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Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 07:40 PM PDT

Allentown citizens speak out!

by toc001

On Wednesday night in Allentown, PA a group of citizens got together to protest the Allentown Mayor and City Councils' plan to privatize the water and sewer services in order to garner cash to help the public employee pensions shortfall. The City Council said they planned to introduce their final plan at the meeting but were not going to allow attendees to comment on the plan. Opponents of the plan called citizens to attend the meeting and when they found out they'd not be allowed to comment, one small business owner stood up to call out the council and let the other citizens know that they had every right to comment. The video follows . . .

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After reading  this post at Talking Points Memo; I can tell you that not one penny of mine will go to the Democratic Party in the next election cycle. I may donate to my local candidate, IF he takes the pledge before Obama's speech next week. If not, then he hasn't done enough to advance true health care and insurance reform or push the President to do so and my donations will have to go to my increased premiums.

So please step up and lead President Obama! We got your back!

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I want to be there! I want to see what's happening! I want to get stoked about YearlyKos like I did last year!

But it ain't happening . . .


Participating in YearlyKos from home was

0%0 votes
6%2 votes
6%2 votes
13%4 votes
72%21 votes

| 29 votes | Vote | Results

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Kevin Spidel of SpidelBlog and Vice President of the Hip Hop Caucus posted a
poll this afternoon regarding the possible candiates for the next AZ State Dem Party Chair. We would love some input and insight from our fellow Arizona bloggers  on the best choice to represent the Arizona Democratic Party and our progressive values.

Not all of the candidates listed in the poll are in the running, or have even expressed a desire to run. We are looking at the best choices, and the likely candidates. One of the front runners is Alexis Tameron who succesfully ran Harry Mitchell's campaign in AZ-05, and sent J.D. Hayworth packing!

If you want to join in the discussion, jump over to AZNetroots take the poll, speak your mind  give us a scoop or some inside info. Either way we'd love to hear from you!

Let's see if we can influence the selection!

Libertarian Candidates seem to be a major thorn in the ass of the Republican Candidates. Take the Tester/Burns/Jones debate where Libertarian Stan Jones openly talked about impeaching George Bush.

In a local forum here in Tempe, AZ, all the congressional and gubenatorial candidates showed up. The Libertarians got the biggest applause when they were hitting the Republicans on civil liberty, foreign policy, "War on drug", and immigration issues. Of course they looked foolish when they started talking about no regulations for corporations, abolishing the Dept. of Education and pretty much the entire US Government.

Well, the GOP fear of Libertarians is hitting John Kyl this week. Here are the details.

The first Debate between Jim Pederson and John Kyl is being held commercial free tonight on Channel 5 KPHO Phoenix at 4pm.

There are two other debates scheduled, one on Oct. 18 in Tucson and Oct. 20 in Flagstaff.

Details on the Tucson debate are up in the air a little according to Pederson's website. They claim Kyl is pulling out.  Kyl claims it's a lie.

What is going on?

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