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Update 3:55 AM What's truly incredible about today's post is that I didn't even write it, and I made that very clear in the first few sentences. Of course, some of the dumber people here who hate me because I don't think Obama is a perfect little princess didn't even read the diary before taking the time to tell me how poorly written it is. It's not. It's by a great writer who is funny and articulate like Obama had to be when he stole your souls. Also somewhat amusing that people here love my other humor posts and vote them to the top, plus a couple others as I seem to recall, but I'm repeatedly called the worst writer on Daily Kos by the Eric Holder crowd EVEN WHEN I AM NOT WRITING WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE.

Take a step back and look at the information, which I've successfully provided to other parties which have in turn covered it elsewhere, including dozens of major outlets and documentaries and best-selling books and all that. Please don't make this about me anymore. This is about my enemy, which is yours. That so many here prefer to start fights with other activists is telling. You are actually in a real race with the degenerate lying Mormon because of similar incompetence. I worked on a Democratic congressional campaign in 2008 - for free, as usual - as a direct adviser to Lynne Vincent and his manager, which is to say I've given this party more than most anyone who spends their time posting comments on Daily Kos. I don't deserve the shit that has been thrown at me here for years now, and neither do others that receive similar treatment here. I write about policy for a fucking reason, and I post shit here only once in a while in order to reach the few I need, despite the abuse I inevitably receive from people who follow me from post to post talking nonsense about someone they themselves claim to be worthless.


At least partly. The rest will be coming soon along with a more complete explanation. Go read this guy's thingamajig please:

... which I'm cross-posting here so he can tell you what's what with my recent spate of posts (certain people here have difficulty with it, others have explained what's happening to them and also mocked them when appropriate). Enjoy.

Here's the conversation itself:

... or at least part of it. The rest is on along with my New York Times leak that some of you will find useful (to the extent you don't just carry water for any Administration) and which others will, as usual, feign to misunderstand because ELECTIONS! The amusing part is that this is actually dynamite, as is the rest that I will continue to release over next few days along with explanatory remarks on how this relates to the stupid SWAT thing as well as other, actually significant issues. See HBGary or my other writings thereon; has much more on the problem with paid infosec contractors going after activists, including some who post here at Kos.

Thanks to all who have worked with us on this issue since it first struck us unexpectedly back in February 2011, the Team Themis hack.

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Sat Sep 08, 2012 at 06:47 PM PDT

More ammo you don't how to use

by barrettbrown

Here's part 2 (chronologically part 1) of the conversation I had with Los Angeles County prosecutor Patrick Frey after my associates in Anonymous and I had dealt with the corrupt government contractor HBGary, which turned out to have been looking into various activists for the purposes of setting them up on fraud charges in return for a negotiated monthly price to be paid by Bank of America and U.S. Chamber of Commerce. For more background on this, see my prior diaries, especially from January of 2011 (when we got the world to pay attention to what was happening in Tunisia and elsewhere) and February 2011 (when we caught your good friend Eric Holder helping his favorite huge banks target Wikileaks and those activists who don't carry water for Obama). Those who find this "confusing" or whatnot, please refrain from leaving comments. I am not going to rewrite my work that is understood and used elsewhere simply because this site caters to the lowest Democrats in the country.

Oh, thanks a bunch for all the help with getting out Romas/COIN last year - that program I spent a month researching only to release a report that was picked up by Raw Story, Der Spiegel, and others while ignored by Daily Kos, which must always have the implications explained and which of course has no interest in exploring what Obama is allowing despite his lie of the "transparency presidency." Daily Kos is truly as great as it was when I first started writing here 7 years ago.

Finally - do not leave any messages here of the sort I got yesterday about how the guys who were bitching about this Patrick Frey stuff were correctly banned and I should be, too. You're think of Neal Reahauser, who is one of your Democratic operatives and someone who has repeatedly tried to work with my group (and sometimes did indeed provide useful info). This relates to that SWAT nonsense, yes, but it also relates to my FBI raid, the five things I mentioned above that 50 percent of readers here will have already forgotten, this being two paragraphs later, and other things I will be happy to explain in the next few days as ProjectPM continues to do your fucking job, again.

Thanks guys! Go Obama!

Barrett Brown

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This blog post refers to individuals and situations with which the reader may have been previously unfamiliar. Read at your own risk.


Originally published:

Barrett Brown sends:

Here you go. Also video.

