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Mon Apr 06, 2009 at 06:51 AM PDT

Social Aspects of Onshoring

by Tunnel Rat

The terms offshoring, outsourcing, and onshoring are used almost interchangeably to refer to the allocation of intellectual work in the I.T. industry.  These terms now have a de-facto definition -- work done by someone other than an American.

To accomplish this, at least in the case of onshoring American hi-tech companies, and even more service firms on other industries, must go to great lengths to import, house, and accommodate the guest workers that have displaced Americans.

Todays's Wall Street Journal exposes the challenges that these guest workers, primarily from India, face in finding mates.

But finding a mate can be easier than finding a job for the guest workers.


Does America Really Need Guest Workers In I.T.?

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The global I.T. service industry has long been sliding into the rhelm of indentured servitude, and the web site of the U.K.'s Socialist Party summarizes the nature of this relationship between India and the consumers of it's massive I.T. labor force.

- [An Indian socialist]


Should American Programmers Be Forced To Train Their Indian Replacements?

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One of the dirty little secrets of the offshoring/outsourcing fiasco in I.T. is the onshoring of workers through the use of third parties.  

These mostly Indian firms contract with large companies to provide low-wage and low-skill programmers to work onsite.  This is because day-to-day back office operations of tech intensive companies like banks require a physical onsite presence 24/7.  These functions are not easily offshored due to the logistical obstacles of dealing with a workforce on the other side of the world.

The American companies want their cake and eat it too, so in order to reduce costs and have the labor onsite, they turn to bodyshops or Indian I.T. consulting outfits like Infosys,WiPro or Tata.

WSOCTV in Charlotte has a story how a local bank engaged in this process to avoid hiring American programmers.


Is Is Fair To Use Imported Workers To Do I.T. Work At Companies That Took TARP Money?

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The DOJ is investigating numerous companies for L-1 fraud, and the DOL is auditing all H-1B dependent companies.

The H-1B and L-1 Visas are modern day Jim Crow laws, subjecting American hi-tech professionals to abuse at the hands of India, Inc.

Here's my letter to David Boies (famed attorney):


What Say You?

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