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With permission from the author Sharyn Fields, a local columnist, here is an exquisite tale of Human Dignity.. and how it can be shared.  

In photographs from just a few short years ago, he is all smoky, dark and lean, with smoldering blue/green eyes, sinewy muscles like snaking ropes coiling around down his arms and the length of his tanned legs.
He tells me of his life as a tennis pro, of hunting and fishing in Alaska, of fortunes won with his brilliant business mind and daring entrepreneurial spirit, of expeditions and tattoos, travel and dashing adventure.


He speaks of female companions, skating delicately across the surface of the subject as if it were of no consequence at all. This attempt at subtlety practically shouts at me what I know to be true. I'm not sure if he's attempting to spare my feminine nature out of some kind of chivalry, or to conceal motivations that still animate his actions.

I am certain with all of my being that he was a man that most women would drop everything to be near, even just for a short while. He dripped with a raw male beauty, an on-top-of-the-world, devil-may-care attitude, a lifestyle fueled by success, a mind as quick as a whip.
Even now, when he talks, he calls me “Baby,” in a lazy, sexy, slow way, rolling it around on his tongue with a silky smooth tone that reminds me of cigars and cedar, chocolate with cinnamon, and makes me feel suddenly weak in the knees. He winks, watching my emotions flicker across my face like they always do; I'm a heart-on-my-sleeve type of woman. He knows the effect he has on me, which pleases him, and the corner of his mouth twitches up suggestively.

And there, looking into his eyes, I realize that the very life essence of this man is so powerful that it temporarily caused me to forget that his gorgeous, strong body is now really frail and small and stooped; that his lovely long, slender fingers can no longer grasp anything, not even to feed his own mouth; that his tall, magnificent frame cannot leave the couch where he sits until I walk over and plant my feet as hard as I can, letting him grip my shoulders to hoist himself up, afraid I might drop him, glad I've been working out lately. I forget that his eyes, that crackle and twinkle with fire and look at me as if he wants to take a bite out of me, are now blind enough that he cannot drive or read, and will soon be completely dim.
Do you think you have the picture now? Probably not though.

More below the SQUIGGLE

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Thu Apr 02, 2015 at 04:40 PM PDT

Kossack in Trouble.. Please Help

by LOrion

This is for Horace Boothroyd ... I am sure many of you on DKOS know him, certainly more than you know me. The Big Orange was a complete mystery to me at first, and it was Horace who was kind enough to answer all my stupid questions. You must have a DKOS mentor too.. or you couldn’t find this.

Also, can someone in #LGBTKos Community get this shared, very few ever see my posts.
I will message the group and if you feel you need to rewrite this to make it more ‘Koslike' please do.

He is in the Northwest ...and has not been able to find work for a while.  He has physical limitations, but can do computer work .. if he has a working computer in a dry environment.  He had ‘friends’ who just took him to Seattle then stole everything he had with him.

Please read this.  Look him up. Remember his great work here on Daily Kos.
Find it in your hearts to help him through this. Even if we each just gave $1
.. (Yes, I gave, a bit more than that, but I cannot afford the whole bill.)

HERE HERE HERE is Horace:  GoFund Me: Titled  'Let Me Write-one month's expenses’

HORACE GoFundMe:  Let Me Write Please

Horace Boothroyd

I can write. I have readers that love me. But I need financial support in order to continue to do so. Could you please contribute to my monthly expenses? This includes housing, internet access, food, and research materials ie: Books to review, I put notes all over them.
Yes he can, and yes he does, you know that if you are a ‪#‎kossack‬. ..
But he can't write after iPad etc stolen. Needs relocating expenses.
 .. It’s very tough for trans, even in the west.

Thank you. Please share around. There are a lot of us, some of us can help I know.

He needs to know you are out there right now, so please leave a comment if you give.
He is losing access to the net as I type this.  


Mon Mar 09, 2015 at 03:09 PM PDT

MEUSA Files Real People Amicus Brief

by LOrion


REBLOGGING this with permission from Oblogdeeblogda ..
Posted by Melanie Nathan, March 09, 2015.

MEUSA Amicus Brief: Real Voices, Real People, Real Impact

San Francisco/Washington DC - Today, Marriage Equality USA announces that it has filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the freedom to marry nationwide and full equality under the Constitution for LGBTQ people. The brief, together with all the other briefs supporters of equality have filed, present an irrefutable case for equality to the Supreme Court in the landmark lawsuits the Court will decide this year.

