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A little history lesson today.
In the summer of 2007, Democrats were lining up behind their preferred Presidential choice. I was a strong Edwards supporter, (and eventual Obama supporter) and was most wary of Hillary Clinton bringing on more NAFTA type trade agreements.
Ironically even before the next President takes office, we are already having the same discussions on the TPP.
Back then, I sat down then with Edwards Campaign Manager former House Whip David Bonior of Michigan. He takes us back to 1993 when newly elected and popular President  Bill Clinton abandoned Healthcare and began, instead, pushing NAFTA.
Watch this interview and read the transcript
and then just replace the words "NAFTA" with "Trans Pacific Partnership" or "TPP"
and "Clinton" with "Obama"
President Obama, we can't afford for you to forget such recent history of a 'good' Democrat pushing terrible trade policies.

 Part 1 3:03 in the interview - Majority Whip David Bonior the President and NAFTA

Question - What was the atmosphere like, being a democrat, taking on a Democratic President?

It is very difficult to take on the President of your own party. When he made the decision to do the North American Free Trade Agreement - NAFTA as opposed to healthcare, it was the worst legislation of his (Clinton) presidency, worst piece of legislature in the history of our country.  17 years (of NAFTA) it has been a widening of the income gap, not only in the United States, but in Canada and Mexico, millions and millions of lost jobs, a devastation of the environment with no environmental protections, no labor protections. It has been a race to the bottom, it has been devastating.

original diary from from Sept. 8,2007

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The bold protest of Jefferson County, Colorado students to the actions of the conservative majority on the Jefferson County School Board in Colorado has already drawn national and international press.

Yet the school board is still proceeding with a curriculum review committee that would not just examine AP History, but would have the ability to review and change many courses, including English, Health, and Science. Organizations funded by the Koch brothers support such candidates, and would benefit from curriculum that not only promotes what the Board is considering 'American Exceptionalism' but also avoids questions related to Global Warming or Climate Change.

But this goes deeper -- this could threaten critical thinking in the classroom.

This could not only impact Jefferson County students, but could affect all students in the country.

On October 11, 2014 students held a rally at Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado -- adjacent to Columbine High School. There, they began collecting names for a potential recall.

Ashlyn Maher, Thomas Sizemore and Mali Holmes

"We are not a political agenda, and we're not a profit margin; we are students that need to be educated."
This issue is not just important for Colorado, but the nation. If anything the Koch Brothers have shown us, is that once they have succeeded with a conservative agenda, they will replicate that agenda everywhere they can.

There is a saying in Colorado elections, as Jefferson County goes, so goes Colorado.
Jefferson County is the biggest county and usually its voters are the pivotal votes in a statewide election. With Ballots going out as of this week - how will the extreme actions of the School Board impact the races for Governor and the even the US Senate?
And will that also be a referendum on the conservative effort to white wash our History and censor our Public Education curriculum?


These Students

15%15 votes
4%4 votes
32%32 votes
26%26 votes
21%21 votes

| 98 votes | Vote | Results

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In Colorado, the newly conservative Jefferson County School Board has made headlines because the board seeks to remove information about civil disobedience from the High School AP history class.  Ironically, this has actually created real time civil disobedience among students.

And this story is no longer local, it is being covered Nationally by the New York Times

As well as in USA Today

hattip to Dartagnan

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(cross posted at Huffington Post)

The  2nd Annual Green Beer Fest is coming to the Boulder Bandshell Amphitheater on Saturday September 27,2014 from 2-10pm.

This is not just any beer festival, this is an environmentally themed festival with an emphasis on Water conservation for the Beer industry.

The designated beneficiary is the Colorado Ocean Coalition which was formed in 2011 to raise awareness about preserving the Ocean. I spoke to Vicki Nichols Goldstein who founded the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO).

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Do you like Blueberries? Tomatoes? Fruit and Vegetables in general?
Pay attention. California supplies the half of the United States produce and California is in the midst of a drought that could effect all of our families.
And at this critical time, when we need every drop of water, the EPA and US Senate are going to be ruling on which water systems should be protected - and your public comment to the EPA can help that cause.

I talked with  Sara Lu of Colorado Clean Water Action on this subject and the coming ruling of the EPA and the Senate on the
"Waters of the United States", a ruling that could restore protection to our waterways in this critical drought period.

(Sara Lu)

The Colorado River system alone provides the Drinking Water, the Industrial Water, the Recreational Water, and the Agricultural Water for over 33 million Americans. This is not just about Colorado-an's concerning water, it's about Water Security for our entire Country.
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I had the opportunity to talk with Colorado State Senator Rachel Zenzinger.
A little on the background of Senate District 19.
After some very partisan recall elections in Colorado, She stepped in for the former Senator who graciously resigned.
But as you hear in this interview, Rachel Zenzinger is no mere office placeholder, she has the experience, enthusiasm and most importantly a history of Bi-partisan achievement - something this state needs more of at the Capitol.

Here is a clip on that Bi-partisanship experience.

Question: What do you bring from your experience on the City Council (of Arvada) and as the Mayor Pro-Tem?

