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Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 07:51 PM PST

DKos is acting like Redstate

by wdm


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Talk about hubris.  Apparently at last night's debate, soon-to-be ex-Senator from Alaska actually said he wasn't convicted.  Now, I'm no expert in the law, but if the jury comes back and says "guilty", I think that means you have been convicted of the crimes you were accused of.

Link to article snf s poll below the fold.  Please if anyone watched this, what was Begich's response to this lie (other than an urge to bust out laughing and pointing and knee-slapping, I assume)?


Why would Stevens think he could get away with this lie?

13%20 votes
4%7 votes
13%20 votes
15%24 votes
5%8 votes
11%18 votes
36%56 votes

| 153 votes | Vote | Results

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At this point it just seems cruel to pile on Governor Palin's lack of class, but please, this is ridiculous.  Apparently in the next People magazine she pulls the hockey mom wild card and declares her preference to call her next male offspring Zamboni.  Zamboni.  I'm speechless.

Here's the link to the story:


What would this poor child's middle name be?

8%14 votes
3%6 votes
32%55 votes
4%7 votes
1%3 votes
3%6 votes
2%5 votes
2%5 votes
12%21 votes
5%10 votes
2%4 votes
19%33 votes

| 169 votes | Vote | Results


Well, well.  Looks like one of our least-liked Democrats is being investigated by the FBI for steering FEMA money to a second mistress in ecxhange for sex, in addition to the questions about the $121,000 he paid in hush money to the first one.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...links to story and original diary by brownsox below the fold.


How do you want to see this go down?

5%3 votes
26%16 votes
68%41 votes

| 60 votes | Vote | Results

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Update:  I didn't even know he wasn't backing Obama, now I'm really pissed!  Kick him out now!

I'm sure you've seen the news about Mark Foley's successor being another cheating liar of a politician.  While I do not want to lose a single seat this cycle, this guy has got to be kicked to the curb Nov. 4th I am sick of this type of behavior and though some of you may take the "it's his private life and we should stay our of it" road, after Edwards pulled his stunt and kept my $100, I will have none of it ever again.

Links to his lame excuses and press release below the fold...

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I imagine a lot of you will be first time voters this year, and I wanted to relate my experience and warn you of complacency.  We need your vote most of all - to be blunt, Obama will lose if you don't show up.

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Thu Oct 02, 2008 at 11:42 AM PDT

Doublecheck your registration (w/link)

by wdm

It's looking like the only way Republicans can win is by cheating.  Please, please make sure you will not be turned away at the polls by checking here:

That is all, carry on.

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This is what sticks in my craw above anything else, and no one on the Hill seems to be addressing it.  The treasury spokesperson that gave this quote admitted there was no corresponding data to point to this figure.  Why is that?  What does the data point to?  All I see and hear is $700 billion this, $700 billion that, and no one can tell us why that is the required amount to stave off a depression.

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Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 10:26 PM PDT

3 seconds of Sara is all I could stand

by wdm

I tried to watch more video of Katie Couric with Palin and heard her explain her lack of a passport until recently.  I had already read the transcript so I knew what was coming, so I thought.  Forget high school prom queen, she sounded like a teeny bopper.  I flipped over in the middle of her answer about not having parents that could her to Europe with a backpack and thousands of dollars to blow and she said this:  "Neeeyyeewww, I've been worki(flip).  I felt sick.


How do you predict Palin will do in the debate?

34%102 votes
30%91 votes
14%43 votes
10%31 votes
0%0 votes
11%33 votes

| 300 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 11:16 PM PDT

Meanwhile, over at RedState...

by wdm

I hate to ad traffic to this stupid place, but I wanted to see what their reaction was to the whole campagn suspension/debate pullout plans are going over.  The front page reaction?  Send Sara Palin to Mississipi to debate Obama!  While the top few responses (planted I wager) were something like "Yeah!  She's the best!"  The rest of the comments are pretty skeptical to say the least, and a one Moe Lane threatening any dissent with "I ban thee!"

No links to the site to help their revenue stream (and which might hurt your brain), but I copied a few of Moe's's pretty funny.

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Like 99.9999% of the rest of the world, I don't know the details of Wall Street's financial problems, but it sounds like it's all about home prices and loans.  Well, I don't have a home.  I've been renting my entire adult life, including 8 years of marriage, and guess why.  We haven't been able to afford it!  We've scrimped and saved this whole time to get ourselves in a position where we are now: prospective home buyers and probably now in the top 5-10% of wage earners, thanks to my wife's 5 years in grad school.  So now, at the cusp of settling down and working hard for the next 40 years, we are being asked to fix America's economy with our taxes.  Well, that pisses me off, and I'm going to raise hell to stop it.

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I realize this disclosure may only invigorate the Republicans and evoke derision from my fellow free thinkers out there, but seriously, if they win I will be crushed.  I've been married 8 years, and we're finally in a position to buy a home and start a family.  However, I just don't know if I can create another human being that will have to live in a country that is so damn stupid.  I would like to believe that the '04 election was stolen, but too many people I respect voted for Bush (again).  If '08 is lost we're not a "nation of whiners", we're a nation of idiots.

More happy thoughts below the fold...


What do you think I should do if McCain wins?

32%39 votes
8%10 votes
5%6 votes
14%17 votes
2%3 votes
7%9 votes
6%8 votes
23%28 votes

| 120 votes | Vote | Results

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