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Mon Nov 17, 2014 at 08:45 AM PST

Immigration/Visa questions

by wenchacha

My son is in his 1st yr of an Elec. Eng. grad program, and doing very well. He's interested in sustainability, and working with a team to build an energy-efficient home for the US Dept of Energy's Solar Decathlon. We're proud of course.

Last year, my son met a lovely woman, a Japanese national, at school. I don't know what the future holds for them, but we love her. She's brilliant, and sweet, and wants to illustrate books for children, and maybe others.

So here's the thing: she graduates next June, then has just 3 months before she has to  return to Japan. Can she get a Green Card, or a working visa before she has to go away? She says it has to be a job related to her degree, so that's tricky. She has already been looking at the paperwork, which I imagine is endless.

Now maybe they could just get married, and she would be all set. I don't know if that even works. They haven't spoken of doing that, but maybe by June that would be an option. I think they would both like to know what other options might be out there to help her stay in the US.

With Republicans leading the House and Senate, I don't imagine immigration will become any easier, soon. I hope that someone, or a couple someones, might know the ins and outs of this kind of thing, and give me some suggestions or leads.

I thought my son might be an asset in Japan, with his degree, but his girlfriend tells me that Japan corporations aren't keen on paying for someone with an advanced degree. I also wondered if she might have an easier time immigrating to Canada, and then we figure it out from there.

Anyway, I know there are lots of smart people, expats, immigrants, and other wise counsel here at DKos. So, any suggestions you have, but we're looking for better ideas than "Anchor baby," even though it worked for Bobby Jindal.


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I am always shocked at the hours/shifts required of nurses. It is very often a stressful job already, then adding fatigue or fear of not being a team player or whatever adds to the problem. I just read Otteray Scribe's diary about a nurse who died, likely from falling asleep at the wheel.

Yesterday on FB, I read three articles that helped me articulate our "national malaise."

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Wed Dec 26, 2012 at 01:28 PM PST

late night conversation with my son

by wenchacha

Last night, we stayed up late and talked about this being a strange Christmas, even though his friend was murdered back in February. We both agreed that deaths from violence, people we didn't know, were deaths we felt some appropriate sadness about, but we weren't affected long-term, and that was that.

Now, we have seen and felt the up-close pain and anger and endless loop of questions about why it happened, what might have prevented the shooting, why didn't we see this coming? We have cried with family and friends at the funeral, at memorials, and outside the courthouse after the jury let his killer go free.

We still have questions, and they will never be answered to our satisfaction. Every day, he and I, and so many others see/hear/feel things that remind us of our friend, which reminds us again of his death. Now, more gun violence that's unthinkable in CT. And now, gun violence right around the corner from us in Webster, NY. All of it reminds us again. And we know what all the survivors of those whose lives were stolen will be feeling.

It's not just the dead person, or the immediate family. One death by violence carries its sorrow and pain and poison to everyone who knew and loved the deceased. We all carry it around with us, getting the occasional unexpected reminding nudge from a headline, from a photo, an annual event, whatever.

Maybe we have to wait until everyone in the country has experienced the violent gun-related death of a loved one. Maybe then, enough people will be so sickened and devastated by the waste of lives, the ease with which a life is taken, the way the world just goes on, that they will say, "Enough!"

No solution we come up with will bring back all the innocent dead. Whatever ideas that are suggested, all our loved ones will remain gone forever. What my son and I want people to know is that no one should have to suffer forever because it is so fucking easy to shoot a gun at someone. A bullet is not a solution to somebody cutting into your lane, or playing music too loud, or hating your baseball team.


I didn't see a diary on this, so I' wanted to direct some attention to this hearing.

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