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Sat Nov 04, 2006 at 09:03 AM PST

Freedom...what does it mean to you

by tlaw

I've been away for a long time.  After '04 I was exhausted.  I was tired of working so hard to elect democratic candidates only to be smacked down to ground on election night. I was tired of my fellow americans either failing to vote or voting for GOP candidates that had lied and misled this country.  

I withdrew from politics and all that went with it.  I quit checking Dailykos 18 times a day.  I did not read talkingpointsmemo anymore.  I played with my kids, continued to work hard and went through life humming a "i'm not going to pay attention to W leading us to hell in a handbasket" tune.

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A fundamental aspect of defending a criminal case is how "tough" the prosecutor is.  Is he someone that believes that everyone that violates the law should be charged?  Is he someone that believes in mitigation and therefore giving someone a break on sentencing when factors exist, i.e. if a defendant has been productive in life, has small children, others who rely on support etc?

OR, is the prosecutor someone who believes the law is the law and those that violate it should be prosecuted with the full force and resources that the government can muster and that if convicted should be sentenced without mercy?

It appears that Mr. Fitzgerald is a prosecutor that strikes fear in the hearts of criminal defendants and heartburn for criminal defense lawyers.

More, after the flip.

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It is not enough that there are no WMD in Iraq and that this administration mislead our country.

It is not enough that husbands and wives, and mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers are dying every day for a war based on a lie.

It is not enough that this war in Iraq has made us less safe, not more.

No, on top of all that and more, we, the taxpayers, have been robbed of about a BILLION dollars.

From the Mercury News

By Hannah Allam Knight Ridder Newspapers
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi investigators have uncovered widespread fraud and waste in more than $1 billion worth of weapons deals arranged by middlemen who reneged or took huge kickbacks on contracts to arm Iraq's fledgling military, according to a confidential report and interviews with U.S. and Iraqi officials.

The Iraqi Board of Supreme Audit, in a report reviewed by Knight Ridder, describes transactions suggesting that senior U.S.-appointed Iraqi officials in the Defense Ministry used three intermediary companies to hide the kickbacks they received from contracts involving unnecessary, overpriced or outdated equipment.

More after the flip.

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Thu Aug 11, 2005 at 12:34 PM PDT

Feds indict lobbyist Abramoff for fraud

by tlaw


We'll have to wait and see if Abramoff, like most people indicted in federal court starts singing like a bird.

This could be the beginning of a very slippery slope of trouble for many connected to Abramoff.

When the powers of the criminal arm of the U.S. Department of Justice are on top of you, most people would sell out their mother.

The story from the Miami Herald after the jump.

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For years I looked at the link between thimerosal and autism.  I spent so much time on it because that is how I make my living; however, I quickly learned that this was not going to be any ordinary case.  I began my investigation into thimerosal when I was approached by two families that had children diagnosed with the symptoms of autism that developed after receiving a round of vaccines.  These families each told the same story.  They each had healthy, happy children who changed dramatically after receiving thimerosal-containing vaccines.  Children who were developing, learning words, beginning to speak, beginning to tell their moms and dads they loved them, who then changed into children who would beat their heads against the wall for hours at time and would no longer speak or make eye contact.

Like many cases where I was unfamiliar with the science, I began my investigation with an open mind, simply to find out whether or not there was a connection between thimerosal autism.

What I found was more disturbing than I could imagine.  

The rest of the story, after the break.

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Fri Jun 24, 2005 at 11:11 AM PDT

Judge Orders CIA agents arrested

by tlaw

There has been a great deal of debate regarding the CIA kidnapping suspected terrorists and secreting them away to locations where torture is not so much a problem.

I really believe in the concept of due process, even for terrorists.

Now, others in power are having some serious doubts.

More after the break.
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Sat Apr 02, 2005 at 06:58 AM PST

Giuliani, once a shake-down artist....

by tlaw

Always one.

I wonder how many of these scams Mr. Giuliani has engaged in around the country.

From the State in Columbia South Carolina:

The head of a powerful House budget panel has called on Rudy Giuliani to return $80,000 he was paid by the S.C. Hospital Association to speak at its tsunami relief fund-raiser here in February.

Rep. Tracy Edge , R-Horry, chairman of the health and human services budget subcommittee, said he was "disappointed" to learn the former New York City mayor had charged the association $100,000 to speak.

But there is more from Rudy's fellow repub after the break.

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Following on the heels of Lorraine's wonderful post yesterday, is news that should make all of us a little uneasy, regardless of our position on abortion.

Attorney General Phill Kline, THE chief law enforcement officer for the State of Kansas, has decided that he wants ALL the private medical files maintained by physicians in Kansas that contain information on women who have had certain types of abortion procedures.

The NYT has the story.  

Why?  Because someone, MAY have committed a crime.  Who? He doesn't know.  It's like pornography.  He'll know it when he sees it.

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Tue Feb 22, 2005 at 02:38 PM PST

How does this happen in America in 2005?

by tlaw

My city, like every city in this Country, has its fair share of homeless people.  Some are annoying, some are dangerous, and some are people like you and me that have had just too many bad luck breaks.

That describes Albert Witherspoon a local homeless legend, pest, enigma or hero of the GOP (he is a true self-starter).

Albert has no legs.  He has no home.  He has a wheelchair that is falling apart, but he has his dignity.

He also has a police-issued violation charging him with breaking the law.  His offense?  Operating a business without a proper city business license.  It might cost him $762.50 if found guilty.
More after the break.

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Unless you've been under a rock today, you know that Sen. Frist is touring some of the areas hit by the tsunami.  Hell, he has only been gone a few hours and already has his smiling mug, holding a few underprivileged kids on his web site.

True to form, this style over substance senator, further downgraded America's status in the world view by tell a staffer that was taking pictures of Frist at the scene to "get some devastation in the back".

That's right.  Get some money shots so when i go home, i can archive 'em and use them in my Frist for White House ads.

This is the same guy, that happens to be leading our Senate right now, and due to a lack of intelligent voting for the past 2 election cycles, is leading the U.S. Senate in setting the agenda for our country for who knows how many years.

What else can we say about our boy Dr. Frist?

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Fri Dec 31, 2004 at 06:56 AM PST

Happy New Year

by tlaw

I'm checking out until after the New Year.  I'm going to go spend some time with my wife and kids, some old friends and some new.
But, I wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2004 is almost gone...thank God.  It was a strange, wild, and emotional year.

2004 certainly brought us some tough times:
1.    Reelection of GWB
2.    Deterioration of conditions in Iraq
3.    Losing friends family in Iraq
4.    GWB policies alienated us from the
        Islamic World
5.    GWB alienating us from the rest of the  
6.    Hurricanes in Florida
7.    Tsunami disaster
8.    MSM thinking that reciting GOP talking
        points is fair/balanced  
9.    Rich got richer and the poor got poorer


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Once again, the inimitable Fritz Hollings has spoken and hit the nail on the head.  In today's State (our statewide paper) he writes about the "new media" and their ever increasing inability to report the truth.

As an aside, as a South Carolinian, I must say I am deeply saddened that we have sent Jim DeMint to replace Fritz.  God help us.

A teaser below the break and here is the link:

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