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Legendary hacker Sabu, a "ringleader" Anonymous activist has  evidently been an FBI informant for months, helping to build cases against other core group Anons, including the notorious LulzSec, which he started last May.

A rookie mistake, going online without cloaking his IP address, revealed his identity as Hector Xavier Monsegur, a 28 year old self-taught, unemployed computer programmer with no college education, living on welfare in public housing in New York.

Sabu's 45,000 twitter followers, who reveled in his exploits against government and security company websites, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, and even the US Senate, are all a-twitter over the revelations.

Five major arrests in the US, England and Ireland today led to the announcement about Sabu by the FBI.

While some in Anon IRC and twitter feeds continue to assert a defiant bravado, comparing Anon to a hydra, which will grow back two heads for every one cut off, others are freaking out, erasing their hard drives and going into hiding before the cops come for them.  Condemnation of Monsegur is bitter and harsh.

Since his arrest last June, Monsegur maintained his practice with Anon while helping to prevent over 300 attacks, according to the FBI, who also say he quickly copped a guilty plea deal to get out of up to 120 years in prison. He's presently out on $50,000 bail.

Barret Brown, a journalist closely associated with Anonymous expressed concern about serious damage to the group, saying "God knows what else he's told them".  He predicts major Anonymous response.

Reuters report

Anon Twitter Feed

This news comes at the same time as some shocking revelations about Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, chronicled in another diary today.

In the murkey underworld of international cyber intrigue, it's hard to tell what to believe, but at the present moment the milieu is reeling under a double barrel blast of harsh news.

Assange, J'accuse



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In defiance of Libya's internationally recognized National Transitional Council, a distant nephew of the former Libyan king Idris, Ahmed al Zubair, said to be the longest held political prisoner of Gadhafi since the 1969 revolutionary overthrow of the monarchy, has just stepped up to seize power over the oil in Cyrenaica, the Eastern portion of Libya.


A Bid for Monarchy in Libya?

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One of the companies that developed and supplied the US military with Agent Orange during the Vietnam war, and for a time made bovine growth hormones, Monsanto is now the largest seed company in the world, specializing in pesticide resistant genetically engineered seeds and pesticides like Roundup.  And that's just the short list.

Opposition to Monsanto's practices is huge, worldwide.  A Google search on Monsanto reveals millions of hits with further background info...just a sample:

A Monsanto History

YouTube Search: Monsanto Evil

AntiSec has been targeting Monsanto since last July, and published it's latest dump of internal emails and documents yesterday, with this message:


Your continued attack on the worlds food supply, as well as the health of those who eat it, has earned you our full attention.

Your crimes against humanity are too many to name on one page, you have put over 9000 small-time farmers out of business by using your enormous legal team to bury them with your malicious patent lawsuits.  You have continually introduced harmful, even deadly products into our food supply without warning, without care, all for your own profit.  

Rest assured, we will continue to dox your employees and executives,continue to knock down your websites, continue to fry your mail servers, continue to be in your systems, and continue to expose your bullshit.

Expect Us

AntiSec Communique

CNET report

This latest AntiSec release comes after recently hitting private prison prison contractors, the CIA, and various security contractors.  

For a chart tracking the numerous hacks of Anon and affiliates over the past year:

Hack Chart



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Top Chinese government officials have decided to curtail development of genetically engineered rice in their country, in the world's first state level GE ban.

While the decision is not yet final, the draft legislation has top tier support, and will now go through the legislative process, to severely restrict any research or deployment of GE rice or any other GE food products, culminating a 7 year struggle by Greenpeace on this and other issues in China.

A lynchpin in the decision has been China's staunch determination to prohibit foreign control of it's domestic production and markets, rejecting restrictive patent claims on GE seed stocks by corporations like Monsanto.

Greenpeace Convinces China


China is...

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Diaries decrying DHS monitoring of social media tend to ignore more direct organizational infiltration by police (and other) provocateurs and saboteurs, which is much more insidious than merely "keeping tabs" on public, or even private media discussion and plans around protests, demonstrations and organizations.

