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Why, you might ask, would I say that Rand Paul has a damned good chance at winning the presidency. Nothing speaks more loudly than this.

Dick Morris: Rand Paul can’t win

Has Dick Morris EVER been right about ANYTHING?

Somebody talk me down.


Official reports filed by cops on the scene of the murder of Walter Scott claim CPR was performed, yet none of the cops on the video EVER performed CPR.

They are all accessories to murder.

Every cop on the scene must be fired and charged as accessories.

Beyond that, Slager must be convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death. The death penalty is claimed to be this magical deterrent to crime, it's time for cops to be deterred from murdering citizens by administering death to a cop who murdered an innocent citizen.


Just a quick note for others to explore.

From a legal perspective, should the court rule in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges that discrimination based upon sexual preference in marriage is not constitutional under the 14th amendment, there are broader implications.

Sexual preference will become a de facto protected class should the court rule in favor of Obergefell.

This has broad implications in those states which do not currently protect sexual preference as a class.

The precedent set by Obergefell v. Hodges  could be cited in future cases in employment and housing discrimination cases.

Thoughts? I'm just trying to stir debate in this and I believe this case could serve to protect the LGBT community beyond marriage equality.


Although Missouri does not have statewide recall provisions under the law, there are provisions for doing so at the local level.

Missourians do not have the right of statewide recall. However, the right of local recall is available in:

    Cities defined as Class 3 cities. A Class 3 City is defined as a city with a population between 3,000 and 29,999.
    Cities that operate under their own city charter, if the specific city charter allows for recall.

The recall process that applies to Class 3 cities in Missouri is governed by MRS §77.650 and 78.260.


    Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office
    Grounds for recall must be stated, and must include misconduct in office, incompetence, and failure to perform duties prescribed by law.
    60 days is allowed for collecting signatures.
    Signatures equal to 25% of the registered voters in the city must be collected.

The issue of the nearly all white police force is not one without an ability to correct. This is not some issue where the people have no power. In fact, this is a completely political issue and as DailyKos has aptly demonstrated for more than a decade, any political problem has a political solution.

Given the demographics of Ferguson, the people have the power to fire the entire city council, the mayor, the city manager, the chief of police, and to replace them with officers more capable who will fire the entire police force and replace them with individuals interested in serving and protecting the citizenry of Ferguson.

This process can be accomplished entirely within a period of just over six months.

Join me after the Orange Gnochi for the process to get rid of the police force and replace it with a more representative police force.

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This movie, though it doesn't seem intentional, explains precisely why Mitt Romney lost the presidential election of 2012. If I had to sum up the movie in a single word, it would be the following:


Join me after the orange gnochi for the rest of the review.

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My question for every last one of them is simple.

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Wed Dec 18, 2013 at 07:15 AM PST

Mitt, a Documentary

by Walt starr

So Netflix is putting out a documentary on the Romney campaign. The guy who did the documentary had access to Romney for six years.

There's a trailer on Youtube, and that's what I really wanted to talk about. You see, I had heard the reports that they had collapsed themselves into the bubble of unskewed polls so deeply that they had been firmly convinced there was no way Romney was going to lose. I thought, "yeah, makes sense, but every campaign no matter how well they are doing realizes that things happens and there is a chance you can lose and you still have somebody on the staff prepare for that possibility, no matter how small."

The first moments of the trailer show just how idiotic this campaign was, and the idiocy goes all the way to the very top of the ticket.

It confirms that there was absolutely no preparation for the possibility of losing and that there was no prepared concession speech. The candidate didn't even know if anybody had President Obama's number so he could call to concede.

I'll watch the documentary on Netflix if for no other reason than to see how badly these people sucked at running a campaign. Look for the video after the orange gnochi.

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Yes, the Teabaggers have decided that all of the new Fall recipes from those brilliant craft brewers WILL NOT BE APPROVED AS THE AGENCY THAT DOES IT IS SHUT DOWN!

This is TOO FAR!

Craft brewers are the single best example of small business and they depend upon new recipes generating new revenues and new customers. Fall is their biggest time to introduce new recipes, and the Teahadists have killed that. It took 75 days for recipe approvals before the shutdown and as of October 1, those in process applications were shut down. Even worse, once the government shutdown is over the process will be backlogged and take longer, so give up hope for all those new winter seasonal beers with those wonderful warm flavors.

This will kill some small microbreweries as those revenues are necessary for the business to run.




This is just breaking now:

"LAKE MARY, Fla. -

George Zimmerman has been taken into custody in Central Florida on Monday after an incident involving a gun with another person."

Two More Sentences at this link

I, for one, am not surprised and it's interesting that it did not take long after his acquittal.

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I was born a few months before Kennedy was assassinated.

I was alive, and remember watching on the news, during the Vietnam War from 1965 to 1975.

We've been at war in Afghanistan for almost twelve years.

We spent months in Iraq in 1990.

We've been in little conflicts throughout my life.


Please, MR. President. Don't go into another dumb war.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
That is our government's mission statement.
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Leading up to July 1, 1863, Lee (CS) moved his forces up the Blue Ridge into Pennsylvania in another campaign to draw the Army of the Potomac out of Virginia so as to defeat it in the open, then march on Washington.

The morning of July 1 found General John Buford Jr. (US) laying out a defensive line along three ridges to the North and Northwest of the tiny village of Gettysburg, Herr Ridge, McPherson Ridge, and Seminary Ridge. Knowing that the high ground was so important and that the Union forces had rarely held high ground during engagements, Buford chose the most defensive position possible to allow time for the infantry to take the field and hold the higher ground south of town at Cemetery Hill, Cemetery Ridge, and Culp's Hill.

If Lee's forces gained these high points, Meade would never be able to take them.

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