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I haven't had much to laugh about lately, given that I have been unemployed for eight years. However, I had a great belly laugh last night, watching the Pre-e-e-e-e-z keep a straight face while he was slow jamin' the ne-e-e-e-w-w-w-w-s-s-s with Fallon.

Continue Reading Blumenthal (D, CT) drafts a bill prohibiting employers from asking applicants for their Facebook password.

And thank goodness Senator Blumenthal has done so.

When I first heard about this new "hiring practice", a few days ago, I became livid, once again, at the sheer audacity and OVEREACH of Corporate America.  With true unemployment hovering at 16% (including all the 99ers, of which I am one, and all the people who have stopped looking, and all the people who are grossly under-employed, of which I am also), they're now putting up yet another barrier to keep people from getting hired.  And for what....because THEY don't like what THEY DEEM is inappropriate content posted by a prospective employee????  You might as well attach a copy of the key to your front door to your application.  

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Anyone who votes for Republicans from this state deserves nothing but misery.

The Arizona legislature is actually arguing in favor of a bill that would require women who are on the pill to explain to their bosses why they’re taking it.  If it’s for birth control, health insurance coverage would be a no-no.

Arizona Bill Requires Women to Tell Bosses Why on Pill if not for Birth Control

One psychotic Majority Whip Debbie Lesko, R-Glendale, author of Arizona House Bill 2625, said,  “I believe we live in America. We don’t live in the Soviet Union,” Lesko said. “So, government should not be telling the organizations or mom and pop employers to do something against their moral beliefs."

This bill has already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, so I believe it next goes to the Senate for a floor vote.

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I am utterly ashamed and disheartened by the way President Obama has been the right wing extremists...which is essentially 90% of the Republican Party at this point. In the end, I am increasingly frightened by the rhetoric and agenda of the GOP and, therefore, encourage everyone to vote straight DEMOCRAT on their ballots in November, and to tell everyone they know to do the same.   At the same time, I am beyond frustrated by the D's seeming inability to become outraged by the venom that the Right spews forth.  I think quiet, firm, consistent, and persistent renunciations by Democrats about this type of behavior need to be made ....whenever there is a clear, blatant sign of disrespect, sometimes bordering on potential violence (remember all the GUNS people were carrying at some of Obama’s and his supporters’ rallies a year or so back?).   Do we have free speech in this country?  Of course.   Do I support it?  Of course.   But I wish more ELECTED Democrats could at least say, "God, I am completely embarrassed to be in a country where this many people are calling our president "Hitler"; a "Muslim" (not there is anything wrong with being a Muslim, at all. However, the President is a Christian.);  "not from our country"; "a liar about his school records" (remember Trump's stupid 15-second rant?), etc.   Our elected Democratic officials have the bully pulpit, the TELEVISION, a still far more powerful tool than all the social media outlets citizens can complain on en masse, coupled with their own position of authority, to force the other side to tell THEIR OWN people to tone it down, dial it back.

But unfortunately, since our elected Democrats aren't putting any pressure on elected Republicans (not enough of them have even denounced Rush Limbaugh's recent rant), it's become quite, quite clear that the R party will NEVER muzzle or denounce its own....not anymore (I don't know if they ever really did). For so long, the past fifteen or twenty years, they have been SO lock-step with one another. Another long-standing flaw in their whole party, Republicans simply do not tolerate dissent from their own people, much less the country at large. It's abominable. It makes you wonder how far away they're going to push the line, and how much more name-calling, outright lying, vitriol, hate, and utter disrespect for the President and non-"rich white male" segments they're going to tolerate within their own party. And this vitriol obviously translates into policy-making.

They've already alienated about 90% of American women with their stance on birth control, as well as many self-proclaimed Moderates and Independents. How many more do they want to alienate? Santorum (as well as many others within the R party) publicly denounced education, calling the President a "snob" for wanting every citizen who wants to attend a post-secondary institution, whether it be at the University level,  a V-Tech trade school, or other form of specialized training, the opportunity to do so. They clearly have wanted to chip away at public education for years.   Santorum homeschools his own children, as do many members within his own party, so as to prevent his children from actually going out into the world and communicating with others, potentially interfacing with students from other cultures, listening to different perspectives….about anything,  learning science and critical thinking, and essentially forming their own world view and becoming their own person and finding their own voice, equipped to deal with and contribute to society at large.  It’s no surprise that he doesn't want to send them to a public school that doesn't teach Creationism (I hate even capitalizing the's nothing but "fantasy"). The majority of our nation's textbooks are published in the God-fearing, right-wing, too-big-for-your-britches state of Texas (and I lived there for three years, as I attended grad school at UT Austin, worked at the number one marketing research firm in Austin, and know whereof I speak in terms of the conservative mindset of much of the state), and they have systematically published an increasing amount of revisionist U.S. history with every edition of books.   Right- wing ideology, discourse, and implemented policies are nothing short of absolutely dangerous for our country.

