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Fri Mar 21, 2014 at 09:40 AM PDT

Equal oppressivity for women?

by vris

Thank you, Mr President, for your concern for girls' educational status, but we've got to start at the beginning. All this talk about 'women's economic opportunity' is no more than pie-in-the-sky, ivory tower drivel unless there is real, and I mean REAL Federal political and legal support of women's health, shoring up and protecting public education programs, pro-choice laws, and equal pay laws.
In a capitalist economic system, it is a fact of life for American women that having control of her reproductive life is the most important way to have control of her economic life.

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Fri Dec 28, 2012 at 07:54 AM PST

Poor The Donald

by vris

He apparently has forgotten that wise Greek fella from 'way long ago, Aesop, whose fable, 'The Fox and the Grapes', set down here in its entirety and translated from Latin, (thank you, Wiki!) is an ancient but spot on study in cognitive dissonance, two words which collectively define the GOP any more
(I know, 'wise' and 'Donald Trump' are two terms which also define cognitive dissonance.)


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Tue Sep 11, 2012 at 07:10 AM PDT

Empress Anne

by vris

Let it not be said that Anne Romney is not a supportive political wife. Never has she a hair out of place; never speaks she a gaffe; no 'open mic' moments for HER; never during the campaign does blue so much as twinkle on finger, neck, or ear. In Tampa, during her spotlight solo moment, tastefully drenched in red Oscar de la Renta from nave to knees, she had to do something she seemed to find somewhat difficult and a bit distasteful to do.

She had to make shit up. And not only make shit up, but, as a braggart and a snob, she had to lie about how good she's got it and how well-off the Romneys are and always have been. But she did it. Breathlessly, lip-smacklingly badly, with the greased-up showgirl smile and the vacant over-your-left-shoulder gaze of an HR drone who would just as soon fire you as look at you; literally. But she did the job in what could be most kindly described as a workmanlike manner. Perhaps even soldierly, it could be said.

But I mustn't offend a wanna-be Empress.

I don't think lying comes naturally to her. She has nothing to lie about, after all, especially now that their kids are grown. People lie for a number of different reasons, but isn't one of the most common to KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES? Of course it is! Well, who's more Jones than Mitt and Anne Romney? They ARE THE JONESES! Not very many people can keep up with them, and in that position they are perfectly comfortable.

There is nothing wrong with that, until they try to be something they're not; i.e. less rich, which is to them as alien as being poor. Oddly, they think that in order to RELATE to those less well off, they have to pretend to BE less well off. Persons with a more developed sense of empathy do not have to pretend to be an 'other' to in order to understand a little of what it is like to be an other, to get a sense of someone else's lot in life.

This is a fence the Romneys haven't been able to climb, But someone in their campaign has told them they must try. And that is when when the hilarity ensues, if Mitt does it, or speeches are spoken that are squirmingly uncomfortable and it is obvious that neither of them understands that

1)there are gradients, levels of poorness, and

2)laughing about a group's difficulties when you, yourself do not share that group's difficulties comes across as cruel mockery. You are not 'in on the joke'. If you are not black, you don't get to make n****r references, regardless of how many black pals you think you have. If you aren't Polish, you don't get to make Polish jokes. If you are wearing a $2000. car coat (or someone is holding it for you), you don't get to make fun of people who bought their rain gear at a Dollar store. If you have not been raped, rape jokes are not and never will be funny. In other words, you mustn't sneer at the people who are coming to listen to you tell them why they should vote for you.

Dealing with people of whose wealth is on a scale anything less than Croesus-or-Midas-rich seems to have Mitt and Anne utterly baffled. Mitt shows his bafflement by his blatant contempt and impatience, and Anne by her scornful blowing off of questions she disapproves of, or insistence on 'women's issues', but only those gleaned from back issues of Woman's Day from 1957 and earlier, quaint powderpuffs from imaginary bygone days, in that imaginary newlyweds' basement. But she can talk parenting, by Golly. And she will.

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This conversation highlights another example of the many words Robert Royal and others like him either made up and redefined, or simply made up, or simply redefined, as a true-blue red-to-the-bone GOPer will do.

