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At last we are beginning to see that even in Texas you can go to far. The fever hasn't been broken but we are beginning to see that there are some Republicans are developing a "backbone ", although that doesn't include Governor Abbott.

Abbott had order that federal training exercises that are going to be conducted be observed in order to placate various wing nuts claims that President Obama was going to do all sorts of horrible and illegal things to our state. Abbott is in a race to crazy with the already crazy Lt. Governor Patrick. Well he may have gone a step to far for even the Texas Republican Party.

Former Republican state legislator Todd Smith is one man that has had enough. He sent a letter to Abbott telling him to get a "backbone", to quit "pandering to idiots" and generally questioning his thought process. His letter is a must read and my be found here.

Former Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, in a much more muted op ed has stepped up to support the troops. His piece can be read here.

It isn't the end of this type of idiocy in Texas but I hope we can look back on this as the beginning of the end.

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In an interesting decision today the US Supreme Court remanded an AL case to the district court for further development of the rationale used to pack minority districts. What AL did was to take precincts that were overwhelmingly Black and pack them into for example a 90% Black legislative district.  What this does of course is create a district next door that will have few Blacks and dilute their influence.

Kennedy was the 5th vote and Justice Breyer wrote the opinion.



This decision may well have implications for Virginia and other states. They didn't  find the actions of AL unconstitutional but they came close.

Bottom line Thomas and Scalia are unhappy and therefore the rest of the US has been saved.

For some reason I was unable to pull up the SCOTUS BLOG this evening but I am sure they have an excellent analysis.


The only thing I do not understand is why we continue to suck up this man. When I think of the fact that over the years we have tarnished our reputation as an "honest broker" in the Middle East conflict it just makes me sick.

IMHOP Feinstein and Durbin made a mistake even inviting him to a meeting in the first place. We have now come to the place in history where Republicans do not have the guts to debate a war resolution against ISIS but do have the time to allow a foreign leader's attempt to interfere with our negotiations regarding Iran. The only thing these fools want to do is to have us perpetually at war. They will do anything to undermine President Obama.

It is my hope that the people of Israel decide that Netanyahu is seriously damaging their relationship with our country and vote him and his party out of office.

As for Feinstein and Durbin, they got their answer. Netanyahu is intent on using the Republicans and the US Congress as a platform for his best interests and any elected official that refuses to go along will be considered as an enemy of the Jewish people, since he now represents all Jewish people not just Israelis.

See story here:

I just don't get the Republicans. Israel needs us we don't need them.


This story is just unbelievable to me. Jeb Bush has just hired a Republican technology expert (an oxymoron ) that has some views regarding women that he used to think we're funny but now he says it was years ago (2010) and he no longer finds them funny. The bottom line is he generally finds women to be "sluts".

The man who wants to be President solution to this embarrassing revelation was just to ask him to delete the tweets. The last time I checked Jeb Bush had a wife and at least one daughter but apparently his desire to be President exceeds any amount of respect for women. I know I shouldn't be surprised after all he is a Republican but somehow this really is just shocking to me that he would hire a person with such h views regarding women.

The full story with screen shots of the tweets may be found here:

I wonder what his thoughts are regarding Hispanics and immigration are? Maybe he is only a misogynist?


Tue Jan 06, 2015 at 03:38 PM PST

Scalise, Duke & Adelson

by txdoubledd

Lamar White, Jr. has added to his reporting on Congressman Scalise and his cover story regarding why he attended the white supremacist meeting may be found here

Basically his reporting indicates it wasn't the tax bill but an earlier issue regarding what were basically a slush fund (my characterization) used for inner city development (read Black people) in New Orleans and Scalise wanted the money to go to the New Orleans NBA team. Regardless of what his version of events is people that Mr. White spoke with or read postings from recall him speaking about religion and the deterioration of community. If you are interested his story is worth reading because it goes down the trail of other people associated with the group and their disingenuous stories about the group including the man that gave Scalise $1,000. (I would still like to know who else he contributed to during that cycle because he doesn't sound like the kind of guy that has that kind of money).

(Rachel Maddow reported last night that the bill hadn't been filed but my reading of the bill history is that it had been previously filed but it wasn't reported out of committee until a week after Scalise spoke to the organization)

There is no way Scalise didn't know this was Duke's organization since he was speaking to the croup from a meeting in Europe.  Duke was infamous after his presidential run and his rascist and pro Hitler comments he made during his previous campaign. In addition the promotional material describes the following

"A European conference led by EURO National President David Duke will be held in Europe at the same time. A teleconference will be set up to allow David Duke to address both conferences at the same time." ( See Lamar White's original report).

