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So apparently Justin Amash, a Congressman from Michigan with fairly strict libertarian budget views, was kicked off the House Budget Committee last night by the GOP Leadership. He's not very happy.

(emphasis is mine).

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Please let me know if this has already been posted, but his video was extremely moving. Watch as the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign manager Richard Carlbom addresses staff, and then finds out that they had won a major civil rights victory for all.

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After seeing stories like this, people need to stop pretending that we live in a just society. People need to stop pretending that corporatist interests are on the same side as the people. It's amazing how right-wing talk radio and FOX News can accuse Democrats and liberals of being unpatriotic, while at the same time defending the banking interests that cause something like this to happen.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt this case is even remotely unusual...

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I will keep this short, I was quite surprised there was no diary about this already.

For the first time in history, the NAACP endorsed a resolution today opposing measures against marriage equality.

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Hey Dailykos community,

Anybody have a single dollar to help enact sensible drug policies and empower students?

Follow me below the squiggly for more...!

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Sun Feb 12, 2012 at 08:43 PM PST


by weathercoins

Last night, Whitney Houston died. While not confirmed, the vast majority of speculation is that her death had something to do with an overdose or her addiction problems.

I've seen so many comments and jokes, either on Facebook or Twitter or even on progressive sites, that either explicitly say therefore her death was therefore more her fault, or insinuate such. We all saw the comments regarding Michael Jackson, we definitely saw the comments and jokes with Amy Winehouse, and we will continue to see them with Whitney Houston. I don't want to post them here, but I think everyone can identify with this. We've seen them with others that struggle with addiction as well, such as Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

Regardless if the drugs are legal or illegal, it seems that some people, regardless of their political orientation, see addiction to drugs as a choice.

Just to clear a few things up....

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This picture is circulating around the web among people that are against Occupy Wall Street. I've seen it on four of my Facebook "friends" walls, and it was really starting to get frustrating. I first saw this while sitting in a Bank of America lobby to complete the final step in closing my account, somewhat ironically. Read it, but don't get mad. What comes later is much better.


Rather than write a diary picking this shit apart point by point, follow me below the squiggly for a response I just saw that is better than I'd be able to put into words.

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I didn't see this posted anywhere else here, but this is pretty big.

Activist Leah Bolger is Tweeting that the October 2011 Coalition, in Freedom Plaza in DC, has had their permit extended for four months.

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This will be a really short diary. Someone just sent me a video, taken from I believe a cell phone around 8:45 PM tonight. The video speaks for itself. I would have posted this in a comment but I think, with all the confusion of what is currently occurring, people need to see this.

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This diary will be real short. But I had never thought that closing a bank account would feel as good as it felt just now. Bank of America has been my bank for five years- since I was 17 years old- and it was the right time to switch.

I could not longer continue to talk about the evils of large corporations and banks while my money (which, granted, doesn't amount to much at the moment) was in perhaps the largest culprit- Bank of America.

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(Note: I am proctoring an exam right now, so left work about an hour ago after reading this article. To my surprise, this is not yet on Dailykos, so I figured I'd post.)

I think part of Obama "evolving" on gay marriage is us giving him credit where credit is due. And, after reading this article, I think it's pretty clear that credit is due here, on an issue that many of us think Obama is not moving quickly enough on.

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This diary will be short, but this is a video that I think everyone needs to watch. As the title to the video says, the BBC will never replay this. A man, an immigrant to London yet one that seems to have been there for a long time (two generations or more), talks about the riots in a way that the BBC official line does not seem to want to be heard.

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