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Where are his armies of volunteers?

Have not seen this diaried or discussed anywhere, apologies if someone else has covered this. The Plumb Line Blog is reporting that Brown's campaign is relying on temp labor hired from temp firms to cover their GOTV efforts. The implication here is that the Giant Wave of Enthusiasm claimed by their camp may be overhyped to say the least

Plumb Line Article about  Scott Brown's GOV Temps

See below for some goodies from the report.

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UPDATE: (even though this is off the "recent" list now) Channel 11 in Grand Junction has been able to inform the White House that many of the ticket winners have no phone or email so the apparently the White House is looking for alternative means of notifying people.

Here in Western Colorado a lot of us have been waiting to hear from the White House whether or not we got tickets in the lottery to see Barack in Grand Junction's Town Hall tomorrow. The main cable/internet/phone provider here is Bresnan, a very right-wing company. Last evening about 8:00pm their phone and email service went down (an extremely rare event). TV and internet service is fine but without email or phone many of us are cut off, incommunicado as it were.

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Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 12:45 PM PDT

Bright Shiny Bus stirs up haters

by western star

A shiny silver bus covered with big red slogans arrived in a dusty little high desert town (Montrose, Colorado) yesterday. Its arrival was heralded by a front-page, top-of-fold article in the local "Montrose Daily Press". I’ve provided a link to the article Patients First bus arrives today to lead rally against health care proposals...but it is a summary only of the article. The complete article appeared only in the print edition.

The bus parked at a busy corner of town for ½ hour only. It then moved on to the next little dusty town up the road. Its purpose was to "rouse up the natives". This is an extremely red-state part of the West.

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Sat Oct 11, 2008 at 03:17 PM PDT

worried in the arid west

by western star

I'm a little freaked out by some things I experienced this week. I live in a really hard-core republican area and I'm used to being an exotic species here, politics-wise. Long ago I learned it's better to just keep one's mouth shut most of the time.

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Today I witnessed something in Grand Junction, Colorado that finally got me out of my Palin funk. As some of you may know, Grand Junction, on Colorado's Western Slope, is a small-to-medium sized town in a reliably hard-core Republican part of the country. It's traditional ranching and mining economy for the past few years has been dominated by a natural gas exploration and drilling boom. Haliburton is the biggest employer and many smaller drilling and "fracking" businesses support the industry. There is a large Morman presence in G.J. too, as well as tons of little Fundy churches to take up the spiritual slack. Traditional ranching and mining folks, libertarian-type small business people, zillions of "Realtors" with rictus smiles, a big sportsman/hunter presence, hummers and gigantic SUVs dwarfed only by huge monster trucks everywhere, all these feed a hard-core Republican soup of the Western variety.

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Sat Mar 15, 2008 at 08:12 AM PDT

NRCC - they steal from themselves

by western star

I'm not much of a diary writer, more of a lurker/commenter over the years; but here's a story that I can't find being noted much on DKos. Neither has the AP or Reuters picked it up yet as far as I can tell. It's the news that Christopher J. Ward, long-time trusted National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) treasurer has been caught embezzling up to 1 million dollars from the various funds he has managed.

Alert! Hello! This guy was/is treasuer for the Swift Boat Veterans for Lies (oops i meant to say Truth), as well as 80-some other GOP PACS, etc.

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I’m not an economist. Bonddad’s charts usually make my eyeballs spin. But I have a fairly good memory and I recall some Administration talk going on before and after the last election that scared me at the time because it seemed to me to be a conservative economic pipe-dream and a way to exploit people’s ignorance for some short-term political and economic gain, kind of a Stalinesque economic experiment. Now it seems the termites have come home to roost.

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Here is a link I found online to a typical Executive Branch agency’s rules on  Official Records creation, handling, retention and disposal. In this case it is USGS. One would believe that similar rules would apply to the Office of the President itself.

A typical agency manual on Official Records

From reading the above linked document one can determine that Email as created as part of one’s official duties is considered a record. Improper creation or handling of official records is illegal as defined by the statutes.

Please read more below:

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Sun Sep 24, 2006 at 06:23 PM PDT

I sent a letter to Katie Couric

by western star

After watching her interview with Condi on "60 Minutes" I just sent her an email letter.
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Given that Markos and all of us are here to provide victories for Democrats, one of our main obstacles over time has been the gigantic RWNM (Right Wing Noise Machine) that cranks incessantly like the out-of-control beast that it is. While started up in the 1960s(?)  and developed over time with deliberate malice and tremendous effort, this RWNM has taken on a type of life of its own, with vast parts of it running on autopilot. Media writers, producers, advertisers, executives, pols, wonks, hacks, and preachers of the Right have been so buried in this dishonest crap for so long that many/most probably have no sense of what is Truth anymore.
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[2ND UPDATE] - I sure hope this is true, Nolan has commented below that: "They are taping and will be broadcasting in the next week. They will post a schedule of this soon. They aren't done taping, they just lost the live feed." *********************************************** I'm devasted out here in the isolated West that C-SPAN just a few minutes ago abruptly broke in and stopped their scheduled coverage of the Las Vegas Panels. I personally had cancelled all my usual Saturday activities in order to view this. I've looked on the C-SPAN scheduling on their web site and they've suddenly changed the schedule - they will only have just a little more re-run coverage - At 2:00AM!.

One's paranoia tends to rise up in these situations - Political pressure to Brian Lamb to pull the plug? If you too were shocked at the suspention of the great coverage, the phone # to leave comments about programing/scheduling at C-SPAN is 765-464-3080.


Are you as Pissed as I am?

86%651 votes
3%26 votes
10%79 votes

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Sun Jan 22, 2006 at 05:57 PM PST

Beyond Roe: WS's Manifesto

by western star

One of the main goals of science and medicine, from now forward, must be the invention of the ability to absolutely prevent unwanted conception to occur, without destroying the ability of individual men and women to ultimately conceive a child when they choose.

In the 1950s, science and medicine opened Pandora's box for all mankind. Remember that Pandora was a mythological girl who opened a box that contained all the hard luck and miseries in the world. As a consolation, the last "spirit" to fly out of the box was Hope. What science and medicine let out of the box was the invention of potentially reliable contraception. Prevention of contraception was now, for the first time in human history, reliably achievable by some women. These were (and are) women who were privileged with access to and knowledge of its techniques. But, for societal, political, cultural, logistical and practical reasons, this access and knowledge has not been universally distributed to all women.

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