    February 16th, 2011

    Me = Barrett Brown
    Patrick = Patrick Frey, LA county prosecutor and conservative
blogger Patterico

    In this chat, Frey accepts offer by alleged criminal mastermind
Barrett Brown to have Anonymous operatives reduce the visibility of a
blog post by Jeff Goldstein, a "classical liberal" blogger, academic,
and Frey foe who runs Brown agrees to look into the
matter. Further conversations may be released as appropriate. As
noted, this leak is being conducted in retaliation for Frey's failure
to readily answer questions about a possible connection between
Confederate/white nationalist Washington Times editor Robert Stacy
McCain and the HBGary criminal organization as well as Frey's decision
to publicly attack an RNC protester who was arrested in possession of
a weapon, with the final straw being R.S. McCain's latest attack on
Brown, whom the author and conservative stalwart denounced in public
as deserving of FBI attention in 2011 - before later claiming instead
that Brown is in fact an FBI informant based on his own
misunderstanding of facts known even to many reporters who have
covered Anonymous in the last few years. Frey is also the target of
legal action due to another incident involving a different activist
who is being represented by Jay Leiderman, the "Anonymous lawyer" who
has secured pro-bono legal defense for more than a dozen other
citizens who have been raided or charged by the feds since late 2010.
Journalists interested in further details, as well as the bizarre
connection between this and the "SWAT" story from earlier this year,
may as always contact Barrett Brown at

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Posted here:

First round:


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This first appeared on Pastebin yesterday here:

More e-mails being released tonight, will post here in update.


The Secret History of the New York Times's National Security Failures


    What little our citizenry asks of those whom it pays to watch the state on its behalf. And what little the citizenry itself cares for the state it fuels, and blindly puts into motion.

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Do you respect Glenn Greenwald for holding powerful feet to the fire on torture, civil liberties, and other issues that define our ethical worldview? Did you know that the very fighting he's done on our behalf got him targeted by a consortium of firms that work with the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies, and that these firms discussed applying "pressure" to make him stop defending Wikileaks so effectively?

Did you know that the Justice Department of this republic put these covert attacks in motion by sending Bank of America to another powerful law firm that it clearly knew to be good with these sorts of amoral and undemocratic tactics? That Wikileaks was to be attacked via DOS, disrupted via lies planted by fake people, discredited? That even those who donated to it were to be subjected to similar treatment? That all of this was written down in conjunction with million-dollar deals overseen by the worst of the worst, including key conservatives?

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You probably haven't heard of Trapwire. It took a lot of media incompetence, corporate corruption, and actual legal censorship of a news story to ensure that this is the case.

Even well-informed activists and good citizens who keep up with some independent outlets and the better blogs have likely heard little to nothing on not just Trapwire, but what it represents - an industry and a sector that can only thrive when you don't know what they do: with your money, with your privacy, and with your rights. Already we saw how the infosecurity firms (intelligence contractors, like defense contractors and often the same people, as with Northrop, Raytheon, Booz Allen Hamilton, and more) have been caught plotting harassment and set-ups against liberal and anti-corporate activists in the U.S. and Europe, even discussing the best way to attack folks like Glenn Greenwald (and carrying out attacks on USA Today), all at the request of middle class-destroying firms like Bank of America as well as that lobbying wing of the mercantalist class, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

If you're an activist, you can't afford not to learn about the "cyber-industrial complex," as someone at the CIA-linked firm In-Q-Tel called it last year. If you're not an activist, you've got a couple more years until it effects you even more than it does already, in more direct ways that will nonetheless continue to be covert, and on your dime. Democratic institutions are being damaged in ways never before seen, usually without a word from the media. Many of those words are inaccurate to boot.

Please see the below, and spread the facts to your favorite blogger or journalist. Many of us who pursue this issue do so because we don't want other activists personally destroyed any more. We'd appreciate your help in stopping it.

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Yesterday, I posted something here about a major story emanating from last week's Wikileaks release involving Cubic - a massive defense contractor - that managed to get a story shut down in Australia and which was never really in danger of being covered by U.S. media made up of people who are human and thus prefer stories that are less work or more evident. 19 did so regarding the form and not the content. I also posted about a dozen links to other articles on the subject by other people who are better writers, but I don't know to what extent people may have followed them because of the poor formatting overall.

I want to make sure that at least some people get some info on an issue that is important, and which has been deemed to be important by dozens of such figures as NSA defector/whistleblower Thomas Drake (known for testimony on NSA violations of Constitution in data-mining and phone surveillance, among more general issues), plus HuffPost, Young Turks, NBC, RT, etc, with a couple mentions elsewhere - several of which were published only because of the efforts of those who engage in "information activism" with groups like Telecomix.

This issue is tremendous in its scope - a trillion dollar sector involving mundane defense contracting worth non-mundane money, with huge portion of execs that did their romantic stint at The Agency or NSA. The head of Booz Allen Hamilton, a huge U.S. company that, if heard of, most will think of as maybe an adviser to firms that need to get their mail cheaper or whatever, is the former NSA director. Little is known of Booz's intelligence security capabilities, advisory work, collaborations with the agencies that many of its top people come from, and other things we know about firms that cater to lots of people rather than a few powerful ones. The little we know about the industry at all comes in large part from 70,000 e-mails that were once stolen by a bunch of wacky hacker types (of whom a great deal has already been written). Just that sampling, which involved correspondence between one typical firm and its spin-off or subsidiary as well as a couple of dozen firms with which they were dealing over three years. We have a growing list of scandals that have so far been reported in the press and which have dimmed the minimal reputation of the "intelligence contracting" industry as well as a couple of federal agencies including the FBI and Justice Department. Of course, most of the coverage back then went to the fact that a bunch of young folks beat a security company at its own game. There were a lot of stock photos of "shadowy hackers" with face half obscured by darkness as he types his doom-viruses being sold in those days, the Golden Age of Shadowy Guy With Keyboard Stock Photography.

