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At heart, I'm a Google junkie. That being said, this morning I naturally did a Google image search of the strings "Romney meets women", "Obama meets women" as well as the word "binder".

More below the orange croissant...

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Short but sweet, RT from Nate Silver.

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As I was reading  statsone's diary on Mittens breaking the 9/11 truce and campaigning today, I decided to click through the posted link (h/t to hulibow) below the fold.

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If you live in Wisconsin or the Midwest, you may have seen or at least heard of what appeared to be a meteor streaking through the sky at approximately 10:00 PM CST last night.  The question is, did the teabagging, frightwingers take their heads out of the sand long enough to also see the night sky?

Put your tinfoil hats on and work with me on this one.


That flash wasn't really a meteor, it was...

3%2 votes
0%0 votes
73%46 votes
23%15 votes

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Sorry for the short and choppy diary but I figured this would be important to some Kossacks living in the Chicagoland area.


Do you own a copy of this historic issue?

26%34 votes
57%75 votes
3%5 votes
10%13 votes
2%3 votes

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While surfing the Columbia College website I came across a brief snippet announcing Barack Obama as the first College alumnus to become President. Contained in this snippet is a link to an article from 2005 after Barack gave his rousing keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

Some great, prescient quotes from the profile below the fold.

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A poignant story regarding Madelyn Dunham from the great state of Hawaii.

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Quick diary with just released Suffolk University numbers from Ohio.

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John McCain has openly said he will accept Barack's double-dog dare and invoke Ayers in tomorrow night's debate.  In a further sign the McCain campaign has no clue how to stay on message, the candidate seems to not read his own website on the inter-tube.

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Brief diary but I thought after all the diaries speculating, I'd share the Politico update.

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Wed Oct 08, 2008 at 12:09 PM PDT

NRCC gets loan from Wachovia!

by tommytutone

As Chris Bowers from Open Left is blogging, The National Republican Congressional Committee has secured an $8,000,000 loan to help support House races in the closing weeks until the elections.

How ironic is this?

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As many may have seen this morning, Josh Marshall at TPM has a brief nugget on John McCain's newest "key advisor and campaign surrogate", Max Boot.

Josh states that Boot is one crazy dude who has said some insane things over the years and fits in perfectly with the McCain camp.  One such noteable from Marshall...

My favorite is when he told me -- circa 2002 -- that the US should seize and confiscate the Saudi oil fields and run them as a protectorate.

According to Josh, there are plenty of these types of "quotes" floating around over the years.  I guess now's a good time to delve into the title of my diary.

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