There is no doubt some overlap, in terms of monitoring, in identifying targets of opportunity for infiltration and sabotage, and infiltrators can enhance the "mere" monitoring of communications.

But monitoring in itself is of minimal threat to peaceful, non-violent, legal first amendment actions and organizations...except to the extent that is used to gain intel for potential sabotage.

There's really no way to prevent monitoring or infiltration, per se, beyond legal constraints, which can and should be enforced and advocated.  But all the "security culture" in the world, especially when it tends to emphasize anonymous participation, which not only protects activists, but also cops, heh...cannot protect us, really.

But when there's a firm commitment and consensus to eschew "violence", and everyone sticks to that, it effectively robs the cops of their most common, prevalent and effective tactic for discrediting and cracking down on movement activities.

Regardless of their rationale for it, those who advocate "violence", and other extremely confrontational tactics, especially against the consensus of the larger group, must be considered suspect, at the very least...and to the extent that they persist in that, and especially act in defiance of consensus in this regard, bringing down the heat on everyone, they must be ejected, ostracized, and denounced, preferably with documentation, which should be circulated to all movement contacts.

Even that, however, leaves us open to swirling accusations, even from infiltrators, aimed at sowing distrust and division in the movement, even if most groups engage in a very principled and democratic practice around such warnings about troublemakers.

In fact, overly broad permissions on "official" websites and other accounts, have led to a number of instances of direct sabotage of communications, including dissemination of false information and accusations to sow conflict among groups and individuals, in classic COINTELPRO style.

And there's no way to really stop independent, rogue, or police false-flag operations, no matter how democratic and disciplined other elements of the movement may be.

Indeed, this was a major factor back in the 70's, in deciding to stand down from mass mobilizations, and all the "radical" posturing, to concentrate instead on direct local grassroots organizing, where people are more likely to know each other, and to avoid activities likely to detract from and destroy the grassroots support they rely on, in the communities they themselves live in.

To the extent that mass actions do ensue, they absolutely must be very seriously considered from this perspective, as to how to prevent the whole thing from degenerating into a clusterfuck of police manipulation, for media exploitation against the movement.


Infiltration is...

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Occupy needs to stop playing footsie with the proto-fascist Tea Party and Black Bloc police provocateurs, stop being so coy about electoral struggle, and step away from the anti-Democratic electoral boycott and splitting sentiments so prevalent among purported Left/Anarchist milieus.

ONLY a mass electoral uprising, explicitly to purge the Right, the Republicans (and Blue Dog ilk) from the levers of power, and to suppress them, legislatively and judicially, will even begin to materially resolve the glaring contradictions we are all so concerned about.

Ignoring the real politik of right wing majorities in the House and Senate (from day one of this administration, despite putative Democratic "Majorities", rotten with remnant Blue Dog ilk), is nothing but a contrived, duplicitous, disingenuous rhetorical ploy to blame less than optimal material results on the Prez and the Party, instead of blaming the Right, the actual source of obstruction, sabotage, and shortcomings of the present administration.

Opportunist, subjective, hyperbolic jive, like "no difference" between the parties, "no guts, spine, balls", "betrayal" and "sellout", even asserting that riots in the streets are "what democracy looks like" (rather than an indication of a profound lack of democracy), can only serve to perpetuate and worsen the conditions we presently face, serving only the interests of the Right, and the dictatorship of it's monopoly corporate fascist Chamber of Commerce sponsors.

The whole world is watching and waiting, with bated breath, hoping and praying that we will rise to the occasion, and defeat our own anti-democratic right wing reactionary conservative and fundamentalist traitors, by any means necessary, EVEN, preferably, even...democratically, electorally.

Any genuine US revolutionary is obligated to recognize and accept the leadership of the masses in this regard, who REJECTED Right wing line, AND Left electoral boycott and splitting lines, to "vote with our feet" by marching to the polls, to elect Obama and Democratic Majorities (such as they were), in resolute, determined response to an explicit rhetoric for justice and peace, to save the planet,.