The brief’s lead author, John Lewis, MEUSA’s Legal and Policy Director stated:

“Empowering LGBTQ people to tell their own stories and to advocate in their own voices has always been a central mission of Marriage Equality USA. In our Supreme Court brief, LGBTQ couples across the country, from Florida to Iowa to Oregon, reveal how discrimination has harmed them and how equality has brought them personal dignity and legal protections that they had never had before. Their voices attest to the transformative power of legal equality in people’s lives.”

Voices in the brief include:

* An LGBTQ couple in their 90s, who for 70 years told no one of their relationship until they decided to marry.


 *A young LGBTQ couple, raising four children, who had been unable to live together as a family because of their home state’s law that excludes same-sex couples from marrying. Marriage equality coming to their state meant that they could finally live together as a family.


* An LGBTQ couple who married in California where they made their home for years, but when the Great Recession hit needed to move to live with family in a state without equality. In the process, they lost not just their jobs and their home – they lost full recognition and respect for their marriage. They look to the Supreme Court for a nationwide decision that restores their equality.

A central theme of the brief is that Americans’ right to marry and to have their government accord them the highest respect and recognition for their relationship should derive inherently from their humanity and not the particularities of their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.


The brief also stresses the importance of marriage equality being a federal constitutional right, enforceable in all 50 states and all U.S. territories. As the brief states: “We are not just citizens of the state in which we live; we are Americans.”

The brief also describes how LGBTQ Americans experience a new found sense of dignity as LGBTQ Americans when they gain the freedom to marry. But that sense of dignity is incomplete unless LGBTQ people receive the same measure of respect in every way in which they interact with the government.


Brian Silva, MEUSA’s Executive Director, stated:

“Marriage Equality USA is the nation’s oldest existing organization dedicated solely to attaining marriage equality. Nearly two decades of work alongside many other LGBTQ organizations, individuals, and allies has led to this moment. Thirty-seven states now have marriage equality. We stand poised for the U.S. Supreme Court to ensure that marriage equality is the law nationwide. As we look to the Court to do so, we also look to the Justices to establish once and for all that the Constitution protects LGBTQ people from governmental discrimination in all aspects of their lives.”
The Supreme Court will hold oral arguments in the marriage equality cases on April 28, with a decision expected by the end of June. The decision will likely come the same week that major cities across the country will hold annual LGBTQ Pride Celebrations, marking the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots that are credited with being the catalyst for the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

Sat Dec 20, 2014 at 01:33 PM PST

BLUE CHRISTMAS ..a Grinch story

by LOrion

I was given permission to cross post this from a column by Doug Love... posted in our local newspaper but not put online.  I do have his verification that is is a true first person story, no urban myth...though it reads as one, enjoy.

ELVIS: Blue Christmas

Every time I hear “Blue Christmas” by Elvis I think of my wily old mentor KDV, when he tricked me one Christmas season.

“Hey bro, come with me to Shanty Town and help me take a census,” said KDV.
Shanty Town was a group of little run-down houses, more like shacks, on an acre of ground just east of downtown occupied by migrant agricultural workers. KDV had the property listed for sale, and the out-of-town owner never set foot on it. The rent always came every month, though.

“I’ve had this junk-heap listed for over a year, and miracle of all miracles, we have a buyer. The problem is I have to come up with tenant information. You with me, babe?”
We pulled into the property. December rains had pounded the dirt into gooey mud which covered every bit of land the houses didn’t.  

“I hate this place,” he said. “Count heads, babe.”
We knocked on the first door. “Buenos días,” said KDV. “Cuantos personas occupado aqui? His Spanish was worse than John Wayne’s. A man in cowboy boots and a t-shirt looked back with fear in his eyes. Three kids sat quietly on the floor. The place had one chair. “No se,” said the man.

KDV and I appeared so out of place, we could have been from Mars, or worse, the Immigration Department or I.R.S.
Each little house was the same: lots of kids, few possessions, and lots of fear. Nevertheless, we were given tamales and hand-made tortillas as peace offerings. Skinny Christmas trees stood in a couple shacks, and some had a few decorations.
“What a dump,” KDV said at the end of our excursion. I was struck by his lack of empathy.

