. "She gave women a voice in current events and media and dared to do a lot of things that women weren't generally allowed to do."

More Here:

Give a listen to the today's, Erasmus Wilsons in the following video:


Excerpt: In a telling moment at Tuesday’s Supreme Court arguments over same-sex marriage, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. suggested that he may have found a way to cast a vote in favor of the gay and lesbian couples in the case.
“I’m not sure it’s necessary to get into sexual orientation to resolve this case,” he said. “I mean, if Sue loves Joe and Tom loves Joe, Sue can marry him and Tom can’t. And the difference is based upon their different sex. Why isn't that a straightforward question of sexual discrimination?”...

Professor Koppelman and other scholars filed a brief, urging the court to strike down the four same-sex marriage bans before it, on sex-discrimination grounds.
“If Ann is permitted to marry Bob, but Charles may not marry Bob,” it said, “then Charles is being discriminated against on the basis of sex.”...

A basic premise of Chief Justice Roberts’s question was that the issue before the court is not “gay marriage.” Same-sex marriage bans, after all, do not prohibit gay people from getting married. A gay man, for instance, is free to marry a lesbian in all 50 states. What same-sex marriage bans do is bar people of the same sex, gay or straight, from getting married.

More Here:

SAY WHAT? Is it just I who feels as though these (SCOTUS) arguments appear, childlike? (Almost to the point that little kindergarteners are arguing the laws that we must all obey throughout our short lives) No, it can't possibly be just me, after all, isn't this the body of supposedly learned human beings who gave us the unseemly “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and the rise of super PACs” laws, therefore, some of their “reasoning’s" have appeard a bit, Bat-Shit-Crazy, before?

If they could rule on a law that in actuality can gut democracy allowing the rich to choose, who can and who cannot lead this nation… (in the wealthy schemer’s favor) then assuredly they can command who we can and who we cannot (as in one human being) be allowed to legally marry (with all the legal benefits that marriage affords). Not only Bat-Shit-Crazy but also cruel.


Federal Rights and Protections Granted to Married Couples

There are 1,138 benefits, rights and protections provided on the basis of marital status in Federal law. In June 2013, the Supreme Court’s decision in U.S. v. Windsor struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which excluded same-sex married couples from recognition for all federal benefits and programs. Because of this ruling, same-sex married couples across the country have been recognized for federal purposes for the first time.  However, the persistent patchwork of state marriage laws continues to stand in the way of many couples fully accessing the federal benefits they have earned including Social Security and Veterans Benefits.

More Here:


Sun Apr 26, 2015 at 07:21 AM PDT

Yes, GOP News Is That Stupid!

by thinkingblue

Read All About It.

GOP News of the Week!



Read More Here: Rubio Meltdown

Pseudo News and The Fox News REAL Response.

A Very Depressing Fact:
From this article: How To Predict An Election
This next cartoon, sadly, speaks volumes.

Also Read: Adelson Pimps
And you thought we lived in a Democracy...


Sat Apr 25, 2015 at 08:54 AM PDT

Who Pimps For Sheldon Adelson?

by thinkingblue

No one, he doesn't need a pimp, he has enough money that will buy anything but The Moon. (Maybe someday he'll even own that...)
Thanks to SCOTUS, he can buy elections so that politicians win who can help him make even more money!


Excerpt: That offers Cruz a vital opening to confirm to some of one of the most famous Republican benefactors, consisting of gambling establishment magnate Sheldon Adelson, that he’s the most electable, pro-Israel Republican in a group of prospects making the exact very same pitch. The coalition is deeply split, with huge teams of benefactors thinking about Cruz, Bush, Walker and Rubio, baseding on a half-dozen RJC members. Agreement seems far in the range– if it will ever reach all.

“I don’t think currently there is any bigger faction than other,” said Ron Bloom, a California GOP donor on the team’s board which is unsure. “I’ll dedicate to 4 of five of them financially due to the fact that I enjoy them all– and we’ll perceive which triumphes.”.

The four loads board members in attendance this weekend break consists of several of the largest names in the pro-Israel donor network, including Adelson, potential Rubio finance chair Wayne Berman, leading Bush bundler Sam Fox, and also hedge fund manager Paul Singer. As well as various other Israel supporters– incensed by President Obama’s recent agreements with Iran as well as his viewed snubbing of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu– will draw document attendance, with concerning 700 overall individuals anticipated to go to the springtime conference.

More Here:

EXCERPT: “We completely expect them to be submitting to Mr. Adelson, trying to out-conservative each other, trying to convince Mr. Adelson to throw them a lifeline,” Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz informed reporters Friday on a teleconference. “This ought to not be considered real outreach to the Jewish community.”.

Wasserman Schultz slammed Cruz for his comparison of the battle to defund Obamacare to that against Nazi Germany, claiming “those sort of loosened references to the Holocaust are shocking and also unwanted and also downplay one of the most awful human tragedies in past history.”.

READ MORE: All White House Candidates Are Going to Vegas


Another human being loses his life in a senseless shooting by a deranged person with a gun. Again, another notch in the bedpost of the NRA. How many more?