I think I brought with me to the State Legislature a really collaborative spirit. One of the reputations that the State Legislature has is that nobody works together. Working in a non-partisan election and politics, I really have an ability to work across the aisle, because there was no such thing as an aisle. Working with my colleagues both Democrats, Republicans, and Independents and I really felt like I brought that experience and background with me to the State Capitol.
I am very proud to say that I have a 100% bi-partisan record down at the Capitol and I hope to continue to be collaborative and work across the aisle.
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There is a lot of news about Colorado lately, but I bet this story is still under the Radar.
I interviewed John Powers who is the founder and visionary for the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado and found out that the idea of Divestment from University Portfolios from Fossil Fuels was birthed at a place made to find Energy solutions, the Alliance Center.  (a movement needed internationally for Low Lying Islanders)

On the Divestment movement at 3:28 in the video

"There's a movement now Divest - Invest, I want to go on record that this idea was conceived on the 3rd floor of this building. Here at the Alliance Center, a group called "As You Sow" and other folks happened to be meeting here... they came up with the idea that you have to divest. Take your investments out of fossil fuels and then you have to invest them into something alternative."

Read on for John Powers' views on the problem with Natural Gas as a 'bridge fuel', the future of Renewable energy, warning about the future of our energy portfolio, and changing the model on which businesses operate from the ground up.

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I was astonished to find my local progressive station running the Bloomberg News. After a quick search I found out what happened:

“AM 760” KKZN Thornton/Denver is next in line to shift to another Talk variation following similar moves in recent months at sister stations in Portland and Los Angeles.... Clear Channel registered last December that could potentially be used for KKZN. With the company also owning News/Talk/Sports 850 KOA and Conservative Talk 630 KHOW perhaps the company will follow in the footsteps of its Los Angeles and San Francisco clusters and move Rush Limbaugh off of KOA to enable it to focus on all local programming.
This is a shocking move for me, since we have an increasingly trending Progressive voter base in the state. And the article says 630 is the Conservative station in the area, but there are many others and 850 also runs conservative talkers too.
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It's my birthday.
I don't want any presents.
I want action from the President - to realize the urgency of Climate Change,  especially now that it is directly and possibly destroying his home state of Hawaii.

When I first began writing and advocating for action for saving the Islands in 2008, I believed change would come quickly.
To my dismay, and for the Islanders, things are changing too slowly.

None of us have a choice of the way we are born - to which race, which sex, orientation, or nationality....
I think it is not a coincidence that our President was born in Hawaii - an Island that gave him status as a citizen, a home for him making it possible for his Presidency, and now that home is threatened by Global Warming - a call for us all to act on behalf of the Islanders.

While it is debatable whether Hurricane Sandy or Katrina or Colorado's Superflood are the result of Climate Change or Global Warming - the erosion of Hawaii's shorelines should be the wake up call.

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Sat Aug 24, 2013 at 07:08 PM PDT

When Beer and Natural Gas collide

by wade norris

What happens when Oil and Gas companies contaminate the Water that Brewers rely on for their Beer in the State of Colorado?
What happens after the citizens of the towns with those Beers (Da' Beers!)  passed ballot initiatives to protect their towns?
What happens these towns are sued to force Fracking against their will and their best interests?
Find out when the Beer lovers of this great state (more Microbrews per capita in the Union)
come together for the Frack Free Brew Festival on Sunday August 25th 2013 at the Boulder Bandshell Amphitheater - at the heart of the University of Colorado's campus.

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If you were to Google the name of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as recently as a couple of months ago, you'd see articles such as
John Hickenlooper 2016 Presidential Buzz Continues, Dispite His Best Efforts
but now, if you Google his name, most of the search results are

Gov. John Hickenlooper Tells Senate Committee He Drank Fracking Fluid
and my own
CO Democratic Gov. Hickenlooper switching to Republican Party?

For those outside of Colorado, Governor Hickenlooper testified before a panel in Washington D.C. that along with his Halliburton buddies, he 'drank fracking fluid' - a now infamous quote that has been used in countless newspaper articles around the country to defend the 'safety' of Fracking.
Lastly, in response to two cities, Longmont and Fort Collins passing fracking bans - the same Governor took to the airwaves to announce that he would sue any city attempting to ban fracking on behalf of the Oil and Gas industry.

This article is not to further vilify Governor Hickenlooper any further than he has already done by himself, but to point out the Governor's expanding vulnerability to a primary and to get feed back on who would be the best to defeat the Governor and hold the seat for the Democratic party.
And, this is also an article that will show potential challengers to the Governor how they can chart their path to a primary victory.

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In Colorado's history, one of our most famous defections occurred in the 1990's when Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell switched from Democrat to Republican and become a true back stabber to many fellow Democrats. Now it seems that John Hickenlooper is doing the same thing - acting as a Republican after being elected a democrat.
Comments on local blogs are speculating that he is posturing for a potential switch and Presidential run as a Republican.
See here

Wed February 27, 2013 at 10:44 AM MST   

Is he our next Ben Nighthorse Campbell?  In other words, is Hickenlooper next year's Republican candidate for Governor?  Or does he just change parties after Dems get him re-elected?

If he did that now he'd imediately jump to the top in R Pres sweepstakes

Salon highlighted the DINO moves in a piece
Not all Dems are Elizabeth Warren
The recent actions of two of the party’s rising stars — Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren — tell the deeper tale of that crisis. It is a microcosmic story, suggesting that the 2016 election may be a decisive turning point in the party’s history....

Corporatism, of course, is a vague label, but in Democratic politics it typically refers to helping campaign contributors bust unions and dismantle environmental regulations, with the expectation that servile labor and environmental leaders will sit by as their movements are decimated.

Hickenlooper’s actions this month show how the formula works.

read on to see how Hickenloopers deceptive actions are not just hurting the people of Colorado, but are moving to a national stage and going to hurt everyone everywhere.
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