I mean seriously, 'prudential'? Subsidiarity? Is he discussing poverty or shilling for an insurance company? Actually, he could be doing both. Maybe he is a 'paid company spokesman'? Fella's gotta eat, after all.

I'm sure he was trying to come off as as a super-brainy egghead, trying to be the reasonable one, trying to be the intellectual equal to Bill Moyers. He's not even on the same playground. He comes across as a pretentious, bumptious crank, twisting in the hot air of his own prevarications.

His 'market fenced around with institutions' remark really irked me as well. What institutions might he be referring to, that acted so beautifully and responsibly on said market? Oh, wait, social responsibility is one of the more onerous burdens on the free market, as it might affect its 'freedom' and 'dynamism'. Could hold it back. Alas, we can't take that chance. As if his sacred free market isn't in essence a raging casino now.

Also, it seems to me that whatever 'fencing' Royal is referring to around the markets is acting to obscure or even obliterate any transparency, and he is absolutely ok with that. Really? This latest experiment of practically unregulated markets has taught him nothing? Also, whose 'intelligence' was he referring to? Bernie Madoff's?

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Thu Aug 09, 2012 at 10:04 AM PDT

Mitt and his Mirthfulness

by vris

A mirthful Mitt is a dangerous thing. He tosses away the rules, shucks the husks of civility, and like a tamale gone terribly wrong, spills his go-getter excitement out there for all the world to see.

And some of the world is watching in amazement and some in disbelief.

Well, parts, anyway. People in parts of the world that concern themselves about the man who wants to be the leader of the most powerful nation of it.

The idiotic errors he made during his overseas trip were regarding issues, peoples, etc. he should have gotten right. But they were casually brushed off by the US media as 'gaffes', or blown off completely a la Fox News, or laughed off, as Mitt being Mitt.
Comical Mitt. Mitt the jokester. What's Next Mitt. Watch him and be amused.

(A careless habit, as it denies the danger of his mendacity. Not sure if he's actively stupid or just mentally lazy in the ways some people who have been rich from birth are.)

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Sun Jul 08, 2012 at 07:38 AM PDT

teabagger madness, cont.

by vris

As the post-Supreme Court decision dust settles, oh so many members of the GOP reveal themselves to be quite histrionic; sometimes finger-wagging in a genially Reaganesque way, sometimes sternly yet pompously paternalistic, sometimes wildly enraged, sometimes utterly beside themselves, grief-stricken, hollowed out, as if their very souls have been removed by this heinous happenstance of ACA not being overturned.

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Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 08:55 AM PDT

Yippee, I guess

by vris

Yay, Supreme Court, you did it. John Roberts' SCOTUS' squirming, POTUS strutting, Watch out for the hubris on that carpet, it has tripped up many who have marched down that corridor.

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Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 06:42 AM PDT

Bottom of the pecking order

by vris

The seventh grade quartet grouping themselves into a kind of punk slurry at the back of the school bus, bullying (bad) the sweet old lady bus monitor(bad), filming themselves (bad), posting on Facebook (bad), really high quality video (good), of their truly monstrous behavior towards a woman who had nowhere to go and couldn't fight back without making the situation worse; a true victim, in other words. Watching it sure makes people uncomfortable, doesn't it?

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Wed May 30, 2012 at 09:41 AM PDT

...He's a Billionaire, B*****s!!!!

by vris

Rules are for suckers, and do NOT apply to Mark Zuckerberg, so, hey, get used to it.
SEC, what SEC?

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Mon Apr 23, 2012 at 09:43 AM PDT

Romney v. Ryan Crush Contest

by vris

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are locked in a to-the-death-of-someone-else contest to see who can smash the biggest poor-folk can against his respective forehead.  Unlike most of those contests, this is going to leave marks on others, the most helpless, the poor, and on the protections that the government has taken on itself over the course of the decades, as the country has grown, as the complexity of the society and citizenry and its demands on the government have also grown. These cannot be turned back like the hands of a clock, like the simplistic idiots among us would prefer. It would not save money, it would only transfer more money from protections to the wealthy, who I think we should agree, don't really need more of the same.