The next Saturday, KDV asked me again to go with him to Shanty Town, because the buyer wasn’t satisfied with the tenant information. The sale was supposed to close before the year-end.
“It’s the weekend,” he said.  “Better chance to catch them all at home.”

We pulled into the mud again. This time KDV opened all his car doors and cranked up the car stereo, blasting out “Blue Christmas” by Elvis.
He jumped out and whipped open the trunk, shouting “Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!”

The trunk was stuffed with wrapped Christmas presents. On each was written niña, niño, señor, or señorita. There must have been a hundred wrapped gifts: games, crayons, candy, toy guns, balls, you name it. We all laughed and celebrated.

KDV turned to me and shouted over Elvis. “Thought I was the Grinch, didn’t you, babe!”
Yes, I had. “Never forget, babe,” he said, “we gotta make people happy whenever we can; especially kids, and especially at Christmastime!”

MORE from Author: Ha! Yes, all true. No urban myth here. KDV was an amazing guy and very wise. He knew I was soft-hearted and that he could appear otherwise. So he faked me out with his apparent lack of empathy. The truth is, he was the most soft-hearted person you could find, and he gave his heart to people everywhere. He also loved music, was a great pianist himself, and Blue Christmas was his favorite Christmas song.
Thanks for your interest in my writing!

Doug Love

HERE is link to YouTube of Elvis Video... whew! not too bad looking was he?


Posting full essay, links, pics with permission of the author Marni Halasa .. a New York lawyer, journalist and political performance artist.  She consults for citizens, unions, community groups and nonprofit organizations ... see full contact info at end of blog.

On the third anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, September 17, 2011, don’t be so sure that that the ranting and raving about income inequality, fracking and student debt is dead. Although thousands are no longer protesting in the streets, a quiet revolution inspired by Occupy principles has been brewing in the American public. It demands more from government representatives and was all too present in last week’s Democratic primary for the governor for the state of New York.
As one of the 34 percent who voted for Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu, I am part of the growing constituency demanding change.  I am not an environmental fractivist or a disgruntled state employee — two groups that clearly have a bone to pick with the incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo.  I am an Occupier and interested citizen who belongs to a new voting block between 30 to 45 years-old that is normally outside the political establishment.  According to independent journalist Matt Stoller, we are the burgeoning ‘Occupy Bloc' a social-media savvy group of techies, publishers, professionals, and students with energy and ambition to influence the political process. Who knows if we have enough strength to muster political revolt, but one thing is clear:  if the mainstream Democratic party cannot show real conviction and take a stand for ordinary people, we will look elsewhere.

Teachout’s campaign is an example of this. Her desire to break up the big banks responsible for the 2008 financial crisis, rid the state of monopolies like the Comcast-Time Warner merger and hold officials currently in office accountable for corrupt behavior, was our call to arms. Like Occupy, Teachout advocates examination of the power structures in society to do what really needs to be done: use government to limit the power of Wall Street and corporate America and give regular citizens the opportunity to participate in the political process and create policy.

screen-OWS poster

This is not news to me.  As a performance artist for Occupy Wall Street, I have been studying the financial industry since 2011 with the Alternative Banking Group, a close-knit group of academics, bloggers, activists and former Wall Street quants, which meets weekly at Columbia University.  I have learned things that should infuriate us all. When I walk past HSBC, I don’t see a bank of convenience. I see a for-profit enterprise that admitted to laundering millions for the Mexican drug cartel and terrorist groups linked with Al-Qaeda, but paid an insignificant ‘cost of doing business’ fine in 2012 so no high-level executives would go to jail.  SEE
HSBC's head of compliance quits after money laundering allegations in US

Whenever I’m standing in front of the Federal Reserve near Wall Street, I know that it is not a federal agency but a privately owned central bank retained by the cartel of banks rich enough to belong to the Federal Reserve system.  I'm aware that these banks can borrow at a huge discount at 0.75 percent interest, compared to students who pay nearly 5 times that amount on student loans. The elites of this world have gamed the system to make it work for them, a small minority, and they are banking on the fact that most of us will not notice.