Truthfully, the Republican Party can go ahead and alienate its entire base, as far as I am concerned. The more disenfranchised Republican and Independent voters feel, the worse chance of winning elections Republicans have, which is great for the side of the aisle on which I stand. But I never underestimate the Republican Party's ability to win campaigns, by whatever means necessary-- duping and hypnotizing an unsuspecting electorate into voting for them, as well as tampering with voting machines, harassing "certain" voters at the polls, and ultimately stealing elections. That is why I urge Democrats, Liberals and Progressives to keep banding together and do whatever you can to re-elect President Obama as well as elect more Democrats at every level: in both chambers of Congress as well as in all state races. This is VITAL to the health or our nation....our economy, our actual physical health, our civil liberties, our education, our environment, our retirement, our infrastructure, our labor laws, our families, our bodies....every facet of our society is affected by the actions of the people we elect to public office, and the only way to preserve a solid, healthy democracy is to vote Democrat, at ALL levels.   Splitting votes so as to "not allow one party or the other to control too much of the agenda", which so many people often tell me they do, is ultimately meaningless, because you are effectively ensuring that nothing gets done in Washington, or your state....ever.   Splitting one's vote leads to NOTHING but gridlock, and then people wonder why their politicians can't get anything done! It's a moronic practice of which I never understood the attraction. Please don't do it, and tell everyone you know not to do it. It simply leads to a constipated government.

Getting out the vote is increasingly dire for the health of our nation and our democracy with each election, because the "rules of the game" are forever being manipulated to increasingly favor the smallest segment at the top….the rich and the privileged.    In addition to drafting policies that only favor the rich, the Republican Party’s stranglehold on the Diebolds (voting machines) of the world also needs to be monitored.   So to combat those shenanigans used to abolish democracy and the middle class as we know it, every citizen has the responsibility to not only vote him- or herself.  Every citizen has the responsibility to help get out the vote, including participating in voter registration drives, whether it be canvassing telephone or door-to-door; blogging, making donations to key candidates in your or even others' districts if you see a scary race (I'm going to donate to get Paul Ryan out of the 6th district of WI...he is dangerous), and certainly talking to your own Undecided family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. I've switched many Undecideds and Moderates into Democratic voters just on my own, by appealing to their emotions as well as laying out the facts. If you demonstrate, using statistics generated by the GAO (bi-partisan office), as to what Republican policies have wrought in our country's history versus what Democratic policies have brought about, and then translate them into what they mean to the average, middle class American citizen, you might see some eyes light up. The more people know what is at stake, and the TRUE DIFFERENCE between the basic dogmas and agendas of each of the parties, the more likely they are to get out there and vote IN their own interests….Democrat….across the ticket.  


Several critics, from Hollywood to Washington, are chiming in on HBO’s latest film, “Game Change”, based on the book of the same name, written by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. It details the goings-on of the 2008 GOP presidential campaign, covering everything from the private, emotional bruising endured by key players to the very public failures of the campaign at large.

One such critic, as noted by Gloria Goodale, of VOX News, in her article, "'Game
Change’: Could Sarah Palin portrayal affect the 2012 election?", is Barbara O'Connor,
director emeritus of the Institute for the Study of Politics and Media at California State
University, Sacramento. O'Connor states that, "the devastating grilling over issues like
Palin’s wardrobe and verbal gaffes sends a chilling message to the next generation.
This absolutely sends the message, ‘Do not run,’ to young women.” She adds, “This
shows them they will be treated differently.”

The professor also claims that she has noticed a growing reluctance among her female students “to even consider” political involvement. According to her, they see many women politicians subjected to a double standard when it comes to family and clothing issues.