I think history will judge us harshly, if we fail to step up and give this our best shot, at this critical moment, Right Now, going into the Democratic primaries, which will determine the field going into November.

Seize the Time!

Seize the Power!

Bring the Better Democrats!

All Out for the Primaries!


Occupy and Left Opposition are:

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Wed Feb 08, 2012 at 12:32 AM PST

Anonymous Calls Out Black Bloc

by Radical def

BB fans are outraged, of course, calling this a fake...Who knows?

It seems consistent with anon line, though, such as it is....

And I agree that the BB tactics are not consistent with the very broad and substantial national Occupy consensus to remain non-"violent" no matter what the pigs do.

There's been a couple of diaries lately, discussing pros and cons on this topic, including:

OWS must resist violence to succeed

Perspectives on Hedges Cancer in Occupy


Black Bloc are...

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Surprise, surprise!

In the face of recent charges brought by US DOJ against Swiss banks, for sheltering US tax dodgers, it has just been announced that Switzerland is investigating a dozen US, European and Japanese banks for conspiring to manipulate lending rates.

The Swiss Competition Commission said today that it has received information of possible collusion between derivatives traders, influencing interest rates on some $350 Trillion of derivatives and other financial products to their own profit.


..Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Holdings, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Mizuho Financial Group Inc., Rabobank Groep N.V., Royal Bank of Scotland Plc Societe Generale, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and UBS.
U.S., European Union and British regulators are also investigating whether banks understated interbank rates to reduce borrowing costs and downplay investor panic during the banking crisis.

Not being wonky enough to really understand or explain what all this means, heh, I'll leave that to others in Comments...but just saying, raising or lowing interest rates on hundreds of trillions of dollars, by even a fraction of a percent, has got to amount to...pretty huge money, no?




Bankers and their ilk...

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An audio recording of a conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard has been posted on YouTube by Anonymous.

BBC and other sources report that the agencies have confirmed the authenticity of the 16 minute audio recording.

The 1/20/12 call between the agencies, including at least one M15 (Brit CIA) participant, was to discuss progress of investigations into Anonymous, Lulzsec, Antisec, etc.

Also published by Anon was an email announcing the call and inviting participation from the agencies, including names and email addresses of recipients.

While the content of the recording doesn't seem to include any major revelations, the mere fact of the intercept and it's publication is causing some hubris.

As one anon commented on Twitter:

"The FBI might be curious how we're able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now."

The security breach is under investigation, according to authorities.

Media refs:

Naked Security



AnonymousIRC Twitter feed



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Number 4 reactor at the Fukushima power plant, crippled by earthquake and tsunami damage, was initially reported to have leaked "about 6 liters" of spent fuel rod coolant water from a frozen pipe that "dropped off" Tuesday night, but that was later revised to more than 8 tons of water, which is said to have been contained inside the reactor building.  

Tepco officials said the leak was stopped by closing a valve, but did not speak about the likely radioactivity of the leak, which started about 5pm Monday night, but was not discovered until late Tuesday night, or reported until Thursday.

Having already found and plugged numerous other coolant leaks since the disaster, Tepco said it would continue checking for any other new leaks.


Record snowfalls along the  Sea of Japan (east coast) have prompted warnings of avalanches and disruption of traffic in that area, which saw some 250 deaths in 2006 from winter storms.  

The west coast, where Fukushima is, has not been as hard hit, but is also having severe winter weather.

Since the Fukushima melt-down last March 11, Japan has stepped up inspections at all nuclear power plants, closing down all but 3 out of 54 reactors.  

IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) teams arrived early last week to review the inspections, and is expected to make a report by the end of this month.

 While the government is pressing to bring many of these plants back online before summer, when hot humid weather will spike demand for power, critical experts say the present stress tests now being conducted are of little or no value in ensuring safety, and pointing out that IAEA has previously issued flimsy reports asserting "everything is fine", when it wasn't, really.  

Japan has already abandoned plans to generate over half it's power with nukes by 2030, and begun to move toward alternative sources, but the Prime Minister, Yoshiko Noda, says some of the nukes will still be needed, meanwhile.