Although many believe the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s trust busting agenda are gone — something interesting is happening. Three years ago, Occupy Wall Street thrust income inequality onto the national stage.  At the same time, bank reform politicians like Elizabeth Warren were elected to Congress. Then in last week’s primaries, Teachout did nearly the impossible and won 34 percent of the vote against incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo, who had a $35 million dollar campaign war chest. With little money and no name recognition, she effectively challenged him. She had a clear message the public seems hungry for — to value regular citizens and their needs in the decision-making process.

The rest is up to us. It’s time for ordinary people to become part of the political process and contribute.  Be a leader, collectively organize for your rights, become aware of who holds power and get involved. No more standing on the sidelines. Take charge of your destiny, and if you’re lucky, you might be taking charge of all of ours.

AUTHOR:  Marni Halasa, a lawyer, journalist and political performance artist, consults for citizens, unions, community groups and nonprofit organizations on how to stage effective protest and innovative resistance.  Contact her at her website, “Revolution Is Sexy.”

AUTHOR distracting Zuccotti Cops:  


MORE MEMORY PICS below squiggle... I saved these. ..and Yes I have a full DECLARATION in 4 sections that is readable if you want me to post sections I can.. It was quite remarkable.

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Fri Sep 05, 2014 at 01:06 PM PDT

The CA President Pro Tem DID WHAT?

by LOrion

Blogger Andrea Marr tells how and why she was excited by this late move by California’s legislature.  National Memo: Californians Ready for a Greener Economy

Despite the success of California’s historic Global Warming Solutions Act (also known as AB 32), this summer saw an interesting turn of events in the form of AB 69, an attempt by Central Valley assemblyman Henry Perea to suspend the next phase of the Act’s implementation. This controversial next phase extends carbon pollution caps to the transportation sector.
Thankfully, AB 69 died in the legislature last week thanks to Senate president pro Tem Darrell Steinberg’s decision to delay hearing it before the end of the session.
...So another beating back of BIGOIL Intersts in CA.. They don’t happen often enough. Environmentalists, and health care advocates were thrilled with the pro Tem Steinberg's letter to Perea..which included:
“If we are serious about reducing fuel costs and righting the public health and economic wrongs facing our constituents,” he wrote, “we must wean ourselves off fossil fuels and invest in cleaner transportation alternatives.”
The author suprised herself by being so interested she followed:
I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen with AB 69. Californians drive almost 14,000 miles a year, over one and a half times more than the national average. And we don’t just drive more miles; we even own more cars than we have drivers!
More history and stats are given about Califonia’s needs and prior response eg. AB32 to decrease Fossil Fuel TRANSPORTATION pollution. .... but there is more, below the Orange Design
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Wed Aug 20, 2014 at 03:45 PM PDT

SIT-INS Begin...Guess When and Where

by LOrion

Saw this from  @JMitchellNews: 66 yrs ago today, NAACP Youth Council began sit-ins to desegregate lunch counters .. these were in Oklahoma City.

SIT INs Begin 1948 Oklahoma City

But they had begun in KANSAS, before that:

On April 15, 1948 White and black students from the KU chapter of the Committee on Racial Equality (CORE) held a sit-in at Brick’s Cafe. Like many other Lawrence establishments, Brick's Cafe refused to serve African-Americans.
Brick's Cafe was selected because of its proximity to campus and the fact that it depended upon the business of students-a group that was often more friendly towards racial integration.The campus newspaper reported that Lawrence police stood by while 15-20 white males physically removed the protesters from the restaurant.
e.g. 'White counter-protesters physically ejected the black and white members of CORE, leading to one injury when a demonstrator was pushed down the stairs'
Full article here: Sit-ins at Brick's Cafe to Protest Racial Discrimination, Lawrence KS, 1948

....and then   JUST A FEW CLICKs later we have this:

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Finally, some good news...and from ‘God’ too.
Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, at least, will be greeted for 12 months.

The brain behind Facebook’s popular ‘God’ humor page has crowdfunded over $US40,000 in a campaign to erect pro-gay billboards in the home town of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

‘God’s’ followers pledged the funds in just ten days, and ‘God’ now plans to buy more billboards with the message that ‘God loves gays’ in other parts of the United States if he can raise further funds.

Here is the original Campaign message:
‘A mean lie has been put into the world for thousands of years. The time has come to right this wrong,’ ‘God’ says of his campaign.
‘God loves gay, lesbian and transgendered people. God loves ALL people!
‘Therefore, the LORD shall put up a billboard in Topeka, Kansas that says "God Loves Gays." The time has come to fight back. With love!’
Billboards from ‘God’

Yes, he raised that money and more... and Yes, you too can give..see below.