The chaos started when the gunman kidnapped his wife in the 300 block of T Street NE Thursday afternoon, police said. The gunman, described by police Thursday only as a man in his 30s or 40s,  is also suspected in a shooting on Bruce Place in southeast D.C.
As police were getting word of the kidnapping, the gunman drove to the headquarters of the U.S. Census Bureau in Suitland.
Buckner spotted him arguing with someone in his car. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said when Buckner approached the car, he was shot.
Later, D.C. police spotted the gunman's car. He shot at pursuing police at 3rd and K streets in Northeast, Lanier said. In the area of 11th and H streets, a busy section of northeast D.C., police were able to block the gunman's path with their cruisers, causing a collision with the gunman's dark green Honda.
In an exchange of gunfire with police, the gunman was shot multiple times. There was conflicting information about his condition Thursday night.
A D.C. police officer was shot in the leg during the confrontation at 11th and H, and brought into a nearby restaurant for triage. Two other police officers were injured. All the officers have suffered non-life-threatening injuries.
The gunman's wife has been located, safe.
The Census Bureau headquarters will operate on a 2-hour delay Friday. Essential employess are expected to report on time. The Census Bureau headquarters, which opened in 2006, houses about 5,000 permanent employees.
"There has been an incident at the Suitland Federal Center and there is an ongoing investigation," the tweet read. "We are committed to the safety of all staff who work at the Census Bureau and are currently making sure that everyone is safe and secure. We will provide more details as they become available."
Buckner worked for Hunt Valley, Maryland-based Masters Security for 15 years, according to another employee of the security company. He was stationed at the Census Bureau for about 5 years.
The FBI is investigating the shooting at the Census, which is federal property.
Meanwhile, police in D.C. say H Street will be closed between 10th and 11th streets until further notice
Click here for more on this developing story.


Please,say it isn't so... Another light-skin cop shoots an unarmed person with darker skin for no apparent reason except for the light-skin's anger. What the hell is going on? It appears, we are living in a world where more pigmentation that developed during our evolution (due to climate) is a death sentence no matter what the circumstances. How sad for us all that the very people who we hire to keep the peace, can become our judge, jury and executioner, at whim.

Bigotry in government that trickles down to departments and agencies, which are in place to make sure there’s justice for all, but do the opposite choosing instead, who deserves justice and who does not, it’s reprehensible.

It sure didn't help when Ronald Reagan used bigotry to win elections… Encouraging those who were already filled with hate and prejudice, that it’s OK to feel that way, as long as you vote for those who feel and believe like you do… In other words, vote for the bigots who run for office… and they will make our country so intolerant, that all those with more pigmentation will become marginalized, or in prison or dead, and it continues to this day… Sadly, it's starting to appear as though this is no joke!


After the video surfaced, the relevant local authorities, to their credit, acted promptly and justly. Slager was fired by the police department and charged with Scott's murder by the district attorney. The killing was denounced by South Carolina's Republican governor and its two Republican senators. In this case, clear video evidence pierced the thin blue line.

And yet, if it wasn't for the pure chance of Slager's actions being videotaped, he probably would have gotten off scot-free. Without videotaped evidence, stories of officers fearing for their lives before using deadly force can be difficult to dispute, and local police departments have little incentive to conduct extensive, critical investigations of the self-justifications of officers who kill. Even worse, they do have incentives to cover up even the most serious police misconduct.

"Americans are bombarded with evidence that police officers who use excessive or fatal force will go to great lengths to protect themselves and make sure they face no legal repercussions," says Heather Ann Thompson, a professor of history at Temple University who specializes in issues of criminal justice. "From the state police's bloody retaking of Attica in 1971, to the recent police officer killing of a citizen in South Carolina, cover-up is the first line of defense."

This tendency to cover up represents a very serious systematic problem. A great deal of the criminal justice system depends on the honesty of law enforcement officials. Many criminal prosecutions depend on police testimony, and we often must rely on the investigations of local police when potential cases of misconduct arise. Pervasive dishonesty both lets individual bad actors escape punishment and undermines essential law enforcement activities.

As Jeet Heer details at The New Republic, the social science literature shows that our trust in the police is often not warranted. "Testilying" (police giving knowingly false testimony in court) and "reportilying" (police producing reports that are knowingly false) are dismayingly common. The prosecutors theoretically charged with checking police behavior are all too likely to be in cahoots with them, rather than acting as a watchdog. Within the system, most people have nothing to gain and much to lose by aggressively pursuing police misbehavior.



Tue Mar 31, 2015 at 09:28 AM PDT

The Mike Pence Dog Won't Hunt

by thinkingblue

But that doesn't stop the Old Boy from broadcasting lies to save his Hate Law. The man undeniably HAS NO SHAME.


This weekend, on ABC News' "This Week," host George Stephanopoulos rather conscientiously attempted to elicit a "yes" or "no" answer from Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who was invited to clarify the unique language of his state's recently enacted Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

That "yes" or "no" question, "Can a florist in Indiana refuse to serve a gay couple without fear of punishment," was dodged by Pence, as were additional iterations, ranging from whether the law's general intent was to enshrine the right of private business owners to deny service to customers for religious reasons, to whether Pence personally believed that such discrimination was lawful.

Stephanopoulos insisted that the question was relevant, because one of the law's supporters, Eric Miller of Advance America, specifically cited the ability of private business owners to refuse service to members of the LGBT community as one of the Indiana law's major, and particular, selling points. Stephanopoulos offered Pence multiple chances to either correct Miller's contention, or to publicly confirm that it was true.
More Here Pence Calls Critics 'Intolerant'

Also see:

Indiana's New Religious Law legalizing Discrimination


The Republicans are still trying to conceal their bigotry, this time (again) calling it Religious Freedom. What a joke they are… thinking people are so stupid that they could slip this act of discrimination by them without any objections. The only ones who believe this chicanery to be a righteous sign of religious freedom, are the diehards on the Far Fringe Right-wing side of sanity.

Anyone else can tell this is an odious and hateful law that reaches so far back in time, it mimics the days when tolerance, was a mark of weakness.

INTOLERANCE –lack of tolerance; unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect opinions or beliefs contrary to one's own.

For More Click Here
MSNBC Hardball With Barney Frank

This picture says it all!
"Bigots used their religion to justify their bigotry then, and they still do. Governments, such as Indiana, should not support bigotry." Frank
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