David Duke, I hardly knew you.

By the time Scalise is speaking to the group in LA in 2002 he had to have known that Duke was speaking via teleconference because he had fled to Europe to avoid prosecution.

"Duke had just started a speaking tour in Russia in January 2000 when federal agents raided his home in Mandeville, La. A search warrant, based on testimony from confidential informants, alleged Duke took hundreds of thousands of dollars he solicited from supporters and gambled the money away.

Until his return to the country late last week, Duke had been lecturing and speaking in European countries in a crusade for "white survival" against Jews and non-Europeans." See December 2002 report

So when Scales told a reporter 20 years ago he was "like David Duke without the baggage, just exactly what did he mean? I would suggest that what he meant was that, unlike David Duke, there were no pictures of him dressed up in a Nazi uniform saluting Hitler.

Sheldon Adelson - Gambler

I find it to be particularly humorous that David Duke was indicted for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars and gambling the money in Mississippi and Las Vegas. It really would be funny if some of the money he lost was to Adelson in one of his Las Vegas casinos.

As any Daily Kos reader knows Adelson claims that Republicans have the back of Israel and he has overcome the few social differences he has with Republicans due to this support of Jews and Israel.

"Although I don't agree with every Republican position—I'm liberal on several social issues—there is enough common cause with the party for me to know I've made the right choice. It's the choice that, I believe, my old immigrant Jewish neighbors would have made. They would not have let a few disagreements with Republicans void the importance of siding with the political party that better supports liberal democracies like Israel, the party that better exemplifies the spirit of charity, and the party with economic policies that would certainly be better for those Americans now looking for work. The Democratic Party just isn't what it used to be." (Quote from Sheldon Adelson)

I have a feeling that his "old immigrant Jewish neighbors" would not have considered any association with David Duke as being "a few disagreements with Republicans".

A recent Gallup poll shows that Jewish support for the Democratic Party has dropped by 7% but I can't believe that this type of association by Republicans with Duke, Scalise and their ilk wouldn't reverse that trend dramatically.  After all a group that would just as soon see you dead takes voting against your interests to a new level.  (See

The Democratic Party needs to launch an immediate program to ask every major Jewish Republican contributor whether Scalise should remain as the number 3 member in leadership and if they are going to continue to contribute money to a party that has leadership that associates with the Neo-Nazis and KKk like David Duke and EURO.

In other words we need to make EURO and Scalise the Democratic equivalent of ACORN. Let there be no mistake that Republicans will take their money but they will never really invite them into their homes because they just don't fit in but they will associate with rascist and Neo-Nazis.


I always find Jonathan Chait to have an interesting perspective and this morning's article is no different.

He believes that McConnell "did not become majority leader by cooperating" and that his approach is that the electorate doesn't blame Congress for gridlock.  Chait sites a statistic that only 40% of the public even knows which party controls each house.

McConnell ' s next move, more of the same. Stalemate. No public attention just grinding stalemate that will demoralize the "disengaged" voter.

He believes that McConnell has figured out the only way for Republicans to win the Whitehouse suppress the vote by grinding them down so they have no hope and relationship of their vote to their everyday life.

I say again, that every week there needs to be a push of what the Republicans refuse to do for America.  Start with transportation infrastructure because it means jobs. Each congressional district with what road isn't being built or repaired and why. The same works on the farm bill and general lack of investment in our infrastructure.

I hope you will read his article and give your thoughts. Chait's article appears here


Well it may be Halloween but Greg Abbott was definitely not in a costume when he was caught on camera, palling around with a dangerous militia leader who was arrested 4 days later by the ATF. In the photo he can be seen with an Abbott sticker on his "military uniform".

These people have been protecting our border and in doing so were allegedly involved in an incident on the border where one or more of them pointed a weapon at a Border Patrol officer. The problem for Abbott is that the military leader is a convicted felon and therefore cannot be in possession of a firearm.

When they raided his motel they found a variety of weapons, several cameras (which included more pictures with Abbott) and ammonium nitrate (bomb making material,  think Oklahoma City bombing) plus fuel.

Some of the pictures are just priceless. KC Massey has several convictions for burglary. Only in Texas could the Attorney General of the state get away without having to renounce the illegal activity of these militias never mind hanging out with them.

