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Again, credit where credit is due.  On Face the Nation this morning, Sen. John McCain said, in no uncertain terms, that the Bush Administration violated the Geneva Conventions and the U.N. Convention Against Torture.  He underscored his comments by saying that torture is wrong, counterproductive and doesn't work.

MCCAIN: [Torture memo author Jay Bybee] falls into the same category as everybody else, as far as giving very bad advice and misinterpreting fundamentally what the United States is all about, much less things like the Geneva Conventions. Under President Reagan, we signed [the Convention] Against Torture. We were in violation of that."

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Besides torture, what other crimes should we give all our elected leaders immunity for?

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Say what you will about the propriety of Roland Burris accepting an appointment to the US Senate from disgraced Governor Hairdo but the tide of evasive, nonsensical wankery coming out of his camp at the moment is driving me a bit batty (see, e.g., Burris' tortured performance on Rachel Maddow yesterday).

A more recent example?

Take the new gambit being trotted out today, with Burris and his sympathizers triumphantly trying a new and improved version of the race card on for size.  

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What other criticisms can be effectively deflected by using the segregation card?

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