And it is O'Connor's assessment in particular that begs the question, "Is this "professor" crazy?" And she's a director emeritus at an institute for the study of politics?? Come on. Did she actually WATCH this movie??? (23 out of 24 McCain/Palin campaign insiders ATTEST TO the veracity of both the book and the film). It might be difficult for Ms. O'Connor to admit, but I think that it's quite clear to the thinking world that Palin didn't know the first thing about just about everything...or at least, everything that a VP candidate should be aware of. She missed the FIRST QUESTION, at least as was portrayed in this film, that Steve Schmidt, McCain campaign manager, asked her..."what should the president do in dealing with the Iraq War while also continuing strong relations with Great Britain, who opposed our continued involvement in Iraq (by 2008)." Palin responds that our strong relations with the Queen should help us "ride the tide", or words to that effect. She didn't even know that the Queen of England is head of state, and that Great Britain has a PRIME MINISTER!!!! And she didn't know what the Fed was. And she didn't know what basically our "three" wars were. And on. And on. And on. And this STUPID "professor emeritus" is defending her???? I guess I don't have to guess which party she belongs to, because the rightwing really is unable to publicly denounce its own. At least Jack Cafferty did, way back, when Palin first hit the scene. The CCN commentator/host, who is a CLEAR right-winger (he called the radio station "Air America" a Communist radio station), basically said that Palin is severely unqualified, and that it is quite frightening to think of her as being one 72-year-old-heartbeat away from the presidency.

This film showed, among other things, that Palin lacked the ability to recognize her limitations....her VAST limitations. It underscored her need to self-promote, above all else. It underscored her vapidity. It underscored that John McCain was (and is) a desperate, old man who was willing to do ANYTHING to be president, including putting the country at risk by installing this bubble-headed air brain into ANY position in Washington, much less the one that's a heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world. He was completely oblivious to what went on for so long, and certainly has never made any apology for his gross misread of this shell of a "politician", Half-Governor Palin, and gross calculation of what the American could tolerate. But what scares me is the fact that Palin has still spawned the Tea Baggers, and that they won so many seats in the 2010 election. They need to be thrown out in 2012. They're unthinking, dangerous morons who want to destroy this democracy, and who stand for nothing but sheer hatred and stupidity.

What this film says is that people who are devoid of intellectual curiosity - backtrack - people who are simply STUPID, emotionally immature, completely culturally insensitive, uneducated (consider where she went, and how MANY institutions of "higher learning" she went to before finally settling down to complete a little bachelor's degree from a nothing college), and unequivocally unqualified to take on one of the two highest offices of the land should just not toss their hat in the ring in the first place. I would have had more respect for her if she at least had RECOGNIZED her severe limitations and declined the offer from McCain in the first place. I wish they showed the real-life scene, which was played often on news cycles, of her wearing her running outfit and being interviewed by some journalist saying, "I'm just a hockey mom! I don't know what he's thinking about tapping me for VP!"....the "hockey mom" comment...yes, that pretty much sums up all she has been her whole adult life. And that's fine. But, it's not a credential that gives you license to run for VP, or governor of any state either. Her ego knows no bounds, clearly. She has no ability to critically think...apparently about much of anything. People should view this film as a big cautionary tale to ANALYZE ONESELF CAREFULLY, and make an honest assessment of your true capabilities before venturing out and trying to take on way, way, way, way more than you can possibly chew...especially when the job you're considering taking is going to affect the lives of millions. Yes, push hard, STUDY HARD, and learn new things...absolutely. The mind is a muscle to be stretched, no doubt. But Sarah Palin clearly has never, ever done this. The scenes of her zoning out were priceless.

To be so ego-centric and off-the-mark as to think you are capable of becoming the U.S. VP when you haven't one qualification to do so is truly incendiary to most halfway self-aware human beings. I would say that, judging from some of the people I've worked with and sometimes reported to in the past, these characteristics are often sadly found in Corporate America as well. Ms. O'Connor completely missed the mark in thinking that Palin's campaign staff "mistreated her". Are you kidding???? Quite the contrary, the McCain staffers coddled the hell out of her. Any mistreatment they launched was directed toward the American public, for shoving that idiot Barbie doll down our throats and trying to display her as a viable candidate in the first place.