God help us. Naturally this was dumped on Friday afternoon so I am sure it is too late for Rachel or Lawrence,  but if anyone knows how to get it to them it would be helpful. Early  voting ends this evening but If the mainstream media were to pick this up it really might help. Please don't forget that this is just the type of person Dan Patrick - R (running for Lt. Governor) hangs out with also. Massey is a clean shaven Duck Dynasty loon. His co-defendant in this charge has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Please read the stories and pass this along in hopes of helping us in Texas.

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I live in Texas. I vote in Texas, but Texas through a lack of participation by our citizens is about to unleash a disaster of such major proportions that I am truly sickened. We are about to elect a true lunatic as the Lt. Governor of our state.

I realize that we have brought this lunacy upon ourselves in many ways yet I keep wondering why no one is willing to come to our aid? Where are the liberal billionaires or millionaires willing to step in and help? Where is the free press exposing the lunacy? Where are the citizens of Texas standing up and saying that is enough you sir are way, way over the line and you will not represent me?

Dan Patrick is a lunatic. He is Louie Gohmert on steroids. I urge you to read the piece in Mother Jones and ask yourself if you know anyone who can help us? There has to be someone who knows a person who can spend the money necessary to show the people of Texas that Patrick is a dangerous man.

I still believe that if Texans knew what Dan Patrick was like, they would reject him. Texas has unlimited campaign contributions so funding one blitz of Patrick statements could save us from ourselves.

Here are just two examples of the thinking of Patrick.

Speaking about Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, Patrick said "God is speaking to us from the most unlikely voice, Phil Robertson, about God's Word. God is using pop culture and a highly successful cable TV show to remind us about His teaching."

Under no theory of rational thought could any person think God would speak through Robertson or that God would use Robertson to "speak" to Patrick.

On Connie Chung's TV show, Eye to Eye Patrick quipped in 1992 that the Asian American journalist's show should be called "Slanted Eye to Eye".

Really?  There is a substantial Asian population in Texas that I am sure have no idea how he views them.

I ask you to read the piece and to pass it on to everyone you know there just has to be some out there who will help save us.


I had completely forgotten that Governor Probe's problems began when he bit the hand that fed him and his family. It is a testament that he forgot to have a signed confidentiality agreement with the hired help. In this case it was the chef.

In 2012 the chef was being investigated for theft from the governor's mansion. In an effort to improve his situation he decided to throw the first family under the bus and disclosed the $15,000 payment for the catering of the wedding by Williams. Thus beginning a series of revelations (through a probe, non vaginal kind) that would yield a treasure trove of gifts and loans that would take the model Christian family man from the Virginia governor's mansion to living with his friend the priest (previously convicted of lewd acts in a car with another man) .

Other than the complete hypocrisy that was and is his life,  you have to wonder if he ever thinks that if he hadn't bit the hand that fed him and the chef hadn't been fired he would have gotten away with it. Fortunately for him, Republicans are rarely introspective and never accepting of responsibility for their own actions.

Still you have to wonder whether late at night when he is thinking about having a midnight snack if he wonders how different it all could have been if he had not bitten the hand that was feeding him.

The local Richmond newspaper had the best piece on this story today at

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Well it clearly has been a busy day in Texas. First we had the abortion decision ending a very bad week for Abbott and now this.

The nasty federal government is still guarding the boarder here in Texas with Boarder Patrol officers or as some wing nuts here call them the "blue men " referring to the Civil War.

Well it turns out that when you wear camouflage and carry a gun it can yield some confusion and today one of these wing nuts was fired on.

Shocking, isn't it.


US District judge rules Texas abortion law unconstitutional.

Abbott is now 0 and the people of Texas 2. This is his 2nd loss just this week. First, school finance and now this.

Oh and nos we know why he won't debate Wendy, he is scared of another loss.

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You absolutely need to read this story because at first you will think that it is just made up but then you will find that there is still a federal lawsuit pending.

The Daily Beast has the piece which may be found here

One night in a driving rain a Black man pulled his car off the freeway in Ferguson. A Ferguson police officer found an active warrant and arrested him. The man kept telling him that it wasn't him. When the officer tried to book him into the jail the booking officer found that the man was telling the truth they had arrested the wrong man.

Ferguson we have a problem. The solution,  put him in a cell and beat him including kicking him in the head and charge him. The charge? Bleeding on the officer's uniform!

You have to read the story and then you will find that they didn't stop there the conspiracy to deprive the man of his civil right continues to this very day.

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