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Sun Oct 14, 2012 at 04:43 PM PDT

Threatening to Fire is only 1/2 The Story

by Uncle

While CEO's Siegel and Allen are threatenign to fire their staff if, God Forbid, Obama wins there is another threat afoot.

It turns out some employers are threatening to pull back on health insurance if Obama wins and ObamaCare isn't killed.

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Tue Jul 19, 2011 at 11:40 AM PDT

Murdoch is NOT hacking!

by Uncle

My head is either going to explode or implode if I read "Hacking Scandal" one more time.  "Phone Hacking" is to Murdoch as tax evasion was to Al Capone.  Calling this phone hacking makes it sound like a little mis-deed conducted as a meaningless tabloid tried to get dish on stars.  If you want to believe that narrative, or let it keep going, then we all deserve the result.  Phone Hacking my arse!

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Sun Apr 04, 2010 at 06:44 AM PDT

The Day After iPad - Is There One?

by Uncle

The media is awash with the buzz, the lines are snaking all over the world with famished "wanters" and "needers" and like an oracle's tablet the iPad is delivered as if coming down from Mt. Olympus.  

Is iPad here to save us?  Enlighten us?  Amuse us?

Or, is it taking us one big step closer to the event horizon of environmental doom?  

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Sun Mar 14, 2010 at 11:54 AM PDT

Dumb Dems Take Bait on HCR Threats?

by Uncle

The following Republicans have suddenly started to worry that the poor democrats will get beat like baby seals during the mid-term election.  Like my Jewish Mother whenever I'm on the verge of success, Republicans have started to sway in unison as they worry for their poor brethren and now tell us - "Stop!  If you pass HCR you will pay dearly in the mid-term election!  Don't do it!  For goodness sake don't do this to yourself. Don't make yourself lose to us in the mid-term elections!"  Should we be taking advice from the likes of:

Mitch McConnell
Karl Rove
Eric Cantor
John Boehner
Lamar Alexander

So why do they care?  Because they are trying to engage in double secret reverse psychology and the dumb ass fence sitting democrats should be nothing but emboldened!

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President Obama, because he promised change, signed into law a bill which will cut the federal pay of some Hawaiians, Puerto Ricans, Alaskans, and citizens in the American Territories by between 14 & 25%.

Here is the kicker - according to Senator Akaka (D-Hawaii) and Obama this group of Federal Employees were getting screwed out of federal benefits so this dynamic democratic duo came up with pure genius - further eviscerate their pay!

Not only does this screw the very employees both Obama and Akaka have identified as already getting screwed, it puts American citizens, who rely on federal law enforcement, disaster management, defense, etc. on a collision course with the type of incompetence we saw in New Orleans with Michael Brown.

I'm not sure anyone is playing 4 dimensional chess.    

I know this is long but if you want to see a prelude of how this new government is fixing the problems we face read on.  If they can screw this up so royally I can't wait to see the Health Care Bill.  It will likely look like a bill which forces us to buy insurance from people who have been screwing us blind for decades.

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Wed Dec 16, 2009 at 02:49 PM PST

You know you are losing when......

by Uncle

In the world of Federal Criminal Defense we always say...."if the government and the Court are pissed at you, you know you are doing your job and doing it right."

Well, when it comes to HCR, you know someone is screwing the pooch when Republicans have fallen deadly quiet and instead Lieberman has joined forces with Obama and Reid to attack Dean.

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Let's guess:  Who is getting the bonuses and who is getting the shaft?  

You got it right, after we used America's money to bailout Wall Street, Banks, AIG, etc. there will be massive State and Federal Cut Backs for the poor and middle class.  Plus, banking fees, interest rates, etc. are coming your way.  No favor goes unpunished!

On the upside for the fatty cats:

Major U.S. banks and securities firms are on pace to pay their employees about $140 billion this year -- a record high that shows compensation is rebounding despite regulatory scrutiny of Wall Street's pay culture.

Workers at 23 top investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers and stock and commodities exchanges can expect to earn even more than they did the peak year of 2007, according to an analysis of securities filings for the first half of 2009 and revenue estimates through year-end by The Wall Street Journal.


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Rush Limbaugh has pulled back the last remains of the curtain which is hiding the right wing's racist thrust.  

As reported by Rush, some black kids beat up a white kid on a school bus.  Yes, the attack was unprovoked, nauseating, criminal, and shocking.  Yet, Rush tells his legions of followers that this attack on a white kid, by black kids, is sure evidence that "in Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering."  

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Sat Aug 29, 2009 at 04:45 PM PDT

Inglorious Bastards?  Too Bad.

by Uncle

I went to see Inglorious Bastards and halfway through this epic movie I thought "since when does Nazi Germany, SS Cruelty, killing Jews, Hitler, and uber-carnage become an acceptable springboard for a funny/gory Summer Block Buster?" And "when is it okay to pack a movie with anti-Semitic and racist stereotypes?"

Don't worry, I'm not going to give away the plot or the ending.

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David Hedrick, The Right's new Joe The Plumber, is Fox and Friends, new attempt at getting us to drink their Kool Aid.

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There are a bunch of things I would like see done to Ann Coulter.  Maybe a little time in Abu Ghraib, some water boarding, take away her health care, etc.  Kind of make her feel what we are all whining about.

What I do love about Ann is that she leaves the candy coating out of her position.  Coulter is too dumb to be subtle and thus, we get the REAL GOP position without all the fake smiles, and the "we really do care," and "we really do want to help the working class" GOP bullshit.  

Ann Coulter, who has her finger on the GOP pulse, tells us what the GOP really thinks about health care.  It is a luxury, like "dog walking services," "buying a computer," and "manicures."  If you can't afford it too bad.  Don't worry, the free market will give us nothing less than affordable and quality care.  As it has done "in every possible arena."

That is the GOP be scared.

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Barney Frank, seemingly one of the few with guts, has shown us what happens when you go toe to toe with loons, dead enders, birthers, and tools of Rush/Glen/Bill.  

They look just like what they are...dumb as rocks and tools of the fringe and the health insurance industry.

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