Thanks to GayStarNews for heads up. ‘God’ of Facebook crowdfunds billboard saying he loves gays to spite Westboro Baptists

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FOR ANYONE IN HEALTHCARE know what ICD billing codes the number classification for illnesses you must use in order to collect treatment payments from Insurance Companies and the Government.

WELL, A WHOLE NEW BOOK is out and there are 68,000 billing codes under the new ICD-10 system, ...  as opposed to a paltry 13,000 under the current ICD-9.

And, yes, ‘THIS expansive increase in diagnostic codes, intended to smooth billing processes and assist in population health and cost reduction across the healthcare delivery system, has providers across the board worried about integration’... BUT WORRY NOT (unless you have to use it.) for us at DKOS this is all you need to know.

Despite the controversy surrounding ICD-10, there is one universally agreed-upon upside to the hyper-specific coding system: Weird and obscure codes that stand for bizarre medical injuries.
There's even an illustrated book, Struck by an ORCA: ICD-10 Illustrated (Healthcare Dive is super into it.)

Therefore, behold! The 16 most absurd codes in the entire ICD-10 set, with a little advice from Healthcare Dive on how to handle these cases should they come into your Emergency Room.

AND, yes, Almost All Agree  ‘STRUCK by DUCK’ leads the list... though being a geek, I am partial to the Spacecraft one too.


NOW On to Absurd... from HealthCareDIVE: Most Absurd ICD-10 Codes

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Illini Pride

Just a note FYI: 'The New Civil Rights Movement' blogger Jean Ann Esselink does a weekly piece where she chooses a brave reaction by someone being bullied or oppressed ... and lets us know of these wonderful people and what they have done.

This week, she begins the piece, On Our Radar – The Crusaders For Equality by describing being taught to play a credit card sized Ninentendo by a young friend.  ... read and enjoy.  

Eventually, we see SEVEN YEAR OLD Maddie, is already quite a teacher. FIRST, How to Play a NINTENDO she can barely see,  then a life lesson. ...

It’s now ten minutes later and Princess Peachy is still taking her turn, but she gave me the opening for today’s Radar: “Sometimes you go looking for the battle, but sometimes the battle comes to you.’
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Thu Apr 03, 2014 at 12:55 PM PDT

‘HoneyMaid’ makes a rebuttal ad

by LOrion

On March 10, 2014 the Honey Maid brand of snacks put out their ‘This is Wholesome’ ad

showing many different families ... taking care of and loving each other.

They got a lot of comments ... many of them blisteringly scathing. Here is their rebuttal.

YOU TUBE: Honey Maid: LOVE

HONEY MAID rebuttal

...FYI I had to scold tweep who message this without a #Tissue Alert.  

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The ‘Polar Vortex’ explained in lay terms, even Donald Trump seems to understand … ummm sort of
by Eric Roston, Why Is It So Cold? The Polar Vortex, Explained

“Polar vortex” has taken an uncontested lead in the competition for buzzword of 2014. It’s brought Arctic chill to the continental United States, disrupted industries and cities, and most, curiously, turned Donald Trump into a climate realist. Sort of.This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps,and our GW scientists are stuck in ice

—Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 2, 2014

It’s simple really… the Polar Vortex is the name given to the current disruption of the  Northern Hemisphere winter Jet Stream pattern. Disruption caused by ‘global warming’ YES!
The Arctic is heating faster than the rest of the world, hurried along by the disappearance of polar sea ice. Bright white ice reflects energy back into space; dark blue water absorbs it. Arctic temperatures are about 2 degrees Celsius warmer there than they were in the mid-1960s. (The average temperature increase for the Earth’s atmosphere overall is about 0.7 degree C, since 1900.)

In other words, the temperature difference between the Arctic and North America is shrinking. That’s one factor causing wobbliness in the jet stream

The normal Jet Stream wasn’t as wiggly when there was not the temperature differential and it kept LOW COLD air up to the north of the US and more temperate air in the US (and the UK by the way). Less temperature differential means the Jet stream is slower now..and gets made it more wobbly, just as a top does as it spins down.

Things are to go back to normal later this week. …. so

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