After John McCain’s FAILED bid, Palin’s insanely exalted position on the national stage and consequent attachment to the Tea Party unfortunately influenced a number of its severely-less-than-educated members to come out in droves to spew their hatred toward the president, call him a Nazi, call him a Muslim, carry signs reading "keep the government's hands out of my healthcare, and don't touch my Medicare", carry signs with numerous misspellings, and ultimately hijack every news cycle, for too long. Yet they stand for nothing more than what is wrong with the human condition. They don't know what a democracy is. They don't know a thing about this country's history. They certainly don’t even follow issues of the day. They’re not aware of civil liberties. They’re nowhere without their organized religion. And they love to spew their hatred, toward all sorts of people. But a few loud voices within this dangerous tent managed to get elected to the US Senate and House of Representatives by just enough unsuspecting voting souls, and a lot of corporate money. And I hold Sarah Palin directly responsible for the rise of the dangerous Tea Baggers, since the time she joined them.

The COUNTRY was severely mistreated by McCain and his selection of Palin, "Professor O'Connor", NOT Sarah Palin.


I have a lot to say in response to the article, "Anti-Obama Facebook Post Tests Military Rules", by Julie Watson of the Associated Press, posted on on 3/7/12.  Here is the link to that article, in case you missed it.  

Where was all the public outrage for the NeoCon Nazi George W. Bush when he flipped over our democracy on its head and turned it into a plutocracy and a police state in one fell swoop, thanks to his utter failure in dealing with 9/11? Why did Democrats, both the elected officials and regular citizens of the party, not say or do a DAMN thing for 8 L-O-N-G years to repudiate all the illegal, plutocratic, dogmatic CRAP he perpetrated on the American people? THAT SOB should have been impeached.....but idiot Americans RE-ELECTED the thief who stole the election the first time, and committed treason by illegally sending us into multiple wars. Where was the total outrage then??? Democrats are always the polite, quiet, respectful-to-a-big-fault SUCKERS who always opt for the fucking, useless high roads. Don't they know that there are no longer any high roads to take in politics? What kind of message did my party's 8-year reign of SILENCE send to the other side??? It sent them the notion that they think they can go ahead and insult our president anytime, anywhere, and in any way they want:

1. Portraying him on posters, T-Shirts and BILLBOARDS as a Nazi "Death Joker
2. Saying "You Lie!" to him, and this disrespect came from a fucking REPUBLICAN Congressman!, from South Carolina, Joe Wilson, in the middle of his State of the Union address
3. Repeatedly drumming up a complete lie that he wasn't born here
4. Still questioning his faith, and insisting that he is LYING about being a Muslim (and there would be nothing wrong if he were....but, HE IS A CHRISTIAN)
5. And now, a little 2-bit marine starting a Facebook page EXPRESSLY to insult the President and announce to the world that "he's just not going to take orders from him".

Do you know how many letters I wanted to write moron fascist W??? Just private letters, from me to him, to tell him what I thought of his wars and HIS economy that cost me 2 big, high-paying jobs in HIS recession, due to fucking layoffs????? TONS. Everyday I was upset....but I never even WROTE W one single letter...out of FEAR. Fear that his militant rightwing posse would start literally bugging my home and my personal internet usage; putting me on a blacklist that would deny me work forever, anywhere...he instilled so much FEAR in me, my family and some of my friends, that I just NEVER gave him a piece of my mind. But now that MY president is president, I have to see all these sons of bitches treat him like a dog, and NO ONE in my party tells them nearly enough that they've gone too far.

Democrats' silence during W's reign and their silence now in NOT denouncing the utter disrespect that savage beast Republicans display, from Limbaugh to this marine to U.S. Representative (hah!) Joe "You Lie" Wilson, to the Tea Baggers portraying him as a Nazi has sent the message to Republicans that "ANYTHING GOES" can exercise your free speech any little way you want, even though W scared us to DEATH and called us TERRORISTS just for saying we didn't believe in his ILLEGAL war.

This is another big reason why I depise the vast majority of R's......they act like they OWN this country, whether they've won OR LOST elections. That monkey-faced piece of scum W should have been impeached. And now, we have this little right-wing slob of a marine in uniform, who thinks he's Teflon because he WEARS a god-damned uniform, creating a Facebook account specifically to publicly impugn the President, his office, and him as a person, by telling him he won't follow his orders. I hope President Obama, if he can, either court martials him or, at the very least, gives him a dishonorable discharge.....whatever method is necessary to expel little pieces of excrement from the military.  

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