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Tue Oct 15, 2013 at 05:55 PM PDT

We are petitioning the wrong person

by vigi

Here is the petition you should be signing:
Please help:

To Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury:

Whereas the Republican party has deliberately planned and  forced the government shutdown,
The Republican party is deliberately planning to destroy the credibility of the United States,
and ...

Under your authority you must place Republican party on the list of terrorist organizations.
All funds belonging to this group, as well as to major contributors are must be frozen.

Thank you for your consideration.

We look forward to discovery and adjudication of this matter.

A recent study by Drew Westen from Emory University gives an interesting take on the neuro-psychological basis of our current political environment. The recognition of the problem (Confirmation Bias)
is not new. A summary of the research in Scientific quotes Francis Bacon (Novum Organum, 1620)

The human understanding when it has once adopted an opinion ... draws all things else to support and agree with it. And though there be a greater number and weight of instances to be found on the other side, yet these it either neglects and despises ... in order that by this great and pernicious predetermination the authority of its former conclusions may remain inviolate.

Westen's research used modern technology -- functional MRI to identify where some information was being processed in the brain.

Note: This topic appeared before, in a diary by
kosblt, but it only got 5 comments, so I thought I would try to bring it back.

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Tue May 23, 2006 at 05:54 PM PDT

First the CIA, now the FBI

by vigi

Veteran agents opt out of FBI:
The FBI's storied workforce is being dismantled and reassembled as Director Robert S. Meoller III tries to overhaul the hidebound agency

According the LA times but read in the Hartford Courant.
Agents like Michael Clark, who was part of the team that
helped send CT Governor John Rowland to prison, have quit, rather than be reassigned to the Washington DC office.
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