Please read the below piece and please consider reading one of the articles and pieces of evidence linked to. This info was not just accumulated by me, but by a dozen people working with several different civil liberties groups that focus on the net. None of them got paid and many of them come from professional media or industry background. All of us would appreciate that you give this issue some thought, and ask any questions you have about why this is fundamentally bad for all Americans and populations abroad. Thanks.

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An hour or so after posting a piece that has directly prompted coverage of this issue and demonstrably been understood by a number of other people, including many are new to the issue as well, and having been re-posted on a number of other sites on which it has prompted discussion of the actual subject, all seven comments on this Daily Kos version are about the fact that there are few paragraph divisions and that it is impossible to understand what is being said. I'd like to show what I predicted 55 minutes ago when I posted the article, which I made based on observing the site past few years, and as someone whose goofy comical posts about Bush and other things of that sort voted to the very top of the recs in past years). I'm noting this not (just) to insult people or not (just) because I'm hurt when I get those comments on something I care about (and which clearly links to many things that are not written on this style but explain bits of the issues), but because it's a shame that I was right to expect it. Not every issue of fundamental importance to people here is going to be written as absolutely wonderfully as is everything else published on Daily Kos. Please accept information in the spirit in which it is given. Thanks, especially to two people who e-mailed about this; it's appreciated.

Update: I have used another e-mail I sent to someone in media on this earlier today to make a shorter, non-bizarre version of this for those who really would like to know what's here but aren't interested in all the details, or who are dumb.

Here's another damn good piece, but now 2 days out of date, from someone whom a lot of you don't actually hate to the point that you are taking time to write mean things to him (at least I'm assuming, don't know what goes on here)


I've worked as a freelance writer and sometimes a journalist and author for ten years. I've written for a number of publications you've heard of, like The Guardian. I've also written at Daily Kos since 2006 or so. I'm mostly known now as an activist who works with other activists at Wikileaks, TOR, Telecomix, and good ol' Anonymous (which most participants always explain is not a group, but which of course is pretty clique-y and localized around a handful of venues to do most of what it's actually known for). I've actually been wrongly referred to as the "spokesperson" for Anonymous (and "self-proclaimed face" of Anonymous, even more wrongly) for a year and a half in dozens of articles and occasional TV segments. In fact, for last year I've been almost entirely focused on a single issue. Here are some of my credentials on it, from panel I did last month. And for the last several days, I've been focused on a single major story that has come out of that issue, but which you wouldn't know from reading the U.S. press, which has again failed to protect us from the state that we shouldn't need protection from but do. I sincerely hope that people at Daily Kos will understand why all democratic institutions are being undermined by this issue, and like me will make it something that they choose to educate others on before it gets worse than it is now - especially because almost no one knows how bad it is based on what's out there, to say nothing of what the secret-keepers in the secret-keeping sector have actually managed to keep secret.

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The Bradley Manning Support Network is under investigation by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, as revealed by a copy of a Freedom of Information Act request response. In this case, the request for records pertaining to the activist umbrella group was denied, but the reason for the denial - that "an active investigation is in progress with an undetermined completion date" - is obviously news in and of itself, which is presumably why none of the infotainment outlets posing as news organizations have reported on the development thus far.

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   In the wake of the recent operation by which Stratfor's servers were compromised, much of the media has focused on the fact that some participants in the attack chose to use obtained customer credit card numbers to make donations to charitable causes. Although this aspect of the operation is indeed newsworthy, and, like all things, should be scrutinized and criticized as necessary, the original purpose and ultimate consequence of the operation has been largely ignored.

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Today saw the release of a leaked administrative subpoena from Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley to Twitter, demanding that the company release to them any IP addresses and other information associated with several Twitter accounts held by Anonymous participants. Although the document also requests that Twitter refrain from informing those account holders of the move, the company nonetheless sent an e-mail to one of those involved noting that the subpoena had been issued and that they would decline to pursue the issue if they are informed of any motion to quash. Two of the individuals involved contacted me today and have now been referred to the Liederman Devine law firm in San Francisco, which is already representing another Anon operative who was heavily involved in the North African revolts and which has additionally assisted in arranging pro bono legal defense for Anon activists accused of DDOSing Paypal's website in retaliation for its move against Wikileaks last year.

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