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Wed Apr 18, 2012 at 06:54 AM PDT

Out of the shadows, into the slime

by vris

Another American government entity shames its President, its country, and itself as a group and its individual members. Or is it possible for any part of this government to even feel shame? All assholes in government grabbing for what they feel entitled to, whether it's GSA members partying it up in Vegas, the sanctimonious members of Congress chewing them out for doing that while taking every cent they can get from lobbyists, or Blackwater punk-ass wanna-bes running amok in every country thinking that because they dress up in black suits and wear dark glasses and run alongside or maybe even drive smoke-tint windowed limos and SUVs, the world belongs to them.

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Mon Apr 16, 2012 at 09:38 AM PDT


by vris

To Mitt Romney, a vote is a vote is a vote...    
     But, while speaking in front of the NRA, the support of whose members he desperately needs, he's so obviously uncomfortable talking to people he considers 'foreigners' and the 'peasantry' that he had to put Anne out there to do it, since they might as well be women, and that's what he's got a wife for, right, to clear his way for him. Nice try, but his audience is used to his stiff and apparent discomfort. She, on the other hand, comes across as condescending, forgetful, and arrogant. Bet their servants, who've stayed with them and who remember their places a la Downton  Abbey (or for those old enough to remember, Upstairs, Downstairs), can't stand them. Privately, of course. Keeping always to their proper places.
     After the election, of course, forget it. Gun people are louts as far as Mittens is concerned. Tell them what they want to hear, make them go away and and things will return to their proper spheres, just the way he likes it and needs for it to be. As a rich man, as an extremely religious and rigid rich man, his speech patterns have indicated his preferences for exclusivity, for all things to be in their proper places, with the gates that keep the wrong kinds out and let the right kind in.
     I've seen video of him ironing his shirts; what I would like to see are the videos of someone ironing him (or, for shits and giggles, of him ironing someone else's clothes). The stiffness that Anne Romney was talking about unzipping (unsuccessfully, by the way) was good for a few puerile snickers but his stiffness seems to be a whole-body, mental, and certainly a verbal thing.
     I can't believe there are still so many Republican voters who don't see this guy and his party for what they represent. It's all about control; controlling himself, controlling his environment, controlling your environment, etc.  Mitt tries so hard to say exactly what he knows his audience wants to hear, they all fall over themselves clapping for him, and are so amazed when he flip-flops the very next time he opens his mouth in front of a different audience. Because he simply can't maintain the act, keep up the facade. Even when his own staff gives it away (Etch-a-Sketch, oopsie), the rest of the electorate giggles and shrugs it off.
     And he gets away with it and the media lets him. Just like the rest of this Republican clown-car jackass ride, they've all gotten pass after pass after pass. Mitt's a total vote whore and understands that he has to say and do almost anything (you really think he'll eat grits or any authentic Southern or Mexican food after the election? I think not. I don't think he even eats anything with real vanilla; too bean-y.) to haul in every vote, to reach his goal. Beyond that, his puppet masters will let him know on a day to day basis, although there is a firm foundation of federal Wall Street deregulation and Supreme Court case ruling to divide the country's money even further, from 1% and 99% to...what, his vaguely amorphous 'very poor' becoming vaster and cemented in place, his 'very rich' becoming very richer and their riches becoming vaster and safer. Man's gotta have a plan.
Every once in a while, though, the hard plastic Mitt-shell unzips, and the real less-than-naughty bit that is the whole near-Mitt pokes itself out. Embarrassed or ashamed or just properly, blushingly shy, Anne? Are you the one who really wants this? What's your plan going forward for being First Lady? Already got your china pattern picked out?
If straightforward election fraud and plain old district gerrymandering doesn't work, I see his high-dollar masters helping him pull a SCOTUS Bush v. Gore out of his ass, although I believe he's more the Wall St. callboy than the military/industrial phony puppet shill fratboy gig that George Bush so successfully pulled off.  

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