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Aaron Barr, cyber security analyst and former CEO of HBGary Federal, who was pwnd by Anonymous for threatening to expose Anon "leadership", has now been fired by his most recent employer, Sayers and Associates, for "spending too much time" in continuing his obsessive pursuit of Anonymous.

Barr lost his CEO position at HBGary due to Anon exposure of incredibly lax security at the supposed high-level cyber security firm, with a massive Anon hack on the company's computers.

Anon publicly posted of a vast trove of HBGary email exchanges with the US Chamber of Commerce, individual corporations, and government agencies plotting to track, identify and attack political activists they don't like, and to sell that service to oppressive regimes around the world, including developing new software to deploy an army of automated sockpuppets to troll venues like dkos.

More recently, Barr, who dyed his hair blue as a disguise, and a friend and associate, Thomas Ryan, were revealed to be lurking around Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park and online, sniffing for links to Anonymous.

Ryan was communicating with FBI and NYPD about his investigations into OWS, and inadvertently included some of those emails with an archive of OWS communications that he published, intending to expose how OWS was coordinating activities...thus outing himself as a spy, and drawing heat from Anon, LOL...

The lulz continue...

Daily Caller and Huffpo reports.


Aaron Barr should...

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Treehugger has an interesting report that utility companies account for less than half of alternative power generation in Germany.


Over $100 billion worth of private investment in solar and wind has raised Germany's renewable energy share to over 20% of electricity consumed.

Solar power output in Germany is up 60% for 2011.

This is an important trend we should emulate in the US, I think.  

While some of the large solar arrays, wind farms, etc. may still be required to provide the huge juice needed by industry, we don't really need that kind of grid for most home and business use, so much, it seems to me.

Decentralized local grids would truly mean more "power to the people", instead of perpetuating the present contrived centralized dictatorship of corporate dominance and manipulation of the energy market and virtually our entire economy.

With sufficient progressive Democratic plurality in the House and Senate, the necessary incentives and subsidies could really focus on putting solar panels on the roof of virtually every structure in the nation, as well as other kinds of localized wind, hydro, etc. appropriate alternative tech applications.

This would save citizens huge money on their utility bills going forward, and a crash war-effort kind of comprehensive program to fully roll out the new green paradigm, all the way, on all fronts, would allow us to put everyone back to work, bring the troops home, have health care and education, etc.

I also think that a properly funded and staffed EPA would fairly quickly put a report on the President's desk, informing him that there really is no such thing as "clean" coal or "safe" nukes, and that we must go green, all the way, immediately, to save the planet.

And I believe the Prez would say "OK, let's do it!", if he had the backup, And the jackup, heh, in Congress, to "make" him.

Only under such circumstances, of a fully functional, science-based EPA and Energy Department NOT dominated by corporate hacks, would we be able to trust any determination that the latest generation of nuclear power technology is safe "enough" to deploy, to supplement alternative sources of energy, should that really prove "necessary" or desirable, going forward.

But that would take generations to actually determine and deploy, while existing alternative tech is now ready for immediate deployment, far more cheaply and safely.

And the more aggressively we roll out the alternatives, the more the costs will go down, with economy of scale in manufacturing, research and development.

Meanwhile, existing obsolete nuke (and other polluting tech) de-commissioning, which will also take generations, could be accelerated, as the alternatives come on line to replace them.

The only thing holding us back is the relative right/left plurality in the House and Senate.  

As long as the right, the Republicans (and Blue Dogs), and their corporate sponsors, retain sufficient plurality in Congress to block, delay and sabotage all progress, the whole world is screwed, regardless of the issue.

The principal problem with the Democrats, such as they are, is the very considerable amount of coercion, co-optation and, yes, corruption, that emanates from the right.

ONLY removing that pressure from the right, democratically, electorally, legislatively and judicially will allow us to surge forward into the 21st Century, for justice and peace, to save the planet.

The ultimate, real, root issue is democracy.

Bring the Better Democrats!

All Out for 2012!

Death to monopoly corporate fascism!


Yes! Power to the People!

100%7 votes

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