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I continue to believe that a deal will be reached. Although I acknowledge that there is a real chance that we go over the cliff.

The deal will be negotiated. It is being negotiated.

"But wait--I thought we didn't negotiate with terrorists?"

Let's just say the "terrorism" metaphor is limited.

And we are negotiating.

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Ed is repeating his conviction that we will go into default.

His argument is that the Thugs have shown nothing anyone can trust to do anything else.

This is correct. The morons in the House will burn down the world if they can.

But Ed is still wrong. We won't go into default. And it has nothing to do about trusting GOP Thugs.

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Thu Nov 29, 2012 at 10:31 AM PST

The Thugs are stunned ...

by thresholder

Like a duck hit on the head.

(An analogy attributed to Lincoln I remember from K Burns' Civil War show long ago!)

I don't have much profound to say right now. I do think this budget fight is the crossroads which will either enable or kill chances at all manner of progressive initiatives.

And I am fascinated by the GOP's utter inability to get its head around the situation.

Last night, we hear T Cole expressing willingness to pass the tax cut for 98%. Man, that seems to open the door.

Today, the GOP can't figure out what it wants to do.

It can't even figure out its own position!


The stress of trying to maintain its ideology in collision with an utterly hostile reality is rendering it incapable of even making a proposal.


FWI, I am optimistic that either ...

The tax cut for the 98% will be passed now, and then tough budget battles will be fought next year.

or ...

We go over the Fiscal Curb, the 98% tax cut will be quickly passed then, and the GOP will be even more profoundly weakened.

It's an amazing time. And it will change the political game for decades.

What do you think?


Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 12:13 PM PST

Cliff-hanging: tax cuts v tax cuts

by thresholder

I want us to go off the fiscal cliff! I want it because it will in the American mind divide middle class from elite class tax cuts and profoundly change our ideological trajectory!

This cliff-hanger fight is as much of a cross-roads as the election was. Win and we open up whole new vistas of possibility. Pre-emptively surrender (they can't really beat us--our leaders have to surrender) and we muddle back into dysfunction.

I actually want the GOP to obstruct a bit longer. Here are my reasons:

First, the cliff isn't a cliff. I don't think I need to explain that here. Many have done so.

Second, I want GOP intransigence to save the Dems from themselves. Like many here, I fear the instincts toward pre-emptive conciliation of the President and other Dem leaders. I'm glad the original Simpson-Bowles deal fell apart when the GOP refused to accept a gift unwisely offered.

Third, I want this "Grand Bargain" to collapse for obvious political reasons. I want the GOP to sear their obstructionism indelibly into the WHOLE nation's consciousness. Believe it or not, that has not previously happened. Neither the MSM nor the Dem leadership have ever forced the GOP to pay a political price for their irrational obstructionism.

So what makes me think this will be any different? Well, here's my key, 4th point:

Fourth, I want Americans to conceptually divide the concept of "tax cuts" into class divisions!


What do you think of the budget issue before us?

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80%8 votes
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A post earlier today by Killer of Sacred Cows (link) raises a discussion regarding the reaction of “evangelicals” to the defeat. The post seems to argue that Evangelicals just may be more quickly able to adapt than will the mainstream GOP.

I thought I would toss in some historical background to ground the discussion. Warning: you cannot understand “evangelicals” nor the relationship between “church & state” without understanding history!

If you do understand history, you will know that “Evangelicals” have historically often adopted a “Separatist” model of the relationship between faith, society, and government. The moment they begin to despair about the possibility of effectively “reforming” society, they are likely lapse into a quietist, withdrawn model which disconnects faith from politics.

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As I listen to the post-election chatter, online and on air, I keep feeling that the key point is being missed:

There is a ceiling to how much can be accomplished by political ads!

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Just a brief post on a tough but hopeful day.

But I just heard that the Chrysler CEO has given the entire workforce the day off to vote.

(Let's make that trend go national!)

Now, this can ONLY hurt Romney. Empower those union voters.

Why would a CEO do this? 'Cause Romney pissed him off with the Jeep-China lie.

I mean, this guy is so stupid! He CANNOT be elected President.

And now back to your regularly scheduled hyperventilating.


Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 07:36 AM PST

An edge ... but a damn narrow one!

by thresholder

Are we going to win? Yeah. I think so.

But as Wellington said after the Battle of Waterloo ...

It has been a damned serious business... It has been a damned nice thing — the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life. ... By God!
We have the edge in this election. It's real and it's durable.

But it's a damn fine edge and it provides precious little margin. If we are honest, we must concede that the Right has a reason to be expectant. At least as much reason as we had in 2004.

To soothe our nerves, we all read Nate, right? Well consider what he actually says.


How do you feel about tomorrow?

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"To ask Governor Romney ..."

I think we all might agree that the most important goal for tonight is to expose Mitt's word as untrustworthy. His campaign collapses at that point.

But how? It's a town hall, so one can't go hyper-aggressive. And Romney will not 'fess up no matter what. And Obama shrinks from confrontation.

So the President needs an effective strategy that pins Romney to his lies and inconsistencies without seeming nasty. If he can do this, Romney will fold. He does not handle situations well in which he is confronted by the fact of his lying.

But how? What strategy could work?

I'm no debater, but I do think the approach captured in the headline would work.

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Short post here, but I think this notion speaks for itself.

The Thugs are concerned about voter fraud and want voters to have ID.

OK--here's a great plan to accomplish that ...

Establish single payer health care and give everyone in the country a health card! Use the health ID for voting.

That should please everyone, right?

I know, I know ...


Wed Sep 26, 2012 at 07:02 PM PDT

Crucial Debate Target: GOP Congress

by thresholder

We hear it every day: the debates are Romney’s Last Chance Saloon. His last opportunity to reverse the momentum of the race.

Well, it’s true. And debates can, as we all know, reverse the momentum in races. It’s happened many times.

Still, in terms of the horse race for POTUS, the upcoming debates mean nothing. Romney is a dead candidate walking. No debate result could possibly resurrect his appeal to the American people. Election morning, a sizable majority of Americans will want him gone.

But. I contend that, in spite of all this, these debates are crucial. Perhaps the most important presidential debates in decades. I say that for 3 reasons, discussed below.

And in the context of each of those reasons, I am deeply convicted that President Obama should, needs to, MUST focus his debates with Romney on the obstructionist GOP Congress.

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Mon Sep 10, 2012 at 08:15 AM PDT

Citizen's United: the opportunity

by thresholder

A note here to point up an opportunity of immense proportions that lies here for us in this election cycle:

The chance to convince billionaires that dumping mega-millions into right wing attack ads is ...

(drum roll)

a poor investment!

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