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About 14 months ago, I wrote a letter to Ted Cruz trying to understand how my marriage to my same-sex partner of eight years had any impact on him at all.  His office responded in October, 2014 with a annoying but relatively benign form letter.  Since then Senator Cruz has made noise on and off about changing laws to invalidate the force and effect of marriages should the married parties reside in a state where same-sex marriage is illegal.  That got my attention since my partner and I were married in California but live in Texas.  Nothing came of that yet, but today he reintroduced his anti-marriage amendment and additional legislation to enjoin federal courts from considering marriage cases.  I guess the time has come to write him again.  My second tilt at windmills is below the fold

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Wed Feb 26, 2014 at 10:26 AM PST

An Open Letter To Ted Cruz

by turbulent suspension

I had some time free during my lunch break today, so I read the news.  I had been vaguely aware for a while that Ted Cruz was using the current flair-up of discriminatory legislation aimed at the LGBT community to attempt to resurrect the Defense of Marriage Act by another name.  I read a few articles and the seething annoyance that has been building in my for a while boiled over, so I hammered out a letter to him.  I have already submitted to his website, but promised that I would publish as an open letter.  

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My partner (well now my husband) and I were married on August 31, 2013 in Alamo Square in San Francisco.  It was a small ceremony attended by my brother, his fiancé, and a few old friends, one of whom was also our officiant, and somewhat unexpectedly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  John and I have been together for six years and actually exchanged rings privately more than five years ago.  While we were on vacation earlier this summer we agreed that if the Supreme Court ruled that DOMA was unconstitutional and if California’s Prop 8 was overturned, we would make the trip out to get married (we live in Texas and some things here never change).  Within minutes of the DOMA decision my partner started texting possible wedding dates to me.

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